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In need of help

Discussion in 'Birds - all breeds / types' started by Kimmy72, Dec 23, 2017.


Please help

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  1. Kimmy72

    Kimmy72 New Member


    So my cockatiel was bullying her baby bad so I took him of here.. now Ive had him inside for a day and a half. He wont touch that hand rearing mix from Passwell ive tried 3 times a day and no lucky. I dont want to hurt him buy trying to force feeding him. Every half an hour I take him out and we eat togther. Now he eating millet and some other seeds and he will drink water for me. Am just soo scared his going to die. If he doesn't have the hand rearing mix like you read. Just wondering can I sprinkle it on his seed mix when were eating togther. I'll try any thing right now his happy his talk to my rainbow lorry and he loves me he can fly too that spun me out and his flapping his wing at me when he look like his going to take off.:(

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