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Jake has his ick AGAIN

Discussion in 'Dogs - all breeds / types' started by honeybears, Apr 3, 2004.

  1. honeybears

    honeybears New Member

    Jimiya, you have twisted my arm! I do have a homeopathic vet here, he does homepoathy, bach flower remedies, herbs, enzyme, glandulars and natural nutrtional programs and even animal chiropractic.

    Especially since the vet said that whatever Jake has couild need life long antibiotics, whic is a NO for me. It is somehting they weekly or monthly. The point is they need to figure what is causing it. since he is 7 and it just started last year! after reading all of your posts here, it has convinced me to try a different alternative. I am going to turn the course of the topical medicine he is on and then get an appt with the Vet.

    As for vaccinations. I have heard it was the drug compnaies that started all of this yearly stuff to sell their drugs and make more money. And then it puts liability on the vet if they say they really dont need just an example : distemper, they vet really think it could go 3 years, but the drug co says a year, so if your dog dies, you might hold the vet lliable for negligance.

  2. Jamiya

    Jamiya New Member

    That sounds about right, about the drug companies. I keep reading about how "they don't know how long immunity really lasts because they would have to do a very long term trial and keep testing the animals" - as if that is a reason to not do it? I mean, they did the test for three years for the three-year vaccinations, and then they kill or otherwise get rid of the animals. Why not keep the test going?!

    Your homeopathic vet sounds wonderful! I wish I had one close to me that does all that.

    Beware that not all homeopathists (homeopaths??) are made alike. The "classic" ones are very opposed to any sort of "other" remedies. They believe there is ONE remedy that will CURE the patient, not just make the animal feel better. I think in some cases, after the one remedy has done its work, they do prescribe a second remedy, depending on what underlying conditions are present.

    In homeopathy, it is not as important to figure out "what it causing it." The cause of the disease is part of the cure, but I believe that for allergies, it is not important to find out what the allergen is. Through homeopathy, the allergy will be eliminated and more exposure to that allergen will not cause any further reaction. So, knowing that it is an allergic reaction and taking all of his symptoms SPECIFICALLY (like, how much "ick" is there, what color is it, what does it smell like, what is its consistency) along with ALL the other info you can dig up about Jake regarding his history and other conditions - does he itch? what is his personality like? what does he eat? what does his stool look like? any strange habits? They take all this sort of stuff into consideration when deciding on the appropriate remedy.

    Good luck with the new vet. I wish there was a vet school near me so I could get a degree and study all this other stuff so that people around here would have an alternative to "traditional" care. Although I would probably get thrown out of school for disagreeing with the mainstream, LOL.

  3. honeybears

    honeybears New Member

    Jimiya, I did take Midas last year to this vet last year, He is really good. I have just been hesitant to change Jake in the middle of this.

    I get Midas food there. and I noticed his assitant I think she is just the front person and not a vet tech at all, has a card of her own now for the bach flower remdies and such, so I am not sure how she fits in. I will ask when I go in again and find out what she is doing now, and training involved for you.

  4. Jamiya

    Jamiya New Member

    I know the homeopath I am working with is not a vet. I would love to get an actual vet degree, but that doesn't look possible. I am going to continue educating myself, though, and get whatever certifications I can. It seems to me that it could be very risky to dispense advice to someone, because if their dog dies they could sue you. That's way down the road, though, so if I get that far I will figure it out then. :)

    I would also love to go to osteopathic medical school. There are only a few in the country and one is right here where I live! However, tuition is like $30,000/year and that doesn't include fees and books and stuff. :shock:

  5. honeybears

    honeybears New Member

    I went to an osteopath wher ei used to live, she was great. I know hat you eman about worried about getting sued. Ihave wnated to do something on my own, but these days with everyone so sue happy, I dont want to take the chance

  6. 2pyrs

    2pyrs New Member

    I have a full upper plate that I wear and must clean it after each meal other wise I can get A yeast infection. I see the start of one coming on I us what the dentist told me and also we have done this for our guys after being on antibiotics, 50/50 mix water peroxide q-tip or soft sponge and wipe area. three to four times a day and after each meal or eating. After 3 days if no improvement then we would go to vet .I have found that giving my guys mint drops seems to help a lot and it sure helps there breath, mint dental bone to.


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