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Just a size question

Discussion in 'Dogs - Pit bull breeds specific' started by lukiebo, Jan 24, 2005.

  1. lukiebo

    lukiebo New Member

    As I am very new to the site.... and am having a ball reading and responding....
    What are some opinions on the size issue???

    The true size is not to be more than 21" tall and more than 60lbs for a male with the female being smaller.

    What do you think of the "super sized" dogs and what do most prefer? A size true to the breed or the super sized dogs???

    My pit is 6 months old, is 20" (at shoulder) and is over 50 lbs.(not sure the exact weight, was 50# 3 weeks ago.
    Supposedly, his mom is 75# and his dad is 100#. My husband bought the puppy and I did not see the parents for myself. The dad is a show dog from another state and the owners of both parents do not believe in any form of fighting and breed for good temperament.
    The vet thinks my Pit will be between 60-70 lbs. Will he grow any taller? And does anyone have any guesses on his weight??? I don't want a really big dog and would be happy if stays within the breed standards.
    Most people say that he is big already for a Pit....
    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
  2. True_Pits

    True_Pits New Member

    These "super size" dogs are not pure APBT, their is Mastiff and American Bulldog influences being bred into these lines. Like Whopper or Dagger dogs, Camelot dogs and many more have been mixed with a little something else for their size. There are also just as many mixed dogs that have hung papers because of breeding accidents, so you have to really know who you are getting your dog from. These dogs are curs IMO, some make nice pets and I don't want to down your dog or someone who may have bought that type of dog (because thats not nice and we all love our dogs). But from a breed perspective they are ruining the image of what an APBT is, there are more people breeding human aggression into the larger size "pit bulls" (not all are of course) and they also have more health issues due to the bybs/peddlers breeding them and their large size.

    If the sire is 100# he is NOT a show dog and the breeder is lying, a 100# dog isn't an APBT, isn't a standard APBT and won't be nothing in the show ring. Lots of these big dog breeders (& other bybs) claim their dogs are show dogs, protection dogs, weight pull dogs, ect when the dogs have done nothing. They will also say GR CH or CH bloodlines blah blah. Don't be fooled by these ploys to sell pups, even UKC standard (which is a little different from ADBA slightly bigger dogs) will not accept a 100# giant as a show dog. Most breeders claim to breed for "good temperament", now all good breeders should and do keep this in mind, but they also have goals and breed for the standard, type and health in mind. Most bybs say they breed for temperament and thats it, they just breed their pet bull and say its breeding for good temperament. The fighting (gamebred) dogs are often the dogs with better conformation are standard and true to type (in conformation, temperament, working ability and are very hearty), also true ADBA show dogs and some of the UKC dogs will mirror the look of these gamedogs. Many of the breeders use game lines or show lines that have been kept true and pure. Not leaning towards fads like big dogs, big heads, red noses, blues, ect.

    Although he is already very big for the breed he's supposed to be, he's probably not going to be huge (like the 100# sire). This breed isn't completely grown until 2 yrs, so he has about another 18 months of growing and filling out to do. Larger dogs also grow longer in most cases. This is slow growth however and also filling out into adult form. He will probably grow a little taller, around 6 months they are usually not going to gain a whole lot more weight. 60-70lbs is a good projection for his weight.
  3. lukiebo

    lukiebo New Member

    I'm not trying to be contrary, just trying to figure things out... so bear with me.... The UKC site says that dogs over the standard height and weight are not penalized unless they are disproportionately massive or rangy, so I'm not sure about the weight argument. There must be a way to check a dog's show background??? I agree whole heartedly that breeders will say whatever they need to say to sell their dogs. Another theoretical question.... If the pits are being bred with Matiffs to get bigger dogs... The temperament should be getting better shouldn't it???

    Will keep everyone posted on Growth....
  4. jay

    jay New Member

    My dog came from big parents and he grew a lot his first 6-7 months, he was about 19in and about 65-70 pounds and I thought he was gonna be huge, which I really didn't want after researching the breed a lot more. But he slowed down a lot and is now 14 months and 21in and 87 pounds and looks great and very athletic. So, I would think your pup would start to slow down soon. Anyway hope this helps.
  5. True_Pits

    True_Pits New Member

    This is true about what the standard states, but your probably not going to see a proportionate and typy 100lber, however if these big show correct dogs existist judges still wouldn't put them up (some would call it biased others would agree because it goes against the breeds size). There are too many great dogs that are the right size for them to put up dogs that are oversized and a lot of times undersized (below 35lbs) have a hard time placing. One time I was talking with someone who recently purchased an ADBA registered massive 90lbs 10 month old, they told me the dog was a show winner. I laughed (to myself) and said no judge would ever put that dog up, not even if it had good conformation. I asked for the dogs registered name, looked it up in the Gazette and no dog by that name had ever placed in any conformation event. But the person selling the dog claimed otherwise and the buyer believed so. You could try and find out by calling the UKC to find out though, but its very doubtful.

    I don't really understand the question, maybe you could clarify? IMO APBTs have the best temperament you could ever ask for, of course I think they have a lot of "best" because they are my favorite breed. But they are a very stable and sound dog, intellegent, gentle, friendly, trainable (some are a little stubborn yes), ect Easily earn CGC and such, make great Therapy/SAR dogs and score high on the TT scores. So I think they have a very good temperament and I'm not sure how it could really be improved. Also I even think the opposite, thats its ruining their temperament. If you take the swinford bandogge (if you're not familiar with this breed it comes from crossing an APBT with a Neo Mastiff), these dogs tend to have a shy temperament and lack confidence, which leads to a really cowardly dog or one displaying fear aggression, others have guard instincts, so instead of being just dog/animal aggressive they are also prone to human aggression, this is not a "good" temperament to me because its not true to the breed and its unpredictable and especially dangerous. A human aggressive dog with monster size and determination of a pit. One of these big curs was at ADBA Nationals when I was getting my dog sized for a harness, the lady loved her and had no problem sizing my dog herself and comenting on how friendly and happy she was, while she said how scared she was earlier because one of the big 100lbers tried to bite her when she went to help with sizing. This is not a rare case, my friend has one of these types of "pit bulls" as well who is VERY fear aggressive, if you approah him and he feels threatened he will lunge and growl and act like a cur. Not a good temperament or image for our breed, as he's a "pit bull" trying to attack people he's fearful of.
  6. lukiebo

    lukiebo New Member

    Oops!!! that didn't sound right.... I guess that I meant... It seems like it's the idiots who want these giant breeds; and if they are being bred with mastiffs "gentle giants" then the good temp. of the pits should be being reinforced and getting better (if possible).... but I see your point about cross breeding also.
    This still doesn't sound right.... Oh well... it is really hard to type what you want to say...
    It is said that most aggressive dogs are the most fearful and thus react to "protect" themselves.
  7. True_Pits

    True_Pits New Member

    Oh I see what you mean about the temps, and lots of them do have pretty good temps but there are just as many who do not. I've met a couple that were friendly, but meet many who are unpredictable I guess you'd say. I could encounter them serveral times and only a few times I must have done something threatening for them to go off. Mastiffs are usually fairly friendly but good watchdog or even guard dogs as well, and they usually aren't vicious in their attack or alert, ect. But something takes place in the cross breeding I guess, not to mention these people are bybs so its probably not the most important thing when they are looking for a big mastiff type dog to cross breed. Most of the breeders are not doing the cross breeding themselves but using mixed lines and breeding for size above anything else so the temperament kind of gets washed out and some want "protective" pits, but like you said its usaully this
    Something else I thought of about the show dog statement, maybe the breeders meant the dog had a couple show dogs or Champions in his pedigree?? I see this just as much as I see CH Bloodlines plastered everywhere for a dog who has two CHs in his 3rd gen. Many, many of the litters I see advertised (I check out the online classifieds to see what the bybs are up to) say "show dogs" for the dogs pedigree having show dogs and even say "show litter" when the litter of pups doesn't have good conformation, neither of the parents do either or have been shown. It reminds me of the time a girl told me her "pit bull" was a show dog (because thats what her grandparents are ALWAYS saying), I just smiled and said the dog was sweet. I know the owners (they bred the dog), the dog doesn't have good conformation at all, all the dogs grew up to have faults, she's never been shown, the parents were never shown, but the pedigree has several CHs, the pedigree though isn't the dogs real pedigree as the parents didn't have papers but they got someone to put a good pedigree on her and call her a show dog. Well who knows, just a thought that came to me as "CH Bloodlines' and "Show dogs" are often thrown around.
  8. Piper's Mom

    Piper's Mom New Member

    Piper grew a lot very quickly; at 1 month she weighed 4 lbs, at 3 months - 15 lbs, at 5 months - 35 lbs and at 7 months - 48 lbs ... she is now 9 months old and weighs @ 51 lbs. Between 6 and 7 months, her 2 lbs per week dropped to @ a pound per month. My vet told me the same thing others here have said, she is basically as big as she is going to be. She will continue to fill out over the next year, but should not gain a lot more weight. The first few months, we were afraid we were going to have a monster on our hands! :shock: (I even posted a message asking about it.) Her mom was @ 50 lbs and her father @ 70 lbs. She seems to be a little taller than some of the other APBT's we come across, but only by a couple of inches. I'm not sure how tall she is, I have never measured. Piper came from a BYB, which probably accounts for her being a little bigger than the standard for females, but that's ok - I wouldn't trade her for anything.
  9. lukiebo

    lukiebo New Member

    Just a size update.... Bo just went to the vet to be neutered today. He is 51 pounds and 20" at shoulder. A vet tech who works there said that she has 2 pits and in her opinion, he may get a little taller and will gain weight until he's 2, but it won't be alot. The funny thing, someone there also said that he was an American Bulldog. A girl was very surprised when I told her Bo is a Pit. I have had more than one person tell me that he looks like an American Bulldog. One lady actually waved me down in a store parking lot to ask me if he was an Am. BD as she has some. During trick or treat, a couple also asked me if he was one. As well as at my dog trainer's Grand Opening a few people also asked. It may be due to his height. He is mostly white with red spots on back and patchy red nose, many are amazed that a pit is that color. Anyway, He has really slowed down only gaining 2-3 pounds in about 4 weeks. I will keep y'all posted.
  10. Angie

    Angie New Member

    Can you post a picture of him?
  11. True_Pits

    True_Pits New Member

    Oops yeah I've been meaning to ask for a picture of the little guy. Just been so busy with the dogs all day and work, I wanna see. Thats 2 request you gotta post a pic!
  12. spencerpits

    spencerpits New Member

    3rd request for a pic! My boy Gauge is about 22" at the shoulder and a little over 50 pounds at just over a year old. No one has mistaken him for an AB, but he is slender and brindle all over - nothing like an AB. I'd love to see your boy, Bo.

    Edit: FWIW - my boy Gauge didn't grow very much after I guess about 8-9 months old. He's gotten a tad taller, and gained a couple of pounds. I figure he might top out at 60-65 pounds by the time he is 2.
  13. lukiebo

    lukiebo New Member

    I do not have a scanner to scan pictures. Is there a way to send it with my picture phone???? I'm not sure I know how to put pictures on here.
    Give me instructions...
  14. Angie

    Angie New Member

    I think you can email your picture from your phone.
    Get on your phone and email the picture to your computer. I think thats how it works... Im not sure, I don't have a picture phone.
    Hope someone can help!
  15. lukiebo

    lukiebo New Member

    $9.99 per image.... That is ridiculous!!!!!! I wanted to post 4 pictures..... but not for $40. $9.99 for a one time fee
    If I'm wrong.... please correct me.
  16. goob

    goob New Member

    I'd guess your pup will end up around 80 lbs or so. Usually, you can take their weight at 4 mos and double it, and get a decent estimate, if that's any help.

    The problem with crossing mastiffs into APBT lines is that the "natural suspicion" for strangers that many mastiff people tout can be brought into the line along with Mastiff size.

    Is that price what your phone co quoted for sending pics via email? There are many free pic hosting sites, so unless your phone company charges to send the pics to your email, there shouldn't be any cost at all. Hope you can figure it out, we all want to see him!
  17. Angie

    Angie New Member

    It does cost to send pictures from your phone to your computer.
    It COULD be 9.99 (one time fee) maybe but thats just insane for 9.99 a picture, I don't think thats right. My brother has a picture phone and he just told me that it cost HIM a couple dollars, montly fee, and then it cost about .25 to .50 cent per picture.
  18. lukiebo

    lukiebo New Member

    It doesn't cost 9.99 for my picture phone...
    When I click on post a reply and then I clicked on "Need help with posting an image?" It said that it costs 9.99 per image to post.... I am not able to post an image for some reason from my comp. to posting and when I tried to get help from this site, it says to email them to ..... and the cost is 9.99 per image w/ the "intention" of donating 40%. I also don't like the word "intention"... that doesn't mean they are donating the 40%.
    If there is another way to get pictures on this forum, someone please let me know.
  19. goob

    goob New Member

    You have to upload the pics to an image host site, I use photobucket.com
    Sign up, upload the pics, then on the album page, there shouldbe 3 different links. You want the one that says
    . Copy that, then come here and paste it into the text area. Hit the post button, and you should see your pics :y_the_best:
  20. lukiebo

    lukiebo New Member

    I actually just set up a website for Bo. See new posting Pictures of Bo for info.

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