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Leash issues and pulling

Discussion in 'Dogs - small breeds (toy) specific' started by Leleanne, Jul 19, 2006.

  1. Leleanne

    Leleanne New Member

    We have had little Jack for over a year now and he still can't walk on a leash. His older brother Owen is a perfect angel on his but Jack pulls non-stop. We tried to get him a different kind of harness that is supposed to discourage pulling, but he pulls anyway. We've taken him on walks and shortened his leash so he was exactly right beside us and walking in line with Owen, but he only pulls on the leash more and more.

    Also, if he sees another person/dog he pulls so hard we can hardly hold him. He loves people and loves to mess with other dogs.

    Any suggestions on what we might do to get him to stop pulling? You'd think after a year and many many walks, he would learn but he just can't seem to get it. Jack is very smart and trained easily in every other area, but when it comes to being on a leash he just can't deal.
  2. Shineillusion

    Shineillusion New Member

    You should get him into a basic obedience class. They can show you how to fix the problem much easier than trying to explain it here.

    It's not a difficult fix. Just takes someone showing you how to do it, and then you being consistent with his training.
  3. sortethegod

    sortethegod New Member

    what u need to do is put a leash up near the head. you should never walk out the front door with you dog leading you. when he is pulling you tug upward and you keep him behind you. humans should always be in front of the dog.
  4. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    I agree with Shine, With basic obedience you will be able to learn control and will give you some great tips on curbing the problem.

    My Lab x Rottie i had before she went missing used to pull like crazy when she was out on a leash, I used a harness aswell as a collar and had 2 leashes on that way i had total control, If she carried on pulling i would stop make her sit and would only start walking again if she was calm, If she carried on pulling it was a case of turn and walk the other way, Took me about 1 week and she walks soundly on a leash, But all dogs are different so different things work.

    When going for a walk if he gets excited at the sight of the leash ignore him until he is calm before putting on the leash.
    Make sure you walk out of the house first then your dogs.

    You can also use the treat in the pocket method, where u have some favourite treat in your pocket and everytime he comes and walks by your side say goodboy and hand him a treat he should then learn walk by the side i get a treat, before long you should hopefully have another dog that will happily walk by your side without any problems.

    But again nothing beats basic obedience...

  5. Leleanne

    Leleanne New Member

    Sorry the reply is so late, I just wanted to say thanks! I am definitely going to try some of those suggestions.

    Does anyone know how much obedience classes cost? I am supporting a husband through law school and preparing for our first child, so money is tight!
  6. gypsy

    gypsy New Member

    Youch! You are on a tight budget. Classes will run the gamet in prices, so you will have to check locally. Or go to the library, and check out a good book on obedience.........that would be my thought. It really is not hard to teach leash manners, you just gotta stick with it. Tips from the local dog trainer: When he pulls, you STOP. Do not move until the leash is slack. Make certain that he is paying attention to YOU, not the surrounding area. This will mean that every time he is inattentive to you, make a tight turn. Pretty soon, he will concentrate on what you are doing, not what the other dogs are doing. Walking two dogs simultaneously is a challenge. I would wait to do that until they are both trained well.
    Not from the local trainer: Pop the leash every time he pulls, and pretty soon he will stop. You need a choke chain, properly worn, for this to work. Harnesses are worse than useless for control in any situation, they give the dog total advantage.
    I'm not wild about leash pops, but we raise pomeranians.......would be way too rough for them. But check out a good book, it will help a lot.
  7. mary beth

    mary beth New Member

    I also have this problem!!!

    I feel for you! I am having the same problem with my 18 lb dog. I have tied ...turning around and walking the other way when he pulls (a long time to get from point A to point B!) the "look at me" command, Teach him by holding a treat in front of yout eyes and saying "look at me" to get his attention. Putting him in a sit everyt time he pulls. I've trained many dogs and have never had this problem. Other than the pulling he has responded well to all other training. VERY FRUSTRATING! I will be wtching your post to see if anything new comes up!

    Mary Beth

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