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little fu**** snapped at my wife!

Discussion in 'Dogs - Pit bull breeds specific' started by rowdiebrindlepit, Jan 24, 2006.

  1. rowdiebrindlepit

    rowdiebrindlepit New Member

    From the minute I brought my puppy home my wife has been letting him on the couch to sleep or what ever and the other day she went to sit in her seat and had to move him out of it first and he began to growl at her and she corrected hima but when he got up to move she says he snarled and snapped at her. what can i do to teach him that is not acceptable. I really like this dog he is so far the best that i have had and i dont wanna get rid of him so i would appreciate any help.
  2. someday

    someday New Member

    your dog was showing dominant behavior to your wife. This MUST be addressed, she needs to do one on one training with him and you should start a NILF (nothing in life is free) trianing program with him. He needs to know he is at the bottom of your pack.
    Here's a link about NILF- http://www.pets.ca/articles/article-dog_nilf.htm
  3. rowdiebrindlepit

    rowdiebrindlepit New Member

    My wife does do alot of his training actually most of it because i wanted her to be his favorite other than the kids. I have verry little time in training him myselfe due to work and all. i always was led to believe that the one who is the trainer will be the most respected by the animal. Ever since the snapping incident he has been 10 times better than he was before i think she scared the crap out of him and he now knows who the boss is. HOPEFULLY!
  4. ACO

    ACO New Member

    Another thing that could make a difference is the kind of training you are doing. Bait training (using food) vs training with other positive re-enforcement but also using correction. I realize that the majority of dog owners choose to bait train, however, with some dogs who have higher tendancys toward dominance, corrective measures are needed to gain your dogs respect. If this behavior continues perhaps look into another training method.
  5. Killerbee2

    Killerbee2 New Member

    You are looking for some kind off way to tell him what he is doing is not acceptable. you need to make sure he knows that. make sure when he does do what he is supose to do you give him a treat and a little praise.

    When he doesnt do what he is supose to do. If you have a crate or a cage. it would work just fine. when he does something bad just make sure you tell him no and send him straight to the cage. you need to make sure he stays in there long enought to know what he did was not good and he is getting punished for it.
  6. YO

    YO New Member

  7. True_Pits

    True_Pits New Member

    Sounds like dominance aggression to me. You should check out a behaviorlist.
  8. rowdiebrindlepit

    rowdiebrindlepit New Member

    ive fixed most of his problems now, he actually turned out to be a great dog for my family.
  9. Rice and Gravy

    Rice and Gravy New Member

    Just curious. How many of you guys agree with the above statement?

    In the context of the person how started this thread, just seems a bit extreme. Putting down a PUP for nipping.... :?
  10. Sara

    Sara New Member

    Motivation has to be looked at if it's a young pup, that's why they mentioned a behaviorist... If a pup is that dominant and is a pit, they should be fixed at least. Pit Bulls are not supposed to have dominance agression especially towards humans. It was never tolerated in the old days and should not be tolerated now...no matter the age an assesment can be made quickly to keep that behavior out of the gene pool.

    Any adult Pit Bull that bites for any reason no matter what motivated the uncontrolled aggression should be put down period.


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