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Lord Help Me, Sams disease struck me too!

Discussion in 'Dogs - all breeds / types' started by Sarge'smom, Aug 13, 2004.

  1. MonsterBailey

    MonsterBailey New Member

    Thanks for the info on the pyreneese!! I felt like a dork for not knowing "the lingo" hehe.....I'm off to check out the site, but so far, they LOOK GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! They also look like they'd land me in the hospital...lol.... (I'm allergic to doggies... :(.... unless they have the ole' hair vs. fur thingie)
  2. MonsterBailey

    MonsterBailey New Member

    OH MY GAWD! Lord help me is rrrrrright!!

    Those pyr puppies were toooooooooo beautiful, cute, adorable, etc!! I WANT ONE NOW! LOL (Good thing I can't! LOL).

    just beautiful!
  3. pyrmom

    pyrmom New Member

    Thanks, the pups are really cute, which sometimes causes a problem.

    Once they hit that "um, I don't think I REALLY want to "come, sit or stay", are you SURE you're talking to ME"???? stage and start looking a bit like a dog in sheep's clothing (they really DO look like sheep at this stage 4-10 months) inexperienced owners tend to want be rid of them.

    Samsintentions, what you take for dumb is not actaully stupidity. These are VERY intelligent and equally STUBBORN dogs. Not too sure how many dogs, who at 14 weeks could figure out how to unlock and leave a locked crate, from the inside. Never heard of another breed figuring out that if they body slam the sliding glass door in JUST the right spot, the lock will drop and they can open the door. Nope, thjey're not dumb, just VERY independant which means they really have to recognize YOU as the alpha so you can command them.

    I've found that the pups can learn new commands, very early, with perhaps 3 repititions. HOWEVER, once learned, they will obey them sort of on a "ok, I'll humor you" basis. :roll:

    Beau gives a whole new meaning to saunter! When it's time to come in from the back yard...he has to be asked 3 times (every time, exactly 3 times), then he meanders...saunters, strolls, sniffs the air...the ONLY thing that will light a fire under that boy's rear to get him in the house is one word, "TREATS". , then he's Johnny on the spot! Out of my 3, he's TOTALLY food motivated.

    If you have allergies, you're right, these guys are not for you. They have double coats and they shed~ VAST quantities of hair, EVERYWHERE. If they are brushed regularly and kept well groomed, you have far less shedding in the house, but they DO shed...

    BTW~ the standard size is about 85-90 pounds for a female (the size of my 2 black labs) and 115-120 pounds for a male. The double coat gives them a much larger appearance.

    One other thing, being mastiffs, most drool. Mine are bred tight lipped, as were my pups. They don't drool, unless you count dribbling water when they drink as drooling.

    Sorry, just love my "beasties" and got on a roll here!
  4. Jamiya

    Jamiya New Member

    Heh. I think you just described Nala. Smart but stubborn....
  5. pyrmom

    pyrmom New Member

    LOL~ they are smart enough to think through, is she REALLY gonna' get mad or is she just bluffing...how far can I push THIS time?
  6. Jamiya

    Jamiya New Member

    Well that's a bonus in my book. Nala doesn't CARE if I get really mad, so she doesn't recognize any lines over which she should not tread. :|
  7. Maori

    Maori New Member

    And then watch out for the Potato chip Theory. You definitely can't have just one. Here is a link that we read while learning as much of the breed.


    site been around as long as i can remember. Lots of infomation.

    Pics taken few moments ago.


  8. MonsterBailey

    MonsterBailey New Member

    <<okay fellas, now today we're sleeping in the shape of a box!! tomorrow? beau decides...>>

    and ummm gee..... wonder why you need slip covers? :lol:
  9. nern

    nern New Member

    Great pictures Maori! :eek:
  10. OneWolvesDream

    OneWolvesDream New Member

    wow! i havnt been here for awhile. lol. thats a nice dog!
  11. Maori

    Maori New Member

    Yeah that is them at thier best lol .. Synchronized Sleeping.
    The other one is true though. All Hail King Ernie the Maltese. He is the Alpha and The Omega of the group lol.
  12. pyrmom

    pyrmom New Member

    I LOVE the pictures! I swear, you have MY dogs there~lol. I must admit, mine never give geometric designs though. They either lie with their "arms" over one another or in different areas of the room. I love the little one (Maltese?) in the middle.

    Slip covers? I just hit the cushions with the vaccuum and live with the hair. Only Angel thinks it's her right to get on the sofa (she much prefers it to the love seat as it has window access), and then ONLY when we're gone. She lies on the sofa, looking out the windows (I open the curtains beffore I leave to save them from being torn down). One of the BEST investments I ever made was a Bissel steam cleaner~ it gets LOTS of use around here; carpets, floors, furniture).

    The funny thing is, Angel's SOOO innocent about it all. Me? On the furniture? What do you mean? Oh, um, my hind legs are just resting while my front legs are exercising, TTHA'S why my rump was on the couch when you came in! No, that's not a guilty look, really!

    Once you get over the "terrible twos" stage, they are wonderful.

    You are a braver soul than I, I have only 3!
  13. pyrmom

    pyrmom New Member

    Oh! another early bird~ I love it :eek:
    I have tons of pics of the pups if you'd like to see them and while away the time until the rest of the world arises?
  14. Maori

    Maori New Member

    They were asleep and had to "push" them into formation ( dont tell them that though since they were snoring the whole time while dragging them across the room ). Yep that is Ernie our 11 Year Maltese. And your pics are great. However your pedigree is one to admire. Esp with Tip N Chip in thier line.

    Our girls dont get on the sofa "yet" . However our little Male Caleb who is about 5 Months jumps on them with his chewy. I am sure he looking out for us to make sure it is nice and warm ( warm from his drool haha ). Him being the self proclaimed sofa rump tester. the covers dont do much justice..as soon as we sit on them they fling off from the corners and end up in a ball until we put them on again. They are good though. They go through our Az Room out the doggie door to make sure all is good outside.
    We have our steam cleaner. def put that thing to the test. Good investment.

    ha if they are not romping they are rumping.

    Hear Hear.
    Our newest addition Holly, Is no problem she is a 5 year old. We got her from Az Rescue and she is very mellow.
  15. pyrmom

    pyrmom New Member

    Sorry, had a power failure and lost my connection. Seems my time is not set right on my profile. We posted our earlier messages at the same time, I really DID recognize a Maltese when I saw it~grin.

    The pedigrees with Aneto, Tipn' Chip and Rivergrove, in addition to temperment and certain traits of each (sire and dam) were the reasons I had decided to breed. HOWEVER darling Beau moved the schedule up just a "tad", like a year and a half! He did the deed at 10 months, sired 11 pups, including twins! We lost one at 24 hours while my daughter and I slept for an over lapping hour. She'd been born with meconium and we lost her to hypothermia.

    I'm just thankful that 10 of the pups are healthy, happy and turned out to have the best qualities of both parents. All have been placed in wonderful, loving homes (what an experience THAT was!).

    I have since then had Angel spayed. Whelping and seeing the pups leave were just too hard on her on her. Not to mention the toll properly caring and providing for 10 pups took on me physically and financially~Once was MORE than enough for my girl and me :roll:

    Oh well...
  16. asdmom

    asdmom New Member

    thank you maori and pyrmom for sharing all your pictures and stories. i miss my prinny so much. everytime i see a rescue i want it but i just can't get another one right now. ther is just nothing better than burying your face in their fluffy fur. i got mine as a 4 year old rescue from a show breeder. so i missed out on all the fun of raising her as a pup. she came to us with a crippling neurological disease that severely impaired her use of her hind legs. but she was an awesome dog just the same. because of her several of my friends have gotten pyrs and are in love with them. :cry:
  17. pyrmom

    pyrmom New Member

    Here's my crew, dirt and all! Angel has FINALLY regained some very badly needed weight, Beau is still as goofy as ever and Arwen seems to be following in her dad's foots steps! Just as goofy! Hard to believe that Beau is still a pup at a year and Arwen is already 17 weeks old!
  18. GinaH

    GinaH New Member

    Maori & Pyrmom
    Your dogs are so beautiful! They are one of my favorite breeds #3 on my wish list!

  19. pyrmom

    pyrmom New Member

    Thank you, what are #s1 & 2?
  20. GinaH

    GinaH New Member

    1. Newfoundland
    2. Neapolitan Mastiff
    3. Great Pyrenees
    4. Old English Bulldog
    5. Great Dane

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