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Discussion in 'Dogs - all breeds / types' started by klf, Apr 28, 2004.

  1. klf

    klf New Member

    "The time is always right to do what is right" - Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Please help more by sharing this petition with your friends
    and family! Petitions will succeed only by word of mouth, and
    every signature will help make a difference! Send the email
    below and encourage more people to sign! Together we will
    make a difference!

    xxxxxxxxxxxx PLEASE FORWARD TO FRIENDS xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Dear Friends,

    I have just read and signed the petition: "Make Aggravated Animal Cruelty a Felony"

    We are trying to reach 25000 signatures, and we need

    Please help by signing this petition. It takes 30 seconds and will really
    help. Please follow this link:


    Once you have signed, help even more, by telling your friends
    and family to sign as well!

    Thank you!

    Kim Frock
    Total Signatures: 19,907
    The most recent signatures* as of 8:20 PM PDT Apr 27, 2004

    # 19,907 4/27/04 8:20 PM Kim Frock, PA, US
    # 19,906 4/27/04 2:08 PM Kari Bohlman, WI, US
    # 19,905 4/27/04 12:23 PM Anonymous, FL, US
    # 19,904 4/27/04 11:18 AM Dana L. Smith, GA, US
    # 19,903 4/27/04 10:42 AM Jim Norton Jr., TX, US
    # 19,902 4/27/04 7:19 AM Jennifer Meyers, MN, US
    # 19,901 4/27/04 6:22 AM John Van Doran, CT, US
    # 19,900 4/26/04 11:50 PM Josh Garton, ND, US
    # 19,899 4/26/04 7:34 PM Anonymous, TX, US
    # 19,898 4/26/04 2:58 PM Cheri Brosofske, CT, US
  2. Rene

    Rene New Member

    hope you dont mind i'm going to copy and paste this in an email and on another board i go to

  3. klf

    klf New Member

    the more we get the word out that we don't think this behavior is acceptable the more we are heard!
  4. babygurl52

    babygurl52 New Member

    It says the deadline was 2003 something. Will our signing this petition help? Will it be ignored because the deadline has passed? Should we start a new one, this time, trying even harder to get higher than the requested amount?
  5. Rene

    Rene New Member

    your right it does say dead line 2003 i didnt even see that and i emailed to alot of people i hope it's not to late
  6. klf

    klf New Member

    i noticed that too, but it is still posted on the main web site and i was requested to sign it, by a friend. Even if it doesn't count for the tally, our voice can be heard for further legislation. I emailed the sponcer of the petition and am waiting a return e-mail.
  7. Samsintentions

    Samsintentions New Member

    I say we start another one! Request everyone that signed it to sign it again, and MORE!!!!!

    Lets shoot for 50,00!!!

    Does anyone know how to do a website like that one? I don't, but I'd love to sponcer it!!!!

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