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Mercury's first experience with the Outside

Discussion in 'Horses - all breeds / types' started by CockatielCrazy87, Dec 31, 2004.

  1. CockatielCrazy87

    CockatielCrazy87 New Member

    So Yesterday it got up to the 40's and it was again today so we got to work this morning digging paths from the barns the the house, pasture, and arena so the horses could get out and let some energy out. We have been working with Mercury since day one. She wears her little soft red halter for 5-6 hours a day and wears a sof light foal rug for about an hour a day and i have been going in the stall for like 10-15 min with her and Venus and and just touching its hooves and tapping on them, touching her ears and nose and just rubbing her down just to get her used to people. The first couple times she was afraid but she is better now and doese really well with it. And while I do this to her a lead her a bit with her halter just kinda moving her a little before i do each thing. Venus is actually really good with me bein in the stall and touching her baby which surprised me but pretty much as long as i give her some love and treats she doesent mind what I do so its nice.

    Anyways today since it is warmer and Mercury accepts the rug pretty well (she usually needs about 10 min to get used to it) we could lead them into the Arena and let them spend the day in there while I work the other horses. And So heres what we did i put Venus's halter on and her lead and she got excited knowing she was gonna be able to get out of that barn lol and so i had my sister hold her and I put Mercury's little halter on and to lunge lines and brought her up to Venus's side and had my friend Tyson (he actually works for my dad on the rach taking care of the animals) use the other lead aroud her rear legs while I led her by her halter with the lead clipped on and my sister led Venus. It was a slow process and she was very unsure about the ground lol sicne she only new the barn it was a brave new world for the little girl.I did'nt want her pushed or pulled out of the barn and so i just had Eva lead Venus out on the dug trail leaving Mercury alone and a bit panicky. It took forever but she eventually took her first brave steps out of the barn and could'nt get to Venus fast enough once she was out of the barn lol and just took slow steps to the barn just looking all around and just enjoying herself lol. When we got them in the Arena Venus just went hyper once we turn her loose trotting around and throwing her head in the air with little Mercury trotting on behind her and gave a little halph a buck.

    Yeah so their still out in the Arena and im on my break so im just sharing. But Mercury is enjoying herself. We also put Dolly and HUrricane in the other end of the Arena with Venus and Mercury and their all doing well together.

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