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Moving back to UK

Discussion in 'General Topics & Support Issues' started by DeLaUK, Jun 30, 2006.

  1. DeLaUK

    DeLaUK New Member

    I got a job :eek:

    Its with a large training company over there, Im really looking forward to it.....trying to get there though :x

    If anyone ever says that getting a dog into the UK these days is easy then all I can say is....only if you have tons of money and dont mind wasting a day or two calling every form of transport there is to find someone who will actually take your dog.

    I had everything arranged, a friend of a friend was driving to UK and we were getting a ride off them (we=my dog and me) but it all fell through as they had to change their plans. I was told by two airlines previously....a couple of months ago that it only cost around €30 to fly your dog from Hanover to London.....keeping in mind that I told both these airlines that my dog would have to go cargo as she was 18kg and wouldnt fit in the passenger cabin.....so Im thinking...not a problem Ill call the airlines back and book our flights......aha! nope....sorry, we dont transport any pets in cargo, it is only €30 if your dog weighs 8kg or under.

    Okay so I am then told by a 'reputable travel agent that deals with pets flying to UK all the time'....try British Airways or Lufthansa, theyre the best there is....cool....awesome..... NOT, according to Lufthansa the UK DOES NOT ALLOW THE IMPORT OF PETS....WHAT !!!! I informed them they were wrong and hung up the phone, BA....yep no problem, we can take your pet anywhere but we only fly them out of Franfurt !!! okay, I can talk someone into driving me the 4+ hours to Frankfurt :shock: ....oh but no...wait (yep....I thought it was sounding just a little too easy) BA in Frankfurt is in the middle of an issue, DEFRA (the UK gnmts import and export of live animals department) will not give BA in Frankfurt a microchip scanner so they cant read the chip numbers in the pet....which they have to be able to do as per requirements by DEFRA....confused....me too....and livid, I offered to buy them a universal scanner but they said no.

    But the woman at BA did give me the direct number to PETS which is basically DEFRA...yep, they can definately take my dog to UK, not a problem.....€800, oh and your crate is 2cm short so that will be another €100 for one of our crates "which you get to keep :D "...... :shock: :shock:
    So I tell the guy that his price is absolutely ridiculous and that a couple of months ago when I checked on the flights from Germany to California it was only €400 total.....with a crate, he said I was lied to or I was lying....he was laughing as he said it!!!.....I wont tell you what I said to him, Auspet would ban me.

    Finally I find BMI (British Midland airline) just under €500 which is fine.... except I dont have it.....well I just about do but I have to also get to UK !!! The guy was extremely helpful, busted up laughing when I told him PETS price, called the guy a nutter, the BMI guy had an Australian accent and considering Australia had been so obviously cheated in the World Cup just the night before by the ref who HAD to have been paid off by giving Italy a blatantly obvious 'throw myself on the ground' penalty 10 seconds before the end of the game....he was actually in a very 'chipper' mood.

    But still, dont have the money, so I think....trains, we have a tunnel now its only €45 for my dog to go through....hmmmm you can get a car through for less than €30 but hey....not in the mood to question you....Eurail and Eurostar are the train companies, Eurail will take pets....but wont take 'foot passengers', Eurostar will take foot passengers but not pets...!!!!!

    Ferries the same, the pet has to be kept in your vehicle.

    So now Im finding all these rideshare places on the internet, Ive called a couple of people already, everyone so far either has no seats left or is allergic to dogs......Im a little worried about going this route....well lets just say that dogs with psychological problems are not the only species with psychological problems that I seem to attract and I really would like to get to UK with all my body parts still intact :shock: Im going to start asking around at the market square tomorrow, there putting up a large TV screen for the England game....now if England plays well and gets through this round and the next round, the final is on July 9th which will time it just right for me to go to England and start the new job!!!!
  2. Chessmind

    Chessmind New Member

    Congratulations, please be safe and good luck. I hope it all works out. :D
  3. DeLaUK

    DeLaUK New Member

    Thanks. I might be off line for a couple of weeks, the job I got is a live in position (which couldnt have worked out better) and I doubt I can take this computer with me. There is a computer there which I will have full access to (has internet) out of business hours but Im a little wary of using someone elses computer, just a privacy issue I have with it really. So if Im not around for a while its because of that but I will be getting one there I just need a little time to get the money together to buy a good one. Im getting into doing some website designing, nothing major just want to build my own website and a friends band has asked me to do one for them so I need something decent I think.

    Ill put a post in when Im leaving....but I will be back. :D
  4. DeLaUK

    DeLaUK New Member

    Well, I fly out tomorrow with Krissie, Im a bit nervous about how she will do on the trip....Im worried that she has to be there two hours before take off, the way the heat has been here I really hope...in fact Ill insist that she is in a shaded area or something, Im worried about her freaking out with the noise, the take off , the landing....Im putting a big sign on her crate not to open the crate door unless theyre in a closed room with windows too high that she cant attempt to jump out of them......

    Anyways, this time tomorrow we will be there, I start working on the Wednesday, apparantly the guy already has half a dozen dogs in for me to work with.

    Unfortunately Ill probably be off line for a while, I can use the comp there for personal use but Im going to have a hectic month or so I think.

    So take care all, Ill be back in the not too distant future hopefully.

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