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my cute chihuahua babies

Discussion in 'Dogs - all breeds / types' started by joyce123, Nov 27, 2009.

  1. joyce123

    joyce123 New Member

    we breed three Chi Babies.they are Maxwell, (6 months) Milo, (9 months) & Matilda (also 9 months). While Milo & Matilda are on the bigger side of the Chi scale at 7 & 9lbs, Maxwell is on the more average size at about 4 1/2lbs. Milo is a bit more on the lazy side compared to the other two & sometimes will just sit & watch the others play. He is also a bit insecure which we are working on with him. They are all very loving however & are always anxious to share kisses with their human's and with each other alike. Sometimes they'll lay in the sun bathing each others faces & making sure they are all looking their best. Then they will burrow in blankets, pillows, etc until they fluff it up just enough to get comfortable & then proceed to take a long nap. While none of them are the "alpha" (that's the humans job isn't it?!) our female, Matilda is by far the most bossy out of the group. If she wants to play, you'd better play or else you'll get a "donkey kick" until she gets a reaction. Typical female!

    I was always a big dog person & really was never fond of little dogs. However when wanting a new addition to our home, I did my breed research & found the Chihuahua to best suit my wants in a dog. Apparently they surpassed my expectations as we went from one to three Chihuahua's in 3 short months with absolutely no regrets.

    My pups are already great minding as a result and as an example of that as you can see, they are easily "pose-able" for photographs. )"

    Unfortunately,I failed to post lots of photoes of my lovely Chihuahuas. But you can click to chihuahua.dormitory, come on now, you can see our chihuahua babies which we are pround of and feel the happiness with us.

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