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My frikin annoyin sand

Discussion in 'Fish and Aquarium - all types' started by JxKIM89, Jul 22, 2004.

  1. JxKIM89

    JxKIM89 New Member

    MY SAND CLEARED UP COMPLETELY! I put back in my decorations and such, but right when i turned on my patrick star bubble house... BOOM sand just blows up again. Im jsut going to wait till it settles again. Will it be long till the sand settles again?
  2. bloodpain

    bloodpain New Member

    I dunno, I suggest you buying more sand? :?
  3. Fish Addict

    Fish Addict New Member

    leave the bubbler on it will settle around it
  4. t_chelle16

    t_chelle16 New Member

    Yup, it will settle again.

    Yesterday I had to drain about 75% of the water and remove all the decorations in my 55 gallon to catch a fry and re-connect the air stone (one of the fish had knocked off the tubing). When I got it all set up again the water was so cloudy I could barely see the back of the tank. But it cleared up eventually.

  5. Obelix

    Obelix New Member

    I had sand in my 5 gallon and even if i looked at it sideways it would cloud up but it only tanks a day or so to come back down, good luck!
  6. t_chelle16

    t_chelle16 New Member

    BTW, if you haven't put your fish back in that tank yet, it might be a good idea to do so even if it is cloudy. Without an ammonia source, your bacteria will start dieing.

  7. Mwm

    Mwm New Member

    This happen with my 5g when i had a cray fish, i got mad let the cray fish go in the river and took the tank outside and just let the hose run in it for like 1 hour. it doesnt cloud AT alll the only thing that will happen in the sand might get sired up but no cloudin. i would and wouldnt remcomed this, 1. U use ** lota water but 2. My sand is so clear :y_the_best:

    Edited for language. This is not your first warning on language. kc5gvn
  8. JxKIM89

    JxKIM89 New Member

    yup it settled fine. thanks guys

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