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My girls are home!

Discussion in 'Dogs - all breeds / types' started by Samsintentions, Nov 8, 2006.

  1. True_Pits

    True_Pits New Member

    Oh Gotti line "Pit Bull" Hate to be the one to break it to you, but those most of them are not real Pit Bulls at all, there have been talk of mixes in Neo Mastiff into the line but regardless the papers are hung on them. Tony admitted that Raider II's sire was falsified. So your bro in law got scammed. They have also come with a host of health problems due to poor breeding irregarless of health, blue x blue breeding mainly they are bred for size, color and money.
  2. Samsintentions

    Samsintentions New Member

    Figured as much. The mother is a pretty little blue game bred female. I belive she's a jeep. Then the pups sire is a Gotti and somehting else, can't think of it right this minute. But both are nice looking pits. The sire's a bit wider than what I like, but the mother is a very nice female. VERY nice, and the grand sire is too.

    I'll get pictures next time I'm there. Show ya.

    I told him that one of his males definately had some serious Cane Corso in it or maybe Presna. he denies it, but I'll take pics and show ya. Definately some influence there some where.

    I din't pay much, I traded mainly for a pup out of a future litter of my BB's for the pup so I'm not out much.
  3. Sara

    Sara New Member

    Hey Sams,

    If he's got gamebred stock I'd think twice about sending him a BB, what's he going to do with one?

  4. Samsintentions

    Samsintentions New Member

    he'll be getting one as a pet only. On a spay and neuter contract. Since he lives right down the road, I'll be able to monitor him closely.
  5. Sara

    Sara New Member

    Make sure the contract for that pup states that you get the dog back if you even SUSPECT that it has ever been fought. Not only could he cross a pit with a Boerboel to make a big pit dog he could definately use a Boerboel IN the box so that's another thing to think about.

    I'm not sure if you'd thought of that already but I'm reading up on those Central Asian Shephards and a friend of mine and she got a dog out of fighting lines from russia...I don't want to see any "fighting lines" in the Boerboels and since they guard property against ANY intruder man or animal it could happen.

    Wanted to get that out there just in case. Sometimes we dont' think of stuff I know I didn't right out of the gate, nor did I think I could be misunderstood having pits and Boerboels till I realized that Boerboels could definately be considered a gladiator breed. Who knows they may already be used as fighters out there somewhere, hard to say. I'd just hate to see any of the lines you have on your yard go that way.

    Being long winded and don't mean to offend, just pointing things out from my perpective of an outside looking in type deal. Good luck with that Gotti girl though, I can't wait to see pics. though.

  6. True_Pits

    True_Pits New Member

    I'd want a copy of the pedigree first. If you haven't already seen. I see a lot of people lie, dishonest so I like to make sure.

    A couple years ago I had pups redboy/turtblebuster/jeep-rascal and this guy emailed me. He only lived about 45mins away. He wanted to trade me for a blue female he had. I told him I don't take blue dogs and told him what lines I had interest in, ect. Then he emailed me back Oh this is a gamebred blue and she is Jeep bred. Told him I've never seen a blue Jeep dog and told him to send the pedigree 1st then we'd talk. Well needless to say he never sent the pedigree. Never seen a blue Jeep dog and I'm not saying that they couldn't exsist its just genetically unlikely Jeep and Honeybunch dogs have very dominant genes being shades of buckskin and having the resemblence and build of Jeep or Honeybunch. I have seen blues in Eli/Carver, Boudreaux and Nigerino and you might see blues in other gamebred lines like Eli, Bullyson, Carver, as those are lines of mainly black dogs and blue is a dilute of black. I'm willing to bet that this female has something other then just Jeep.
    It reminds of these people I met Friday, co-worker of my husband and his wife, they wanted to show me a picture of the male that knocked their dog up as they put it. He was a big white dog with black patches and they said he is a pure crenshaw line. I asked well which dog and they said he is a jeep crenshaw line, my husband told them he didn't look like any of our crenshaw stuff and I said he didn't look like any Jeep dog I've seen. I asked if he was possibly rascal or jeep/rascal as he looked like he may have likely had (some) rascal in him if anything. Then the guy said I don't know maybe, he is some kind of crenshaw line and that the guy paid an "arm and a leg" for the dog like $400-500 as a puppy, which obviously isn't all that much. So just be careful people talk a lot of stuff that just isn't real. If they don't know the bloodline they will claim a wellknown line like Colby or Jeep.

    I also never though a lot on fighting with Boerboels, but you never know, I know it said that in the contract I signed for Hex and a lady I knew that ran a rescue had all sorts of breeds and mixes that had been taken from a fighter, so I guess some people will fight any powerful guard breed. Being only down the road though will help for good monitoring.
  7. Samsintentions

    Samsintentions New Member

    From what I know, this guy is totally against any fighting. I mean, we had a pretty good debate on it. He's got some males that are VERY dog agressive, and takes good measures inkeeping them separate from other dogs, ect.

    He didn't train them that way, its just the way they are. I agree with him to a point on that. No matter what socialization we've done with Mickey, he still came out dog agressive. That kind of adds to my handling over hereditary theory.

    I know he's got Gotti dogs, and have seen some of the peds, Some of the dogs do look like they have mastiff influence and I've brought that point up with him before. Healthy debate, doesn't hurt in the end.

    He does do some testings. Not all that I'd like to see and has alot of dogs. I'm more of the limited number myself. I've always been a very small scale breeder and want to remain that way, hince why I have Faith up for sale.

    I spend so much time with my dogs its not even funny, and its hard to give 6 dogs the attention and training they need EVERY day.

    This puppy is for my brother in law. He loves it, and its what he wasnts. Papers will be viewed closely. I've been to the property and seen both sire and dam and both look like very nice dogs to me. I've never seen a sweeter bitch with a litter before. She's very tolerant, very attentive and just an all around proud momma! Not to meantion she's a great looking dog too!! The sire is a VERY nice male. A bit on the obese side, but has nice structure and a sweet disposition.

    I give him alot of credit for knowing whats a good dog and whats not and whats worthy of breeding. He did aquire some game dogs from an "aquantance" and one is a nasty female. Very dog agressive and people agressive as well, and he's scheduling a euthanasia. She's in pretty nasty shape and makes me feel sorry for her, but a dog with a horrible disposition and temperament is only a danger to herself and others.

    Sara: Your correct, I will keep a VERY close eye on him. I'm not planning on him getting a pup anytime soon. Seeing as I have none! but it will be on a spay neuter contract and since he lives only a little over a mile away, its not hard for me to stop in from time to time.

    my contracts are available for anyone to view, ther's clauses on just about everything in them! LOL

    Thanks for your concern though. He did bring up a good point. Pits aren't great guard dogs, and he's had people try and steal them before along with some of his possesions. Hince why he has an intrest in the Boels.
  8. True_Pits

    True_Pits New Member

    All sounds good, I was just saying make sure. But you've met him and know what going on.

    Thats the same reason I wanted a Boerboel we have almost $12,000 in dogs stolen and a neighbor had a lot of expensive tools/equiptment stolen and also want something to protect our goats. So they seemed like a good choice.

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