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my guppie had babies

Discussion in 'Fish and Aquarium - all types' started by freak1015, Jan 1, 2008.

  1. freak1015

    freak1015 New Member

    i woke up the day after christmas and we moved my 10 gal tank in to my room!!! there wer no babies in the tank before we moved it. this is how we moved my tank. i tok my fish out, and put them in a glass bowl. i tok all the decorations out and drained my tank and left 1 inch of water left in it. we moved it in my room and filled it. i put the ornaments back in but, i dident put the fish back in cause i had to let the dirt settle. after a half an hour, the babies just popped up outta nowhere!!!!!!! there were 8 of them. it was soooooo wierd cause there wer still no fish in the tank! all my fish are in there now except my comet. HE TRYS TO EAT MY BABIES!!! i want advice on how to take care of them. the babies are eating crushed up fish flakes that fall to the bottom and they are quite happy eating that.
  2. halinar

    halinar New Member

    Sounds like the water change did it. The change in water quality / temp will often get the baby process moving along.

    Guppy fry are big enough to eat crushed flakes so that will work. Baby brine shrimp work really well also.

    If they are in with other fish they will need places to hide but they are pretty easy babies to take care of. Also, if you have any type of filter with an intake you might want to turn the volume down or put some porous cloth over the intake to stop them from getting sucked in until they get some more size.
  3. freak1015

    freak1015 New Member

    5 of my babies died and the fish arent eating them. help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. amypicot23

    amypicot23 New Member

    hi, i currently have 4 guppies who are pregnant, i have a breeding box and put 3 that looked like they were about to give birth in, one did give birth and now i only have 1 baby left because they kept escaping and with 2 still pregnant guppies in there i couldn't remove the adult. i have now let the others out and just kept the guppy that looks ready to give birth and will remove her soon after, but i am worried i am stressing her out and not sure if i have put her in too early, wow this is hard business this guppy breeding
  5. freak1015

    freak1015 New Member

    one of my pregnant guppies died and the 2nd one i got is dieing. WHY ARE MY PREGNANT GUPPIES DIEING!?!?! anybody,just anybody please tell me why my guppies are dieing!

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