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My kitty is 15 or 16 and wont eat

Discussion in 'Cats - all breeds / types' started by Bubblegumdays, Aug 16, 2014.

  1. Bubblegumdays

    Bubblegumdays New Member

    Cappy has been with me since 1997 and so she is old. Her no eating was sudden. One day she was bugging me for food and pestering me for affection and the next day she disappeared under the bed. She has not eaten solid food in about 5 days. I will try the Pedialyte and maybe Gerbers baby food but she has never liked me to pick her up or manipulate her so it may be a tough fight. I feel so helpless. Pray for Cappy.
  2. Babykitty3

    Babykitty3 New Member

    Have your cat checked for Fatty Liver desease. Our cat is going through the same problem, and we had blood tests done on her a week ago. She has Fatty Liver desease. It requires a special food diet. Our cat started drinking again but still won't eat. Your vet can give you all the information about it and treatment. Good luck and we wish you & your cat the best.
  3. Amber60

    Amber60 New Member

    My cat is 17 years old and she does eat, but she has decided that she will not eat cat food as much as she should, She started out with diarrhea, she would not have it constantly only when she normally goes. I took her to vet and I had to bring them a stool sample cause they could not get any from her. I brought it alright, and it was like gravy and smelled terrible. And the vet said there is nothing wrong with her stool. So if there was nothing wrong why did they give her shots, antibiotics, and some clay liquid to clear in toxin in her body? Well it did not work anyways all that money I spent was $225 and I feel I wasted that money cause she still has problems. It was not until I bought BM Tone-Up gold from Pet wellbeing that I found her stools normal. Then I stopped giving it to her and it started again. You see here is the problem, you know how they say to many sudden changes in your dog and cats diet will cause upset stomach and diarrhea. She is so picky that every day I have to cook her a 5 course meal. And if she had that item yesterday she will not eat it, it is like she wants a lot of different foods, I tried not feeding her and letting her get good and hungry and feed her cat food and she will not eat it. One time I tried 4 different foods, chicken, liver, tuna, and pork and cat food and she did not want any of it. I mean what else is there to give her? What should I do? Not one veterinarian, not anyone can tell me what to do to get her back on cat food? I've tried changing her cat food gradually and she would eat it only one time and then would not eat it. All this is costing me a lot of money to feed her let alone all the food I throw out cause she will not eat it. I call her now my nightmare, cause every time I see her it is only cause she is trying to get me to cook for her, and then she will not eat it if she had it yesterday or earlier. I'm actually running out of different foods to feed her. I know that she is not getting the vitamins she needs, I even tried to give her Nutrical I buy 2 a month she started out eating it, then she would go outside and shake it off her foot. I'm thinking if I should go to vet and demand they put her down. Clearly she is suffering, and is very old. I don't want to I even tried mixing chicken in her cat food, that way it would not be a sudden change in her diet. Clearly she has mental issues, she has always been a strange cat. When she was a Kitten she would hiss at things that were not there. She is also anti-social, cause she does not come to you to be petted unless for food. It hurts me I can not help her, I have spent a lot of money on her for different natural herbs for her, and she would not take it she spits it out even if mixed in her food. I was taking her for walks at 12 midnight with a leash you loved that and then someone was out there and threw a firecracker toward us and she fled back in the yard, and has not gone out since. I try playing with her and she used to play but not anymore not even with cat nip sprayed on it. Does anyone know how many drops is 1/16th of a teaspoon? I have gave her before Colloidal silver but was not sure how much and probably did not giver her enough. Colloidal silver is safe for cats for 10 days just like antibiotics. It clears up any infections in a cat's body. One lady took her cat to the vet and she had tumors all over her body. She was told by vet to give her cat some pain medication they gave her and make her comfortable and let nature take its course there was nothing the vet could do. She went home and did some research on-line and found that colloidal silver was safe for cats, and humans a matter a fact they used it before antibiotics came out. It cures viruses, fungus, tumors, etc. She gave it to her cat and noticed the tumors shrinking, until they were all gone. I just need to know how many drops in 1/16 of a teaspoon so I can give it to her. The only thing wrong is when people abuse it, this one guy took it ever day for a year and he turned gray his whole skin. Although it caused no damage to him. It is just his body trying to push it out through his skin. Just like teenagers when they get acne their bodies are trying to push toxins out through the skin. But taking it for 10 days is alright. Please can anyone give me advice? I have no one left to turn to. oh Yeah she has a fur ball problem, she sheds way to much I brush her and there is no end to her shedding
  4. Babykitty3

    Babykitty3 New Member

    We just lost our 7 year old cat to Fatty Liver Desease. Like yours, our cat suddenly stopped eating. We took her to the vet, and had x-rays & blood tests done. The x-ray revealed a slightly enlarged liver & the blood tests showed liver problems. We tried everything we could, including force feeding her through a syringe. A little over a week later she passed away.
    Have your cats checked immediately upon noticing they stop eating. We wish the best for you & if you can afford it, do not hesitate to have your cat put into an animal hospital for care; We didn't have the money for that. You are in our prayers.
  5. Amber60

    Amber60 New Member

    I'm sorry to hear that, 7 years is not that old. You know vets only give medications that mask the symptoms, I have learned that herbs is a better way to go for our furry friends. There are all kinds of natural medications out there. Do you think that he(she) got fatty liver from not eating? I read some where that when cats do not eat that can get fatty liver disease. My cat is 16-17 years old, that is the longest I ever had a cat, it is not that she does not eat it is that she turned real picky in her old age, and that is what is causing her diarrhea. They say to many sudden changes in your cat or dogs diet causes upset stomach and diarrhea.Let me tell you a true story here, my daughter's God mother went to her pastor and told him every time I get a pet they always pass on very young. The pastor said first off that pet does not really belong to you the pet was loaned to you by God. I got to thinking sometimes we take God for granted and that we should thank Him everyday for loaning us our children and pets. And that is what I have done well not every day but often I do. I think that is why she has lived so long. She is not really sick her stool test came back negative at the vet. She just is giving me a hard time about eating cat food. Oh she will eat cat food but when she gets tired of it she will want to eat other meats. In other words she will not eat Chicken twice, or cat food twice I can not figure out why though.

    You should really investigate into why she got liver problems. Do you use any pine sol or any other chemicals to clean your house? If you do when you have pets it can cause liver problems. look into natural cleaners for your house.

    I know how hard it is I lost my cats mother and her uncle both young. It is very hard now I wish I did not get another one I feed he is partial feral, cause I used to feed a lot of semi feral cats until Animal control got on me for it. My friend knew this elder ladies that work with semi feral's and try to get them so they can be homed she took them all in traps except one I still have he outsmarted the traps.

    You know like I said above there are organizations that help people who do not have money for vets. Above I told you how to contact them.
  6. Babykitty3

    Babykitty3 New Member

    Just to satisfy your interest, we spent over $500 in trying to save our "Baby". The Vet Clinic did an x-ray, took blood & ran a full blood series check, gave us special food for her to eat, and spent xtra time examining her in their office. The blood tests showed that there were no high toxin levels of any kind in her system & only her liver test showed high.
    I am not writing this to get your opinion or exoneration, as I don't know you and don't care what you think. I only originally left a reply, to alert you and anyone else who may have a cat who doesn't want to eat or seem not to be as active as he/she once was - to immediately have it seen. These illnesses get worse quickly in cats (& other animals) so you need to act quickly to pursue a cure for the problem. Now we don't have allot of money, so we were not able to go any further - as far as in hospital stay & medicare treatment goes. In our case, it probably wouldn't of helped anyway - according to our vet; who incidentally is a very good & very skilled animal doctor. The vets & techs at our animal clinic could not of been more caring and pro-active with the treatment of our cat. \
    Try to think about how others might receive your words before you write/give advice; I don't need to revisit the cause of our most special family member's death to possibly find out that it was our own neglect that could of killed her: which in our case it wasn't (as was proven through blood testing) but there may be someone who lost a pet who could not afford to have it examined & tested before it died: how would your statement make them feel. Knowledge is good, but only if it can help (not after the fact)

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