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my sick kitty posha

Discussion in 'Cats - all breeds / types' started by bufferdoodle, Jul 22, 2014.

  1. bufferdoodle

    bufferdoodle New Member

    its about my kitty cat posha. shes sick, and idk what she got into.
    she is 4 years old, healthy, spayed, and she is a grazer when it comes to food. they are on Iams chicken,... idk, the orange bag. kibble. they r halfway through this bag, and are strictly inside cats.
    last night she started vomiting. ok, nothing big, cats do that. BUT she is still vomiting from time to time, *24hrs later* doesn't want to eat or drink. ( I took food away for 8 hours, tried to offer some rice, and a tiny bit of wet cat food mixed in, bout an hour ago,... she doesn't want it.) I put some hairball paw paste on her paw, and she licked it once, then vomited. its bile, the yellow liquid, sometimes has foamy in it.
    now if she has to go to the vet, we will. but if this is maybe treatable at home, that would b great. im 5 months pregnant, high risk, and our insurance dropped us
    so we have been paying out of pocket for doctor visits. so we REALLY don't have the money to go to a vet right now, but like I said, if we have to,... we will find a way somehow.
    she purrs when u pet her, leans her head into your hand when u scratch her neck, when she IS up, she rubs all over u, head boops, the works. she acts FINE in body language. it seems her shoulders might hurt? she kinda whines/growls when u feel for abbrasions there. maybe shes sore from vomiting?
    I have her in the computer room, she has toys, water, litter box, and plenty of beds. she is separated from the other kitty, and the dogs.
    shes been up here for 8 hours, and I see no pee or poo in the litter box yet, but again, shes not ingesting anything either.
    do u guys have any CLUE as to what is going on?
    we haven't put any flea protection on anything. couches, floors, or animals this year .... (no need yet.) and the other kitty is absolutely fine.
    ps, posha is very tired allot too. AGAIN,...she hasn't eaten or drank (that I know of.) in quite a while. idk if she ate, or used the littler box prior to me putting her in the room,... but I DO know she hasn't gone potty, or ate in at least 8 hours.
    Oh and we do not have any household plants.
  2. bufferdoodle

    bufferdoodle New Member

    took her to the vet, got Xrays, bloodwork, and an overall examination. everything checks out ok. shes slightly constipated. but she got a shot of anti nausea meds, and a shot of a steroid, in case its her bowels inflaming,...or something like that. 8 hours later, she hasn't vomited, YAYY!! but still wont eat, at the advice from the vet, I gave her only half a TSP of baby food ( she wouldn't eat the hills gastric food he gave her.) but I had to force feed her the baby food :/ so far, 40 min later,..its still staying in. *crossing fingers* ill probly force feed her the prescribed stuff tomorrow if she still wont eat. she also will not drink, b ut I have learned how to give fluids via IV, under the skin.
    poor posha girl, cross ur fingers, and pray that she keeps food down!!! we need her to poop. (lol) and doc wants to try food to get it to push it through first, before giving a laxative.
    and if THAT doesn't work,.... its exploratory surgery. :/

    I hope I hope this works!!!
  3. Amber60

    Amber60 New Member

    Look, first get her some pedialyte, and try and give her a few drops at a time. Don't give her a lot at a time cause she will just throw it up, this way she will not get dehydrated from vomiting. You should see if they have anything at the pet store for vomiting but always give her only a little at a time. Get her some chicken baby food, and give her a little at a time. Also get some nutri-cal at the Pet shop I know petco has it, it is a special vitamins for cats not eating. It comes in a toothpaste tube, that is what the vet would give her so she will not get weak. If after when you have done all that and she is not eating and vomiting still you will have to take her to vet. You can either sign up for a credit card or type in google help with vet bill for my cat, put also your city and state. There are organizations that help people who can not afford a vet. I hope this helps, by any chance did you change her food? If you did you should know that to many sudden changes in your cat or dogs diet will cause stomach upset and vomiting or diarrhea. In other words keep her on one brand of cat food. If you decide to change her cat food you will have to look up on line on how to change it gradually. I know in California actors and others help with spay and neuters and sick pets vet bills. Sometimes you will have to find more than one to help with a spay or neuter, not with sick cats though. I hope this helps okay? If she is not eating or drinking you should get a syringe like thing and force it in her mouth. Never tilt the head to far back cause the liquid could go in her lungs. Give her the liquids through the side of the mouth never through the front cause of her teeth. If you open her mouth and look inside you will understand what I mean. Use a towel and wrap her in it if you have to do it by yourself. Sometimes it helps to keep her mouth closed and gently rub her throat so she will swallow it. I hope this helps you.

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