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Need advice from you all

Discussion in 'General Topics & Support Issues' started by sarapaul, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. sarapaul

    sarapaul New Member

    Can you use scar creams that work for stretchmarks also for sun damage?
  2. zeldaa

    zeldaa New Member

    Yes, you can. I had burned my hand when I was baking brownies for my son. I touched the side of the oven, what a clutz! And then it healed it became dark and just didn’t look good. I figured whatever works for sun spots, will work for the discolored scar. Then a friend told me that she found something that made scar from an accident look better. She used by scar zone until reading a bunch of studies that it’s esentially like putting on petroleum jelly. scar zone is not very expensive, but a lot more than pet-jelly. I started to look for something else, and that's when I found that vitamin c is really important. So I tried strips and some vitamin c creams. I found that Invicible is an awesome scar therapy . Plus, the inventor is a surgeon who deals with breast cancer, so I feel pretty good about that.
  3. peterscot

    peterscot Guest

    You can use the Scar cream if have burnt skin problems. The regular use of Scare cream will clear the Damage scar problems. But you have to use the Scar cream on burnt area on regular basis.
  4. MaleShih

    MaleShih New Member

    I used Cocoa butter before. But I am not so sure if that really works but it fades but eventually came back. So for me, laser is still the best solution.

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