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Need help from experienced guineapig owner...

Discussion in 'All other pets' started by goldfish_lover, May 2, 2006.

  1. goldfish_lover

    goldfish_lover New Member

    so i have one guinea pig and i am moving from sask to newfoundland... yeah across canada i was wondering if theres any tips you guys can give me for taking her with me...i wanna make sure its not to stressful or anyhting
  2. Killerbee2

    Killerbee2 New Member

    Just make sure that it is not bumpy and stuff. you dont want her to get sick in the car or anything. make sure you still pay some attention to her.

    ~Well , i hope that helps!
  3. goldfish_lover

    goldfish_lover New Member

    well we travelled for a month and she lived we went on a few faeries and everyhting
    the first day we thought she was gonna die cuz we just got over havinga litter a couple months before but shes fine now and gaining her weight back so shes nice and healthy

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