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Need some help please!

Discussion in 'Dogs - small breeds (toy) specific' started by daand, Feb 13, 2007.

  1. daand

    daand New Member

    I have read a few articles on blood in the puppys stool, whichi is happening too mine, now she came from a place where she drank well water and she is now on normal, we changed her food while mixing her old with the new, Now she seems happy, but i find it very hard too train her too poop on the paper, is it possible she has uncontrollable stoll habits, with the blood being in it?

    I also have a 3 year old lab who is great, does he have any influence on how the new puppy acts?
  2. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    Hi, Anytime there is blood in any animals stool this should be checked out ASAP by your vet.

    How old is your pup?
    Is she up todate on her shots and wormers?

    Just because she came from a home where she was normal, eating and drinking well and lively does not mean tere was not a problem there to start with.

    Stress from being taken away from there mother and littermates can trigger alot of illnesses off.
    So my advice would be have your pup checked over to rule out any problems.

    Your 3year old lab won't really have any influence over your pup, What you can do is when your lab goes out to the toilet take the pup with him that way she will start to learn where it is she needs to go toilet.

    Take her out,
    When she wakes.
    After having something to eat or drink.
    After playtime.
    Before bed.

    When she is sniffing around is usually a good indication she needs to go to the toilet.
    When she does it outside praise her and if you like give her a treat she will soon learn.

  3. Shineillusion

    Shineillusion New Member

    I have to disagree that the older Lab won't have any influence on the puppy. I recently adopted a 12 week old dachshund pup, and I have a 4 year old dachshund. Besides teaching Mr. Pup about being a dog and having good dog manners, I've noticed the puppy watching him and imitating a lot of his behaviors.

    My older dog, Olsen, has helped reinforce our training, too. If puppy gets too boisterous when I'm playing with him, Olsen will step in, push him down, and pin him for about 30 seconds, then lavish him with attention. He's especially attentive if Puppy snaps at us, disciplining him before we have a chance to.

    Olsen has demonstrated heeling, sitting, waiting. And puppy imitates him. Olsen sits for his dinner, so puppy sits too. Puppy is learning not to bark non-stop because Olsen isn't allowed to bark non-stop. We didn't really teach him, he just does what his big brother does.

    One of the cutest things Olsen has taught puppy is to go to bed and be quiet. The first night, puppy, of course, cried when I put him in his bed. Olsen came in, put his head over the edge of puppy's basket, and snuffled at him. Then sat beside his bed, and every time puppy cried, Olsen would snuffle at him. It didn't take long before puppy quieted down and went to sleep. The next night, Olsen did the same thing. The third night, puppy just looked at Olsen, layed down, and went to sleep without making a peep.

    We are convinced that if Olsen was a wolf or member of a wild dog pack, he'd be the one left behind to babysit the pups while the rest of the pack went on a hunt. He's a natural puppysitter.

    A well behaved older dog can have a lot of influence on a puppies behavior.

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