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New Maltipoo Mommy Here

Discussion in 'Dogs - small breeds (toy) specific' started by JllyBnButt, Nov 13, 2008.

  1. JllyBnButt

    JllyBnButt New Member

    Hello I'm new to this board & to owning a maltipoo & thought I would ask for some help. My little Tink just came home from the breeder's & is 8 weeks old. She is absolutely adorable & my family & I have fallen completely in love with her. My husband surprised me with her as an early Christmas present, we had been searching for one for a while now but of course he didn't think to ask a whole lot of questions about her. I am having some issues with house training her but that is mostly because the midwest is being blanketed in rain right now & most of the puddles are bigger then she is, this makes for tough housetraining of any puppy. My biggest concern is her crying. She cries if I leave her side or even move just a bit & she's no longer touching me. I know that toy breeds, maltipoo's especially love their humans & I did expect some wanting to be held but the constant wasn't expected. I'm hoping that this is just a phase & as she has been here longer she will learn that mama will come back & just as I would with a newborn I'm trying not to spoil her by holding her all the time. Does anyone have any tips on making her feel more secure so that I can get up & go to the bathroom or do house work without her having a complete puppy melt down? We are crate training her & she does okay in her crate after the initial whining phase. I'm just wondering if there are any tricks to easing her transition from being with her littermates to now being here in our home. I've never had this constant crying from other pups but I've never owned a toy breed either. Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. HDrydr

    HDrydr New Member

    Well it has been awhile how is your new puppy doing? All of your issues should just be because she is young, and was taken away from mom and siblings. Separation anxiety.

    How is the potty training doing? Wee pads bought from the pet stores are good, shovel an area down free of snow that she can go in. Crating her is the best thing for her, they should feel like it is their den and be safe in it.

    The crying well be it at times annoying she will get better. You could try leaving her for short periods and come back into view however..... Don't flood her with attention you just want her to know that you will return. If you flood her with attention you can make the behavior worse.

    Like anything it just takes time for her to grow up a bit and things should settle down.

    would love to see pictures....
  3. JllyBnButt

    JllyBnButt New Member

    It has been quite a challenge with her but I'm still in love with her. She does fine with going pee outside but has been refusing to poop out there. She's more interested in chewing on sticks then doing her business. We bought some Wee Pads but she won't go on those either & I'm not positive how to train her to go on them. I've taken one outside on the patio & take her to it each time I take her out but she refuses it & instead wants to go on the leaves. As soon as I figure out how to post a pic I will, she's so stinkin cute! I'm sure our issues will resolve in time & the crying has gotten better thankfully I just hope the housebreaking comes along better soon.
  4. HDrydr

    HDrydr New Member

    Where has she been pooping? Has it been in 1-2 places? You can use the wee pad in those places put some of her waste there. Dogs tend to go in the same places time and time again. Then as she starts to go on the pads or close to them you move it closer to the door then outside. Once she goes outside a time or two on the pads you take the pad away.

    Posting pictures is pretty easy. You can upload the photos to an online program like Photobucket. Then you simply use the Img button then go to your photo and copy the link attached to it then use the Img button again.

    good luck
  5. Lorielp

    Lorielp New Member

    My experience with potty training my Maltipoo

    My Maltipoo, Marley was not easy to train. She never went in the same place twice. Fortunatley, I have tile floors. I tried potty pads but she would just shred them into tiny little pieces. She finally got used to using news paper. She is now just over a year old. I keep a area covered with newspaper on my balcony but she usually waits for me to take her out for walk. I would say to just be patient with your new puppy.

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