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Discussion in 'Cats - all breeds / types' started by sphynxluver, Sep 2, 2004.

  1. sunset05

    sunset05 New Member

    That is sad about the 3 year old.

    I haven't heard much about casualities yet, here. We did hear that a man was hanging from a tree branch waiting for help to come but he couldn't hold on and fell into the flooding currents before the rescue team could get to him.
    I haven't heard anything about it since.
  2. FMgurl43

    FMgurl43 New Member

    i thought this was funny and also true to an extent for me anyways...lol it got sent to me in an e-mail....

    Subject: Things I've Learned Since Hurricane Charley

    Subject: Fw: Things I've Learned Since Hurricane Charley

    * Coffee and frozen pizzas can be made on a BBQ grill.

    * No matter how many times you flick the switch, lights don't work without


    * Kids can survive 4 days or longer without a video game controller in their


    * Cats are even more irritating without power.

    * He who has the biggest generator wins.

    * Women can actually survive without doing their hair--you just wish they

    weren't around you.

    * A new method of non-lethal torture - showers without hot water.

    * There are a lot more stars in the sky than most people thought.

    * TV is an addiction and the withdrawal symptoms are painful. One day at a

    time, brother.

    * A 7 lb bag of ice will chill 6-12 oz Budweiser's to a drinkable temperature

    in 11 minutes, and still keep a 14-pound turkey frozen for 8 more hours.

    * There are a lot of trees around here.

    * Flood plan drawings on some mortgage documents were seriously wrong.

    * Contrary to most Florida natives' beliefs, speed limit on roads

    without traffic lights does not increase.

    * Aluminum siding, while aesthetically pleasing, is definitely not required.

    * Just because you're over 21 doesn't mean you can stay out as late as you want.

    At least that's what the cops told me during a curfew stop.

    * Crickets can increase their volume to overcome the sound of 14 generators.

    * People will get into a line that has already formed without having any idea

    what the line is for.

    * When required, a Chrysler 300M will float--doesn't steer well, but

    floats just the same.

    * Some things do keep the mailman from his appointed rounds.

    * Tele-marketers function no matter what the weather is doing.

    * Cell phones work when land lines are down, but only as long as the battery

    remains charged.

    * 27 of your neighbors are fed from a different transformer than you, and

    they are quick to point that out!

    * Laundry hampers were not made to contain such a volume.

    * If I had a store that sold only ice, chainsaws, gas, and generators...I'd be rich.

    * The price of a bag of ice rises 200% after a hurricane.

    * Your water front property can quickly become someone else's fishing hole.

    * Tree service companies are under appreciated.

    * I learned what happens when you make fun of another state's blackout.

    * MATH 101: 30 days in month, minus 6 days without power equals 30% higher

    electric bill ?????

    * Drywall is a compound word, take away the "dry" part and it's worthless.

    * I can walk a lot farther than I thought.
  3. sunset05

    sunset05 New Member

    LOL FMgurl43 and it does sound true. I don't know about the cell phone one, though. When I was in traffic for an hour and a half on Friday, I kept trying to call people on my cell phone but it wouldn't work. Great....there I was
    in an emergency situation, and my cell phone didn't work. I heard other cell phones weren't working either.
  4. FMgurl43

    FMgurl43 New Member

    lol... when charley hit here my cell phone was down i have a nextel which we never get the best signal anywhere really but.. it was kinda funny cause the phone worked the whole time though the hurricane but after it was over it didnt work till u got to certian places like when i was driving home that night it worked in 1 area 4 maybe 5 min and then quit then at my house it wouldnt work unless u were standing at the end of the driveway by the road it was a sight to see there was me and like 6 of my neighboors standing by the raod w/ cell phones in the air trying to get signal....
  5. sunset05

    sunset05 New Member

    That is funny. Such wonderful things...cell phones. I have a tracfone which is not the greatest but it was the best price we could find, and it actually works most of the time.

    I feel guilty that is off topic. I should say something about my kitties. Socks and Mittens are fine. The hurricane remnants didn't affect them in the least. They're afraid of loud thunder but there was none with this past torrential downpour.

    I do worry about pets and wildlife in disasters like this. I always think about them and hope that animals are okay.
  6. FMgurl43

    FMgurl43 New Member

    i know when i even hear that a hurricane might be headingmy way i make plans 4 my fur babies to go wherever i go they will not leavemy sight... but hurricane charley left alot of animals in lee county w/o homes animal services picked up sooooo many animals and still half of them have not gotten back to their owners and soem have been adobted out to different owners... but charley has made everyone around here be a lil more prepared like when we thought the last 2 were gonna hit us most ppl made plans 4 their aniamls to stay at shelters or vets soooo thats a good thing....i do have to mention though i went walking on the beaches aftre charley (i go to the beaches at least 3x a week) and there were soo many poop racoons and arimadillos etc.. dead along the beach it was sooo sad...
  7. sunset05

    sunset05 New Member

    That is so sad about the animals on the beaches.

    On the news here they did give a number for people to call if they were missing their pets because many pets were found and brought to a specific location.

    So many houses were flooded and much of their belongings are now sitting on the curb in front of their houses to be disposed of. Very sad to see. If any of their pets were in the basement and unable to escape...that is too sad to think of...so why am I thinking about it. I hope there were no animals trapped in basements.

    There was a line of people waiting in front of a fire station yesterday...I guess to recieve some kind of help or maybe to get tetanus shots and that was very sad to see. Everyone in surrounding communities are trying to help the victims of the flood. It is amazing how people come together in emergency situations.
  8. Aussie Ang

    Aussie Ang New Member

    Feel sorry for all the people over there suffering the hurricanes but I have been worrying about the pets left behind. Great to hear that you're looking after yours! But, there must be heaps of strays or pets left to fight the storm on their own and I really worry about them. You never hear any mention of them on the news.
    By the way Sunset05, your cat is the image of my Fluffbum! :p
  9. sunset05

    sunset05 New Member

    Hi Aussie. Welcome to the forum. My Socks is a very sweet cat. She is a female. Is your cat male or female. Maybe you can post a picture of Fluffbum. Would love to see it. :p
  10. Aussie Ang

    Aussie Ang New Member

    :m4: It costs something to put the picture on there, doesn't it? Fluffbum is a boy and proud of it! Because he is so beautiful, we did think he was a girl first of all, until the vet told us otherwise. No wonder he seemed slightly sulky when we first had him - he didn't like being called a girl one bit! He's getting on a bit, probably about 9/10 years old but still gorgeous. He's got lots of changes ahead - we're moving him from the UK to New Zealand in a couple of months. the poor boy will be stuck in the aeroplane cargo for 24 hours.
  11. vene

    vene New Member

    :m23: and welcome Aussie Ang. Here are a couple of free sites. Photoisland is suspending enrollments currently and with Photobucket, you can only get in at certain times but well worth the wait.

    From EternalFlames's post:
    Posting images is simple. Just get a photohosting account with a place such as photobucket.com

    Upload your picture. At the mentioned site, it gived u 3 formats for the picture. 3 codes. u want the code with the at the front. Just copy and paste the whole code into your thread window.

    Simple as that Smile Good luck and cant wait to see the pictures!

    From Chessmind's old post:

    Go to [url=http://www.photoisland.com]www.photoisland.com[/url]

    Choose the sign-up free and fill out the membership form. Go to Upload Pictures and use the BROWSE button to browse to where you have the pictures saved on your computer. Choose UPLOAD. On the left side of the screen choose MY ALBUM LIST: Personal (or whatever you named your album) This will display your pictures. Click on one. Now on the left choose LINK FOR AUCTION. Copy the URL FOR YOUR PHOTO.

    Now come back to Auspet. In your post click on "[img]"%20(it's%20located%20above%20where%20you%20type%20in%20your%20message,%20next%20to%20'List'%20and%20'URL.'%20It's%20one%20of%20the%20grey%20boxes%20on%20the%20upper%20right).%20Then%20paste%20the%20URL%20FOR%20YOUR%20PHOTO%20then%20click%20"" again (after your URL link). Good luck.

    For a free avatar, pic under your name read this thread:


    Or just pay Auspet $9.99 through Paypal and they'd host the avatar for you. Good luck and have fun. Can't wait to see all your pics!

    For a free banner, just PM EternalFlame. She did mine and a whole host of others. Send her your pics! :p
  12. Aussie Ang

    Aussie Ang New Member

    :mrgreen: Thanks Vene! I've gone into Photobucket and am just waiting for the link to appear in my inbox. Then I'll go ahead & load some piccies of Mr Fluffbum.
    He's lying upside down in his box at the moment looking very content and cosy.
    What time is it over there? Here it's 8:45pm.
  13. sunset05

    sunset05 New Member

    That's funny about thinking your kitty was a girl at first. We thought Socks was a boy at first. We got her and her sister Mittens at the same time. We thought Mittens looked like a girl and Socks looked like a boy. The Vet told us different. They were both girls.

    Your poor kitty is going to be transported in an airplane. Poor thing. I hope he will be okay. I'm sure he will.

    Leftovers of Hurricane Ivan has circled around and is now supposed to hit Texas. Crazy storm! :m3:
  14. Aussie Ang

    Aussie Ang New Member

    Oh poo! I'll be praying for all those people and stray animals in Texas.
  15. Aussie Ang

    Aussie Ang New Member

  16. sunset05

    sunset05 New Member

    I went to the website you posted and your kitty does look alot like Socks. Very pretty cat.

    You could go to catster.com and put your kitty pictures on there. It is a great place to go to see kitties. A lot of people on this board have their kitties posted on there. There is a lot of fun information about them, too. :p
  17. FMgurl43

    FMgurl43 New Member

    ](*,) :m14: :m13: :m36: :m35: here comes jeane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!im getting sick of this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. vene

    vene New Member

    FMgurl43 *hugs*. I'm so sorry. I feel for you! :cry:

    Aussie Ang, I can't see your Fluffbum! :( :m13: BTW, you are 6 hours ahead of us in NY. It would've been 2:45PM back then.
  19. FMgurl43

    FMgurl43 New Member

    thankx... its 10:00 pm right now here in florida!! i know im a few hours late from that last post...lol vene: i just seen u live in N.Y. i just picked up 3 books from the library of sept. 11 i just cant get over that.... whats it look like there now?
  20. vene

    vene New Member

    FMgurl43, I have no idea. I live in Buffalo, but my brother and parents live in NYC. Here's my old post on 9/11:

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