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Discussion in 'Cats - all breeds / types' started by sphynxluver, Sep 2, 2004.

  1. FMgurl43

    FMgurl43 New Member

    just after my post about jeane i checked the rest of my e-mail and thsi was in there

    911- Urgent Pets & Animals Donation Request:
    Hurricane Jeanne appears on track to hit Florida's east coast.

    Donations are urgently and desperately needed to help Pets & Animals in Distress
    be better prepared with our ongoing hurricane relief efforts to help animals in
    need, and now that it looks like Hurricane Jeanne will strike and hit the east coast
    of Florida by this weekend, which would make it the fourth major storm to hit Florida
    in less than two months.

    WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Hurricane Jeanne trekked westward Friday on a path that
    could lead to Florida's east coast by Sunday, setting off another round of storm
    preparations in a state still reeling from three earlier strikes.The fears of more
    flooding, devastation and power outages sent many people scurrying to local grocery
    and hardware stores, stocking up on food, water and supplies that quickly ran low
    before the last storms. State and federal officials geared up for another disaster
    response to prepare for evacuations.Jeanne could slam into Florida just over a week
    after Hurricane Ivan thrashed the Panhandle Sept. 16. Ivan and the two previous
    storms, Charley and Frances, caused billions of dollars of damage and were blamed
    for at least 70 deaths in the state.Palm Beach, St. Lucie and Martin counties -
    places hit hard by Frances - issued voluntary evacuations for residents on barrier
    islands, low-lying areas and mobile homes Friday, with mandatory evacuations to
    be issued Saturday morning. That would affect more than 350,000 people in the three
    counties. National Hurricane Center Tracking Update: http://en.groundspring.org/EmailNow/pub ... 96&u=75207

    Pets & Animals in Distress is urgently asking our PAW members and supporters
    again for small or large donations that are urgently needed to help in our ongoing
    efforts to provide pet food assistance to animal shelters, organizations and communities
    affected from past several hurricanes disasters that have decimated Florida and
    Alabama recently, and now that hurricane Jeanne steadily approaches our way to hit
    the east coast of Florida by this weekend, that will have hit us twice in less than
    3 weeks.

    In order for Pets & Animals in Distress to be better mentally, emotionally and
    financially prepared to help assist in the care to feed animals left homeless by
    these Hurricanes, we are asking everyone again to take the time to help us again
    in this urgent time of need to ensure our pet relief efforts that hungry, injured
    and lost animals are cared for and to help people and their pets affected by these
    hurricanes by making a donation.

    Pets & Animals in Distress has been coordinating to organize more pet food relief
    assistance with the help from Pet Friendly corporations like Meow Mix Company &
    Petsupermarket Corporation to provide pet food relief aid to our organizations
    hurricane relief efforts to get pet food to organizations, shelters and communities
    in need who were affected by past hurricanes or are now in harms way of hurricane

    When tragedy strikes, animals are often the ones that are forgotten and Pets &
    Animals wants to ensure that this doesn't happen to our four-legged friends from
    Hurricane Jeanne and the other deadly hurricanes that has caused incredible suffering
    and devastation over the last 6 weeks.

    Pets & Animals in Distress is supported entirely by donations, and we are a
    volunteer-run organization. Our hurricane relief work is solely funded entirely
    by donations from the generous hearts of animal lovers like you. Your tax-deductible
    gift will be used exclusively for our disaster animal relief work to go to help
    Pets & Animals in Distress. If you'd like to help support Pets & Animals
    in Distress, please make a donation of any amount to help us continue our relief
    work, or for $10 recurring donation a month, you can become a PAW member supporter.

    Please go to our secure on-line donation page on the following page:
    http://en.groundspring.org/EmailNow/pub ... 96&u=75208

    Or send your donation by mail to:
    Pets & Animals in Distress
    C/O Hurricane Disaster Relief Fund
    1511 East Commercial Blvd - PMB #129
    Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33334
    United States

    We will keep you updated of our ongoing progress. Please be patient as we are a
    all volunteer organization working our best to answer your e-mails and phone calls
    as soon as possible in this unfortunate Hurricane crisis.


    Brenda Beck, President
    http://en.groundspring.org/EmailNow/pub ... 96&u=75209

    P.S. "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the
    way its animals are treated." Mahatma Gandhi - India.

    1511 east Commercial Blvd
    PMB #129
    Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33334
    United States
  2. vene

    vene New Member

    Where's Fort Lauderdale in relation to the east coast of Florida. Will donations get there on time for the relief or will there be other priorities?
  3. FMgurl43

    FMgurl43 New Member

    its above miami its like a 3 hour drive if that from my house which is on the west coast it is almost straight acoss from me...

    that story was so sad....
  4. vene

    vene New Member

    Thanks FMgurl43. I hope the donations actually go toward the needy animals unlike what happened with the Red Cross mess up of the 9/11 fund.

    There were some lucky stories as well. My mom's friends are businessowners on the first tower for 10 years. They decided suddenly to not renew their contract 1 month prior to the 9/11 incident. Their lives were spared. Our neighbor's son-in-law works in a firm there as well and decided not to work that day. My parents' friends' daughter gave birth to a baby in the city without any help. They are all doing well. My heart just aches thinking about these natural and unatural disasters. Be safe everyone!

    FMgurl43, here are some pics of Ground Zero:


  5. FMgurl43

    FMgurl43 New Member

    i know i feel so bad 4 all those ppl who died had to go though that and seen what happened and the familys of those who lost their lives... i remeber that day like yesterday i was sitting in the dentist chair that morning and the dentist came in and thenhe turned on all the radios inthe office.. needless to say he didnt do any work that day that was the worst filling i ever had!!!! then on the drive home there was so much traffic comming from downtown ft myers everyone that worked 4 the county was comming home ppl going to pick up there kids etc....and then i got home and just started at the t.v. all day and night in total shock and i rember talking to my sons father who thought he might be getting drafted out!!!it was horrible....and now reading all the stories from other ppl i just cant put the books down and cant quit reading bout it....its so weird how ppl were late 4 work that day and it saved their lives and to here what u just wrote... but i think the worst of all the images ive seen is the pix of the ppl jumping outta the towers.. just to think what was going though their minds total terror and fear...i could go on 4ever.... but the best book i have read yet is called: America's Heroes....its not really a book that u read its mostly pix...my 2 unles r cops here and they were good freinds w/ cee cee lyles husband the woman that died in penn. she was a flight attendent on that flight that made a call to her husband b4 the plane crashed and told him there were ppl fighting back at the terrorist...

    thats great that u made a donation towards the animals... its true alot of ppl over here after that storms dont relize about the aniamls since they r in total shock of the devistation.. but then there r ppl who thats the first thing they think of u know? i know me if i had to leave my animals behind 4 any reason (which i would refuse and wouldnt go w/o plenty of punches etc..) i would be anxious to get back to get to my babies... to me its just like if u had to leave ur child behind but then there r some ppl who have no other choice when it comes to leaving their furbabies behind....
  6. vene

    vene New Member

    No, I made donations to the 9/11 red cross fund, am thinking about donating to the animals. Our furbabies are our children and we look to them the best we can and sometimes it's not enough. We need outside help.

    I like Puttin510's line:
    and Dukesdad's:
    LOL's. It just might work! Use the same chant for Jeanne and any other incoming hurricanes! :mrgreen:
  7. sunset05

    sunset05 New Member

    These Hurricans are really something this year. I hope your are okay down there FMgurl43. We're still recovering from Hurricane Ivan here. It is still the top story on our local news. They mentioned abandoned animas a week ago and where they would be so people could come and claim them, but I haven't heard anything since about it. It's great that they are taking a collection for animals in your area.

    That must have been devastating for your brother to be so close to the 9/11 tragedy, vene. I can't imagine it. It was traumatic for people I know here and we're in PA. Your brother seems to have the right attitude about life. It is a good way to be. I think that tragedy changed us forever. The world is a different place now.

    Also, vene- I couldn't bring up Aussie Ang's picture by clicking on the web address either. I highlighted it, copied it and pasted it up in the address space at the top of the page. That worked for me.
  8. vene

    vene New Member

    How true!

    Thanks for your tip Sunset05! I found Fluffbum, looks just like your avatar! Could be twins. LOL's!
  9. Aussie Ang

    Aussie Ang New Member

    Sunset05 & Vene: I've added some piccies of Fluffbum on www.photobucket.com. If you go into the search screen and type in keyword of fluffbum it will appear. The other little puddin' in the pictures is our other cat, Floxy, who we lost about a year ago. She was the sweetest little cat of all time and we really miss her. Followed Fluffbum everywhere. :cry:
  10. vene

    vene New Member

    Aussie Ang, don't forget to enter your babies in the photo contest. You have until the 26th! Fluffbum looks like Socks and Puddin looks like a fluffier version of my late Vene! :p
  11. sunset05

    sunset05 New Member

    What cute pictures of Fluffbum and Floxy. I'm sorry of your loss of Floxy. We've lost kitties before, too, and it is sad. They are part of your family.

    I see a little difference between Fluffbum and Socks in that it looks like Fluffbum has some brown in his fir. Pretty. Socks is only black and white.
  12. FMgurl43

    FMgurl43 New Member

    well its 9:30 pm here and we r startuing to feel jeane winds r getting strong but still no rain yet its rained a lil bit today but none tonight...the worst is supposed to be around 12am sooo...out pool has white tips on it so i would say the winds strong enough. i hate it my next door neighboors have this female cat (i think thats how we got sassy teddy and garfeild) the is not spayed and runs outside they refuse to let her in shes always having litter of kittens but they always end up dying b/c she cant produce enough milk (lucky we found sassy teddy and gar wasnt so lucky 4 the other black kitten in their litter that died when the ppl from the county cleaned out the ditches that one drowned) anyways i just went outside to pick up any stuff that might fly off and she was siting at their back door meowing like crazy scratching at the door they opened it up and threw a can of half opened cat food out and shut the door... she just sat there crying... i tried to call her over and fish her over w/ some food so i can put her in my garage till aftr the storm but she ran off (shes terrifeied of ppl except her female owner the male hates cats)i tried 2 othe times to get her and it didnt work she outsmarted me....b4 the hurricane animal services was out here and wrote them tickets 4 her running lose and getting into ppls garbage and not being spayed or shots etc.. but since then theyhave had to deal w/ stray animals from charley sooo....i feel so bad 4 this poor cat i dont know how bad its gonna get here and i dont wanna see her hurt.. i wasnt home 4 charley so i dontknow if she was lose then or not i hope not but....im gonna kepp trying to get her so she can be safe during the storm hopefully ill get her...fingers crossed...i have treid a cat trap but we have caught her in it b4 and then let her out cause we felt bad and the ppl swore they were gonna start taking care of her but... needless to say shes to smart 4 it anymore she wont go near it.... :cry:
  13. vene

    vene New Member

    Good luck trying to catch her. But remember, your safety comes first. You have your family to take care of too.
  14. FMgurl43

    FMgurl43 New Member

    well me and my other neighboor chased her into their laundry room and shut the door but she ripped the screen outta the window and got out and ran off into the woods behind the house....im not trying anymore the winds here right now r bout 35mph i think they said on the news and im not going out there... they r now saying the storm is going more west instead of northwest so that means its comming my way!!!! my sister in law monther in law etc.. all live in clewiston which is getting it bad right now its definatly scary.... im more scared of the darn tornadoes though....i keep seeing my sons grandfather come across the tv in glades county hes in emergency manegment there talking bout flooding and its making me sick to my stomach not only to hearabout the flooding but b/c that man dont have anything to do w/ his family and to see his face on tv.... :m3: but anyways all my animals r all in my room w/ me right now looking at the carriers like ok mom plezz tell me we r not going in those things again.... they hate having to be locked in here but im not taking any chances of losing my babies.... i cant get to 3 of my cat carriers so i have a big dog crate that will fit 3 cats but im gonna put 2 in and then i have 2 more cat carriers 4 my other 2 so it will be sassy and garfeild together in the dog crate and chyanne in one carrier and simba in another my dog can be on a leash or held and my birds are all in one cage w/ a divider to seperate my lovebirds from my cockatiel... so im ready to go if i gotta!!!!!! cause the worst has yet to come.....
  15. sunset05

    sunset05 New Member

    Oh boy what a mess. Sounds like you are going through a lot down there FMgurl43. My prayers are with you. I hope you, your family and your pets are safe.

    The news said Florida is breaking records this year for hurricanes and it isn't over yet. Hurricane Jeanne should probably miss us. They're guessing it is going to more east and miss western PA this time. We'll see what happens.

    That was very kind of you to try to help the kitty next door. I guess ferral kitties don't understand and are used to fending for themselves. I hope the kitty will be okay. I agree with vene, though, you and your family come first. Be careful. Take care.
  16. FMgurl43

    FMgurl43 New Member

    well it didnt get to bad over here.. havent seen any tress down in my area but 30 min east heading towards clewiston etc... alot of trees down roofs off etc... so we got lucky but the caloosahatchee is pretty flooded its really high and we live 4 streets away from it we dont need anymore rain....its still real windy here and raining on and off but we never even lost power and i have heard that almost 2 million ppl in florida have lost their power.. we got lucky.... we kept power all night and all day it flickered once this morinig and i thought it was gonna go out butcame right back on we kept cable everything except out phone lines went down bout 2pm till now which its 4:30pm...even the cell phones held up....which was amazing....

    i seen the cat next door thsi moring she was under our airboat taking shelter... i went indide to get some dry and canned wet cat food to feed her knowing she was proabbly scared and hungry and she came up to the food sniffed it and picked up the can of cat food in her mouth and ran off w/ it then a few min later i seen her out there eating the dry food...sooo shes ok but did i mention pregnate????? here we go again more kittens that will probably die b4 they get to 5 weeks old again...shes a beautifull calico that makes the prettiest lil babies to what a shame...i wish the ppl would at least get her fixed or take in the kittens after she has them...its hard to think thats where sassy and garfield came from they act noting like her lol probably b/c they r spolied lil brats.... and did i mention they hate her they try and fight w/ her if she comes in our backyard by our pourch where they hang out....

    today i let chyanne garfeild and sassy on the back pourch to get some fresh air and sassy dodged 4 the door as soon as she heard it getting unlocked they all go out and here comes a big gush of wind and they all ran w/ their fur all fluffed out to the door and started crying...needless to say they didnt wanna go out anymore....simba has just been lazy he was up all last night trying to figure out what was going on so his lazy butt is sleeping all day today....everyone just sits at the windows and watches whats going on and as soon as a wind gushcomes though they stand up w/ fur all fluffed up its sooo funny like they r gonna fight the wind or something.. sassy and her "im so bad" attitude likes to hiss at the wind when it comes and it houls though the windows... its to cute... i wish i had my software 4 my camera i woul take pix of them all trying tobeat up the wind....reminds me of those balck cat pix in lil kids books 4 holoween except they arent black...lol they try to act so tough and are nothing but big spoiled babies....
  17. Aussie Ang

    Aussie Ang New Member

    FMgurl43 - Take care of yourselves! I'll be praying for you and your babies. I've just been reading your message out to my husband about the stray nextdoor. I can't believe those irresponsible people been allowed to keep that cat! :| I hope she's OK. We fuss over our cat if there is just a bit of rain, never mind that sort of weather!
    It sounds very scary. I've never been through anything like that. You must be pretty busy there. Do you have a safe room or something to go into if it gets bad?
    Hope you're all OK.
  18. Aussie Ang

    Aussie Ang New Member

    Oops missed your latest update. Relieved to hear that you're all OK!! :eek:
  19. EternalFlame

    EternalFlame New Member

    To all those victems of the hurricanes of Florida.

    i just watched a program- "Eye Of The Hurricane" and saw all the damage that three caused- and i'm pretty sure Ivan had gone back to hit them again and was not in this show..

    but even still...

    from the bottom of my heart, i am so sorry for all the damage and destruction those storms have caused.

    i pray all the victems families and friends are safe- and that they are able to salavage what they can- and wish them luck in rebuilding.


    ~ cora
  20. FMgurl43

    FMgurl43 New Member

    thankx....normally if we know its gonna be bad here or even if we dont like w/ charley we didnt know it was gonna hit us tillthe last min but they told us an hour b4 to get out if we have to and there r shelters to go to if its really bad but i refuse to go there b/c u cant take animals which alot of ppl r now trying to make it to where u can as long as they r in a cage but who knows how long it will take if it even passes... but me i will go to animal services like i did w/ charley (my sis in law works there) their building is told to be built to hold up at least 150mph winds and i can take my animals to...and did i mention is not a flood prone area....but if we do stay at home like last night and it gets bad the best place to hide out is anywhere where they r not any windows like 4 us it would be our hallway or i have a walk in closet or even not those then the bathroom just like when a tornado comes... charley came and i was talking to my dad on our nextel radios the whole time and he said man it sounds like a train and held the phone out in the air and u could hear a load roar and he said i think i see a tornado ill call u back and when i got home he had a matress in the bathtub just incase he had to get in there...luckily he didnt and it didnt do any damage to our house... jeane that just hit us tore our shed down well the siding and half the roof and that stood up charley which was worse but our shed is old maybe like 30 years...and its all rusted etc.. andour pool is green u cant even see the bottem and yesterday during the day is was clear..and this time a few shingles onthe roof r not gone but blown up in the direction of the wind.. that to was supposed to be replaced b4 charley hit cause its bout maybe 33 years old.. but my neighbors house had a new roof put on maybe 6 months ago and during charley she didnt have any shingles missing and now theres maybe 50 thatr gone in the front... its weird... i got e-mailed this and thought it was cute...

    Top 10 Reasons Hurricane Season Is Alot Like Christmas:

    10.Decorating the house (boarding up windows)

    9.Dragging out boxes that havent been used since last season (camping gear, flashlights)

    8.Last minute shopping in crowded stores

    7.Regular T.V. shows pre-empted for "specials"

    6.Family comming to stay with you

    5.Family and freinds from out of state calling

    4.Buying food you dont noramally buy...and large quantities

    3.Days off work


    And the number one reason hurricane season is like christmas:

    At some point you know your going to have a tree in your house!!

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