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Not eating

Discussion in 'Dogs - small breeds (toy) specific' started by MonsterBailey, Mar 22, 2004.

  1. MonsterBailey

    MonsterBailey New Member

    Thanks for checking malti..hehe... :p .. Bailey is doing much better!! WOOHOOO!! :eek: (AND WORRIED MOM is better too....hehe). He seems to be back to his normal self! He ate two meals yesterday and two today. ((oink)) I have him on 1/2 his puppy and 1/2 adult food right now so that seems to be working. He didn't have any problems with the adult food either -- thank God! I still think it has to do with the food being for sens. tummies... cuz he's always had sort of a sensitive tummy (he was a throwin' up fool when he was a little fella!) (did you really want to know that?) :lol:

    I think that is exactly what was happening with Bailey too! ](*,) Dogs are interesting little creatures, aren't they? They certainly have us wrapped around their little paws!

    He is extremely active... three walks a day (and one is very long) and actually still was pretty active during the week or so that he wasn't eating (so I knew he was feeling well). I think it was just one of those things to freak and worry the humans.... DOGS! gotta love 'em ](*,)

    Anyhow, all is well for the moment..... thanks again to EVERYONE for your advice and concern. ((KISS KISS)) HEY! We need a kissing emoticon... hehe

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