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Ohhh...The poor Christmas tree...

Discussion in 'Cats - all breeds / types' started by fridaylove, Nov 25, 2004.

  1. Breezay

    Breezay New Member

    aww! your babies are all so cute! Ollie reminds me of Dust when he was a baby, excited by everything! lol :mrgreen:
    dust has been good this year (so far) had to tell him off a couple of times because he was getting a little too into the tree (literally!!) will hopefully be able to get some pics to post soon :D
    love breez.x.
  2. Cassie

    Cassie New Member

    I let Booger have one ornament off the xmas tree in hopes that she'll leave the rest alone (riiggghhhtttt).

  3. Bente

    Bente New Member

    lol :lol: Great pics cassie!
  4. vene

    vene New Member

    Wow, Booger actually forgo her favorite green mouse toy! Lol's! She's so beautiful! I love her pics! :kiss_heart: :m10:
  5. i_love_my_ollie

    i_love_my_ollie New Member

    lol!!great pics of Booger! shes a real cutie :m10:
  6. Bente

    Bente New Member

    I started wrapping in cristmas presents last night, and Kyrre went CRAZY :shock:
    I really, really wonder how he will react to the tree... I feel pretty certain that he will try to be the star on the top! And I won't be suprised if he manage to unwrap all the presents under the tree...
  7. Cassie

    Cassie New Member

    OH Bente, I have to keep Booger locked out of the room when I wrap. She especially loves mylar paper. I even gave her her own piece of it but of course, she just wants it if *I* want it LOL
  8. Cassie

    Cassie New Member

    Ok...I've been battling with Booger over the tree for about two weeks now. I'm losing. The water bottle works on breaking her from everything else EXCEPT THIS STUPID TREE!. She tries to behave when I'm awake and watching but you can see that she's just drawn to it. This is a perfect example:

  9. Cassie

    Cassie New Member

    LOL Vene! She still plays with her green fuzzy several times a day. It's so funny. But she's just enthralled with the tree that I can't keep her out of it. Luckily, no damage so far.

    Hubby's sister just left and dropped of more gifts (we're hosting family xmas this year) and it's getting quite crowded under the tree. But it just seems to intrigue her more LOL
  10. vene

    vene New Member

    Oh Cassie, what a beautiful pic of Booger and the lighted Christmas tree with presents! :y_the_best: It's a definte postcard or calendar quality! Her markings are gorgoeus! :mrgreen:
  11. fridaylove

    fridaylove New Member

    Cassie what a great picture!!!

    I have some pictures of Hunter in the tree...I hate that I have such a hard time posting pictures in the board.

    My goal for the time I have off during Christmas is figure it out.

    Hunter has laid off of my tree a bit...but he's still getting into it. The squirt bottle works really well though. Unless Hunter is in a particularly defiant mood...and then he just looks at me like "Duh lady, I get in the shower with you....you think water bugs me????"
  12. Cassie

    Cassie New Member

    ROFL!! :m39:

    Fridaylove, what probs are you having posting pics? I'll help if I can.
  13. sunset05

    sunset05 New Member

    That is really a cute picture of your kitty looking at the tree. The tree looks very pretty, too. :)
  14. fridaylove

    fridaylove New Member

    Hopefully the pictures of my tree will come out...can you believe it's taken me a month to figure this out!!!

    That's Hunter in the tree
    Notice how sparten it looks at the bottom?? The tree started out perfectly semetrical with it's decorations!

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