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Over vaccinated Corgi help

Discussion in 'Dogs - small breeds (toy) specific' started by SleepyDarren, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. SleepyDarren

    SleepyDarren New Member

    I need some info here thursday I took my corgi to the vet to get his shots he got Corona,Parvo and dewormer and now hes real sick dehidrated and hasn't eaten in a day or to now hes at the vet. They ran tests and couldn't find anything I called the breeder I got it from and she said having all 3 of those vaccinations are to much for his system. Then I called the vet and complained and told him what the breeder said and he told me he doesn't follow the advice of a breeder she has no certificate. Then told me to go research what vets don't give all those vaccinations at once. :?
  2. njeans

    njeans New Member

    corgishots at the vets

    i dont know why your dog is sick i have 2 shih poo puppies 4 months old they had their shots every 3 weeks x 3 i think the last one was rabies and something else but they were never sick on any of them hope your puip gets better soon.but i tell you i would believe the vet

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