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parvo questions... ... ...

Discussion in 'Dogs - Pit bull breeds specific' started by rowdiebrindlepit, Jan 18, 2006.

  1. rowdiebrindlepit

    rowdiebrindlepit New Member

    i am noving to a house in the country and i was thinking if getting a few chickens but i herd that chicken crap is a main carrier of parvo and if it will even raise the chance of it i am not gonna get them.
  2. no, no, no...Get those chickens...

    No, chicken poo is not that carrier...
    Umm, OLD old dogs can get it and carry it
    Forever...And if one does have it and
    They live with you and all that...You can keep
    It in your yard for about 2-3 years...
    Only thing that kills it is bleach...BUT-
    You can't go and bleach your yard...lol.
    But...It wouldnt matter it if get chickens
    Or not...-To me, living in the country
    Gives your animal a better chance of getting it....
    Even if they get their parvo shot...They can STILL
    Get it...Unlikly...BUT they still can....
    Mainly very young dogs...Get it and...
    Most die...If they are REALLY little like...
    Chahuahuas...That type...BUT...
    Get chickens...lol.
    They are no worse than pigs or cows...
    But if you was to see your dog loosing
    Interest in stuff then not eating then
    Puking....ETC.....Get the little one CHECKED
    OUT!!!....Don't do what i did...
    I waited...Money issues....
    And she died...From parvo.......
    I thought pigs was the reason------
    I live beside a pig farm...SOOOO
    I was going to go and shoot all of the pigs...lol
    But the lady told me that the pigs wasnt the reason
    Of her getting parvo...It was my older dog....
    MAN, i was mad...But i couldnt do nothing about it....
    lol...Sorry...-----So long.
    Get you some chickens...lol

    Take Care.
  3. robbie

    robbie New Member

    I actually did bleach my whole yard and all kennels once.
  4. robbie

    robbie New Member

    i actually bleach my kennels alot just the yard once thought i would clarify. and i bleached my "kennel shoes and evrything else that might have come in contact with my dogs.
  5. Shineillusion

    Shineillusion New Member

    Your dog is not in danger of getting parvo from chickens. On the other hand, if there are coyotes in the area, chickens can attract coyotes, and coyotes can be carrying parvo, as well as distemper and parasites that could infect your dog. Vaccinations and regular fecal exams are a must.

    Parvo virus is stable in the outside environment for 5-7 months, maybe longer if the ground freezes. Freezing protects the virus, and you can't even kill it with bleach or disinfectants if it's frozen.

    Bleach water has to be fairly exact, a 1 part bleach, 30 parts water solution to kill parvo. More bleach is not better, and bleach is not the only thing that will kill it. Parvo can also be killed with kennel disinfectants like Roccal or Parvolan. These disinfectants, while more expensive, may be better for disinfecting yards and surfaces like carpets that you cannot bleach without affecting the color adversely. You can also simply flood the yard with water several times, to reduce the particle load in the soil. This will, in turn, reduce the chances that a puppy will contact the disease.

    Parvo is generally a disease of puppies, not adult dogs. Old dogs with compromised immune systems can also become infected, however. Vaccinations are your best defense, and a titer test can tell you if your puppies immune system responded to the vaccine.

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