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PETA Kills Animals.... Employee's Arrested

Discussion in 'General Topics & Support Issues' started by Blueribbon, Jun 18, 2005.

  1. DeLaUK

    DeLaUK New Member

    :lol: and there goes the serious part of the debate again.

    5 foot 4 and a bit and 125# soaking wet, hardly fat. :wink:

    With everything I posted in my last post, what exactly is it that makes you think ignorance plays a part in it, its not just about eating meat and not wearing fur, its in every aspect of daily life.
    As for the 'sore spot', its that old hypocricy thing again, people going on about whats right or wrong, proclaiming that their way is the right way....until it comes to something like the health and welfare or life of themselves or a loved one (whether thats animal or human) and then their 'beliefs', everything theyve preached to others about in how wrong they are, how uneducated or ignorant they are fly right out of the window.

    You cant preach to others about how wrong it is to eat meat while at the same time your feeding your own dogs food with animal products in it, well you can, obviously but it renders your arguement hypocritical (theres that word again).....do the animals used in pet food go through some special treatment that animals for human consumption do not go through? even if its not in the food its in the packaging, if its not in the packaging in its in the means to get the food from a to b, there may well have been thousands of dogs and cats that have been used in testing to see what the effects of the food will do to the body...unless of course you have them on a veggie diet or you hunt and kill their food or train them to catch their own dinner.
  2. kc5gvn

    kc5gvn New Member

    ROFLOL!!!!!!!! I'm 5 foot 11 inches and weigh 158 lbs. The low end of ideal weight for my height, and do not have a problem trying to keep my weight down as some vegans we know.
    To say that soy protein is the same as meat protein is totally incorrect. It is the same as saying that all amino acids are the same, all vitamins are the same, all peptide chains are the same, etc. To make those kind of statements you would either have to be void of any basic knowledge of biology or just choose to ignore that knowledge (the delusional area).
    I'm about through with this thread since I feel that it is actually giving too much credence to an organization that doesn't deserve even a first thought, considering that they do not do ANYTHING with regard to what they claim to be about. It's just another money grubbing SCAM.

    Everyone, have a good day.
  3. elizavixen

    elizavixen New Member

    :D Dogs are carnivores. Humans are not. Dogs need meat products. Humans do not. Humans and dogs are not the same. We have different nutritional requirements. It is not about hypocricy, it is about what is practical. Like I said before, I am as vegan as possible, but there are certain things that make that type of lifestyle impossible in this society. I never said I was perfect so lets not put words in my mouth. or on my computer screen.

    I, however, at least Try. That is more than I can say for any of you. You give your $$ to some place and leave it at that. Unwilling to make minor life changes that would save hundreds/thousands of innocent lives. Why? Because you are greedy and selfish and hypocritical. That is the bottomline of it all. If you eat meat, you are all those things.

    The original post was about PETA members killing animals. Which is horrible. But you meat eaters are murderers as well. It may be culturally acceptable, but it is still murder. Those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

    kc5gvn - I never said soy protein and meat protein were the same thing. I would think that someone so versed in biology, chemistry, and apparently everything else, would know how to read.
  4. klorentz

    klorentz New Member

    Humans are Omnivors . That is a fact . If you choose to just eat fruits vegitables and grains only that is your choice .

    Pronunciation: äm-'niv-r&s, -'ni-v&-
    Function: adjective
    Etymology: Latin omnivorus, from omni- + -vorus -vorous
    1 : feeding on both animal and vegetable substances

    There are three groups I can think of right off that are so full of hypocrisy it is sickening .

    Government : pick one some are more full of it than others .

    The Media : pick one media group some are more full of it than others .

    PETA and the rest of the AR machine : There is no deviding it up . They are all full of it . Events that happened just a few months ago prove it . And Ingrid Newkirk can deny it all she wants . PETA is an extremist group and it has been proven time and again . They support domestic terror actions and that has also been proven .

    Not every farm or pet owner is a good one . Many of us have seen some very disgusting cases of animal abuse ether in person or on TV ( Animal Planet ) . I think most of us would like to see people put in the muddy poop filled dog runs , fields and stalls for a while after they treated their animals that way and see how they like it . elizavixen you make it sound like we are all horrid people here . If you think we are so bad why stick around ? Why not just hang out on vegan forums ? Again I am not against you or PETA because you are vegan . But calling us all animal abusers is going to far .
  5. DeLaUK

    DeLaUK New Member

    But you cant say its wrong for people to eat meat because of the suffering of livestock but then say its okay if that livestocks by products will feed domestic pets. pain and suffering is pain suffering whoever or whatever ends up eating it, wearing it or being medically treated with it.

    Im going to take a wild guess here and say that there is no-one in this debate, other than yourself that you know well enough to judge what any of us do or do not do. A little immature, self righteous arrogance on your part maybe.
  6. Blueribbon

    Blueribbon New Member

  7. DeLaUK

    DeLaUK New Member

    :lol: :lol: That was too funny.
    Obviously he wasnt shown enough graphic ghoulish pictures when he was child.
  8. elizavixen

    elizavixen New Member

    I don't think it is okay. I said it was the most practical thing I could do. When I became a vegan I looked into the vegetarian dog foods. After much research, I decided that these weren't healthy for my dogs. I would love to be able to allow my dogs wild game and let them hunt for themselves, etc. but that is not practical. And no, I'm not going to stand by my beliefs to the detriment of my dogs. If there was a healthy alternative, as there is for humans, I would put them on it, but alas, there isn't.

    This entire post was made b/c the original poster was judging the entire org of PETA b/c of what two members did. And everyone who posted, except me, got up on their high horses and cursed peta and said they are fools, liars, etc. My entire point was that you shouldn't judge the entire org based on the actions of two ppl. I said you should try to focus on the good of the org. So I really don't think the judgmental thing lies with me. I don't even know why I am arguing this. Immaturity, read the posts. Lots of name calling, and not on my part (some on my part yes, but def not all). Self-righteous, maybe I am a little concerning my veganism. But that is b/c it is something I feel very strongly about. But even then, I didn't initially bring it up, someone else did. I just replied. But again, read the other posts, from a neutral point of view and if you don't think they are self-righteous and arrogant, I don't even know what to say.

    klorentz - Yes humans are omnivores. Meaning they can survive just fine on non-meat products. That was my point.

    I don't think you are all horrid people. Quite the opposite. True, I greatly disagree with you who eat meat, but that is your choice. I just don't think you have any grounds to bash PETA. You can disagree with them, heck I disagree with lots of ppl. There is a difference between disagreeing and calling them fanatical fools, liars, etc.

    And there never was anything serious about this 'discussion'. And I'm not trying to debate anyone b/c that would assume I want converts. I am not about to waste my time on that endeavour. Not on this board.
  9. xgacktx

    xgacktx New Member

    let me start off by say'n i hope i don't offend any1.

    wow there are so0o many things one could say after reading this "discussion" if you can call it that. first off let me say it was wrong what those 2 PETA guys did and i agree w/ elizavixen, ppl shouldn't judge an entire company on what those 2 guys did.

    but i should also say sum of you ppl are really immature. it started out as a debate then ppl start'd gett'n piss'd off and insulting eachother. you need 2 respect eachother opinions.

    also i really have 2 refute the whole thing that if you become fat because of eating 2 much and what you eat. now i many not have a bunch of scientific research 2 back this up but this is how it is. i'm 5'1" and 90lbs and i eat the must unhealthy foods you could probably ever find and eat twice as much as a normal person but am in great shape (don't work out either cuz i'm 2 lazy! ^_^ aren't we all.) but i have a friend who's the same height (actually 5'2") and weighs over 400lbs. she eats any and every healthy food she can find and exercises every day. she's been like that since the 3rd grade but she's (always) been overweight. not a little over weight i mean twice and even 3x as much as is normal.

    also i have read various things and watch'd various programs on how being a vegatian CAN (didn't say is just said can) be bad 4 you. research has been done that says many vegatians CAN become underweight and HAVE 2 take suppliments 2 get the nutrients they are miss'n out on by not eating meat. plz don't get offend'd. this is just what i have read and such. not 2 mention i have 2 very close friends (known since the 3rd grade) who are vegatians.

    now about the PETA thing again all i have 2 say is if you don't like what they do then sue them or shut up. seriously. they do good things. unfortunatly they are a big corporation and EVERY corporation has some coruption in it. although i disagree w/ shov'n graphic pictures into a childs face i believe the options 2 see it should be there. i have seen countless numbers of graphic pictures of decapitated bodies in car crashes and poor abused animals since i was young. my parents would be look'n @ an e-mail some 1 sent them and i would ask 2 see it. they would tell me b4 hand what it was then show me. it's a wake up call. NOT psychological damage. though it CAN be if it is shoved in their face and aren't prepared 4 it.

    but yet again i have 2 agree w/ elizavixen, alot of you probably have never b4 now even known or cared about PETA. most of you probably are just jumping on the bandwagon and beat'n up on it. seriously you need 2 find something better 2 do w/ your time. you camplain about animals being abused. well just think of all the animals you COULD have helped while being @ a shelter instead of on here argueing w/ one another.

    sorry if i offend'd any1 but after read'n this i just felt i had 2 say some things.

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