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Pit Bull with GSDs

Discussion in 'Dogs - Pit bull breeds specific' started by LadyGodiva_gb, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. LadyGodiva_gb

    LadyGodiva_gb New Member

    Hi all,
    My fiance's Aunt's Pit Bulls accidently had puppies. Well we had been considering adding a female to our family for some time now. His aunt and uncle are offering to give us one of their pups. We have known the parents since they were puppies and they are both UKC registered as will be the litter. Both parents have the sweetest dispsition and will -literally- lick anyone who enters the gate to death. So I am wondering if the chances are good that the new pup- should we get her- will get along with our 2 male German Shepherds. We figure that a female should get along beter with them being of the opposite sex.

    If we choose to take her. She will be spayed ASAP. One of our boys is still intact, the other is not. If Godiva -already picked a name for her- comes home with us, we want for her to become an ambasador for the breed and of course will be trained and socialized as were our German Shepherds.

    Do you think they will get along?
  2. True_Pits

    True_Pits New Member

    I don't think anyone can provide you with a concrete answer as it depends on the girl.

    Pit Bulls have varying degree of dog aggression, some are super aggressive and others are not aggresive at all. Just because one may not be aggresive does not mean that might not change also.

    If you know they parents and they get along good, it is likely that the pups will take after them in temperament if properly raised and socialized, but this is not a 100% certainty. Some in the litter might be docile with other dogs and some may still turn out to be aggresive.

    You are correct if you get a female she will likely get along better with your males then another male would. What I do often find is that the females can be more bossy and pushy, but most males with take it from them. This goes in a lot of breeds, I know people with multi breeds and their female is usually higher then their male.

    Try to pick one that is not dominate with the other pups, one that doesn't have an attitude and you will likely increase your chances. Also with her being a puppy is a lot better, even if she does later have some aggression it is more likely that she will get along with her pack and but not strange dogs. Make sure your in control and your the boss and you set where everyone place is. My female listens to me because she knows I'm the boss, sometimes she thinks of starting something and all I have to do is tell her no to get her attention. Even when she smells a wild animal. Cows on the other hand is another thing, but oh well.
  3. Sara

    Sara New Member

    My only word of advice is what all bulldog owners live and swear by...especially pit bull owners who have owned multiple pits or dogs with their pits... NEVER trust a bulldog not to fight...so when not being supervised I would strongly advice that you not leave your pitty alone with the GSD's...otherwise everything True said tooo... LOTS of pits get along well with others especially with supervision. My male pit would LOVE to tear most anything apart...animalwise...he loves people. But he also knows his commands and we can easily keep him under control even when he's dying to get at something. With our other dogs he gets along with most all of them except dominant dogs and that's just because we haven't worked them together... But...as long as we're there he's very easy to control. He'll play but when we see that it's getting a little serious we call the play to a halt. Obedience is key with multiple dogs especially two strong breeds like the GSD and Pit.

  4. pitbullsmiles

    pitbullsmiles New Member

    Yes, they will, but always supervise their playing. Pit Bulls still have fighting instincts. Always seperate them when you're not around so you don't end up with bloody or dead dogs. My friend had a GSD and a Pittie that got along great. Best buddies :D

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