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Please help 28 days old puppies are dying off

Discussion in 'Dogs - Pit bull breeds specific' started by Aaron Anderson, Nov 29, 2017.

  1. Aaron Anderson

    Aaron Anderson New Member

    I rescued a dog, a few months back unknowingly pregnant, she did not show. I was told she was a puppy, a few months later she has puppies and 10 of them to be exact.
    She had all the puppies pretty well, When I was younger a dog of mine had puppies so I have seen it before. But I quickly found out not all dogs are the same. My Mamas would not eat ever since she gave birth to the 10 pups. I tried giving her some of her favorite snacks only for her to turn her head from me. She still would tend to the pups but I knew she was not eating to be able to feed them. I by the way have no money for a vet I am living pay check to pay check but could not let this dog be abused, or killed hence the reason I rescued her.
    I took her to the vet hoping for a Prayer, the vet told me it would cost me 600 and change of course I did not have that and she shortened her plan for mommas. She informed me she had a lot of fluid in her Virginal area. That came out, when she stuck her hand in. She did not feel more pups so she held off on the xray and prescribed her some Antibiotics. She also prescribe her something to increase her appetite. She was doing better shortly after that visit. She is still doing good but over the thanks giving vacation, I found a pup dead. It was cold so I thought maybe since Mamas is moving around a lot more and trying to follow me every where like normal that maybe it froze, sadly. My kids and I cried all night. The next morning I found another pup dead this time is was one of the more fatter ones and I automatically picked her up and came to the conclusion that maybe the area I had them in was not warm enough. Even though I have heaters very close by them to keep them warm. I moved them back to my room where my Mamas loves to hang out, in hopes that she would show them more attention without me having to force her to stay around the puppies, they in her defense are starting to play a lot more and bite on her ears.
    I also have been feeding them at least twice a day and only the ones that come to eat usually all of them. Except one or two who are sleep. Well while in my room days past since the last two died so I thought I was in the clear when I noticed one of the puppies throwing up what look to be milk. After the puppy had very little body motion meaning I lift up its head and it drops back down. The pup kept breathing really funny, I quickly check her air passage and seen nothing there. Her cries got louder when ever I rubbed her tummy, Mamas came over to lick her bottom area and lick the pup all over but nothing seem to help. I got the impression the puppy was trying to crawl away and die. I would not let it move away it was going so slowly I kept trying to massage her and she took her last breathe. I begin CPR and it did not help. I am a wreck right now. I have no money and I really do not want these puppies to just all die, and it is hard to diagnose whats wrong because they look well to me, and healthy. They love to eat, every time I am around they hear me and run to my feet to eat
    I really need help, I know I will probably be bashed for being broke and not having money to take care of my Dog but I try my best.

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