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Discussion in 'Dogs - Pit bull breeds specific' started by lottyntrike, Apr 12, 2004.

  1. lottyntrike

    lottyntrike New Member

    Ok heres the story. I didnt know who else to talk to or how to go about getting this dog some help. but the other day i was over at some peoples house. i would have not normally been at this house but a friend begged me to come, and in the end i kinda glad i did go. just to see the horrible things that went on.
    ok i dont know how to explain this so heres my best:
    I have a beagle. dont know much about rotts, pits or any other "fighting" dog. all i know is that if it is a "fighting dog" its only a fighting dog becasue of its owner (dont banded the breed band the owner!!).

    ok (sorry i ramble) so before i get there the pit is chained up. and from what i understand is that if the dog is chained he is aggersive and will attack. but once the owners let him off the chain then the dog is fine again. so here is what happen before i got there. two pits got into a fight (the owner owns both these pits) some guys were trying to pry them a part and couldnt get the dogs mouth open. (when i got there the dog had dried blood on its mouth! ) then the bigger pit later own bit a girl on the back of the leg. he was still chained up. the girl was bursed and bleeding. it was kinda deep. when i get there the own had just unchained him. usually i am kinda scared of these types of dogs. but he was soooo cute, he had such a big head. it was awsome, plus i am a dog nut. so knowing that this dog has just recently bit a girl and got in a fight with another dog i still sit down with it a pet it. the dogs in heaven. and i just wanted to take him home and spoil him for the rest of his life. my heart broke into a thousand pieces. THAT DOG SHOULDNT HAVE TO GO THROUGH THAT. once he bit the girl. these guys came up and starting kicking him and hitting him. HE WAS ON A CHAIN HE HAD NO WHERE TO GO. and if he is trained to bit when on a chain, is it the dogs fault for bitting? does he deserve to get hit repeatly?
    the owner is a younger guy who doesnt own the dog because a love for the breed. he owns it because its some kind of stupid statis symbol. you know.
    that dog was soooo sweet so sweet. i dont know what to do. is it right for a pit to act like that. or could that be how they act. i dont know like i said i own a beagle. and all she does is sleep! not very active!! but pits are a more active breed. so am i over reacting or is that dog in a bad stituation? and if so what are my option to get the pup some help?
    any advice would be good.
    thanks so much for listening to me ramble. i hope this makes sense!
  2. kyles101

    kyles101 New Member

    it definately sounds like they have trained it to do that. your not overreacting. but i dont know what to do to help it. it sucks when there arent any laws to protect dogs from this.
  3. Sara

    Sara New Member

    Sounds like they've abused him into that behavior...and short of actually reporting a "dangerous" dog to the AC...there's not much you can do except document the abuse and see if AC will look at that...but when AC does do an investigation the dog's behavior on the chain (tied and vulnerable) could end up hurting it in the end... You gotta weigh the pros and the cons... APBT's shouldn't have to endure this type of a life so you need to decide if you want AC to get involved or not...which is better for the dog and which is better for the people around and....which scenario is better for the entire breed to be a part of. Personally as an APBT owner and advocate for the breed I would contact AC and see if they would consider (for me) letting me take the dog once they have custody of it to see if I could re-habilitate it etc... (not recommended for a non-pit bull owner etc...). That's what I would do... I would recommend for you to contact a local APBT rescue, explain the situation and see what they tell you.
  4. bullylove1

    bullylove1 New Member

    I agree with Sara. Call your AC or a APBT rescue. Abuse like this is going to continue until people stop passing it off as someone else's problem.
    You will feel better about yourself knowing that you are helping one animal out of a horrible situation.
    No dog should ever be kicked or hit. That just makes me sick.
  5. lottyntrike

    lottyntrike New Member

    Thanks ya'll. I would love to take the dog in. he seemed so nice. but i have no clue about pits and dont think i would want to take on a abused one. you know!
    I just want the dog out of that situtaion. but i dont want him to be put down. I feel horrible for the pup.
    what gets me is that half of these owners dont relize that it IS ABUSE to treat their dog this way. they think that because it is a pit you NEED to kick it or hit when it acts out in aggersion.
    oh i cant talk about it right now, i get all upset. but thanks again, i think i might call AC and see what they might do. just tell them what i saw and see if they think there a problem.
  6. bullylove1

    bullylove1 New Member

    Truthfully, most abused pits can make full recoveries, and make wonderful pets. I do understand you being hesitant though. And since you have never owned a Pit before, this would not be the ideal situation for you. There are many Pit Bull Rescues that deal with this problem and have the proper trainers to help train and test the dog to see if he can be introduced safely into a new home.

    If you do contac the AC and they are going to do something to remove the dog from the situation, you may want to also contact one of these Pit Bull rescues. They may have room to take him in and rehabilitate him.
    Those are just 2 of dozens of rescues for Pits. Please consider calling AC in your community. If nothing else it may scare this guy into treating his dog with more respect.
  7. chickee

    chickee New Member

    Calling AC is a good thing. I feel for that poor baby. But if reality has it, it will most likely be put down. Personally, I think it would be best for the dog. He is living in hell right now and doesn't deserve to suffer. As sad as it is, it's really the best in my opinion. I doubt you will find a rescue that is willing to help with a human aggressive dog. They are already packed with good-tempered dogs as it is.

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