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"Problem Child" Harley won't let us sleep at night

Discussion in 'Cats - all breeds / types' started by HDrydr, Feb 23, 2008.

  1. HDrydr

    HDrydr New Member

    So my 10 mth old Harley: He is a very "naughty boy" He is a bitter always has been, and is very feisty, got to love his spirit though. He is a very independent boy only wants attention when he wants it. He attacks my 11year old Patches all the time but she does put him in his place occasionally. However, we do have to intervene with the spray bottle often. Night time has been a struggle the whole time and we are running out of ideas.
    Here's what we have done. locked him out of the bedroom (listened to him howl all night long) we have done this numerous times. Spray bottle works sometimes, ignoring him..... yea right... running across us at all hours of the night waking us up instantly. Play time before bed to attempt to wear him out....... doesn't work just winds him up more because he turns into the "energizer kitty". He wants to be with us but I am having a very difficult time getting him to "learn" a sleep schedule I know that cats are nocturnal animals. I have tried to keep him from napping during the day to hopefully get him tired at night.. doesn't seem to matter. We are not sleeping and the affects are starting to get to us we have tried ourselves meds to help us "sleep" through his activity doesnt really matter either.
    I have been up since midnight taking him out of the bedroom so the bf could sleep he gets up early and has a hard job. Stayed out in the living room with the wild boy watching him bounce off the walls the whole time. BF thanked me this morning said he finally feels rested but sorry for me. Lucky I have been off from work due to a shoulder surgery. I don't know what to do? do they have sleeping pills for animals???? :mrgreen: Could try to crate him my boxer/lab doesn't sleep in his crate anymore at night. Help need sleep

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