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Prong Collars

Discussion in 'Dogs - all breeds / types' started by elizavixen, Aug 5, 2004.

  1. trixiec1

    trixiec1 New Member

    prong collar

    Hi, I have a 60 lb Boxer who used to take ME for a walk until I used the prong collar( I know it as a "pinch" collar) It can also be used for other training issues. It looks medievil but is actually safer than a choke collar. A choke collar can damage the dogs trachea if it pulls too hard. I now take Bronson for a walk, not the other way around! Good Luck!
  2. Mix Breed lover

    Mix Breed lover New Member

    Have you thought about taking your dog to an obedience class? There is a technique to choke collars. If used proparly a dog will not choke himself. Short quick pops with the command "heal" everytime he pulls. I myself don't like the prong collar. I have a 95 lbs. Boxer/Lab mix (not nearly as big as your dog but still very strong) and a choker worked for him. It's all in the way you use it.
  3. elizavixen

    elizavixen New Member

    Obedience class - been there, done that. He was actually quite well behaved during obedience class.

    I know how to use the choker correctly, but the quick "pops" are impossible if the dog just pulls and pulls and pulls. You can't pop it when there is never any slack.
  4. Mix Breed lover

    Mix Breed lover New Member

    I'm sorry if I offended you. That was not my entension. Just trying to be helpful. Not everyone realises that there is a technique to the choker. I was just trying to tell you what worked for me. I didn't say it works for everyone and I wasn't trying to imply that you didn't know the way to use a choker. I was asking questions. Nothing more. Again I'm sorry
  5. elizavixen

    elizavixen New Member

    no problem. I didn't mean for it to seem that way. Your post just reminded me of this woman who trained dogs and I took another dog to obedience classes run by her and she kept saying "you're doing it wrong" and I was like, "can't do anything else!! It's not as easy as it looks!". I got my revenge though b/c during one class she got so frustrated with me and my dog "doing it wrong" so she said she would do it. Well, this is one of the highlights of my life btw, she took the dog (another St. Bernard - except this one was fully grown - 180 lbs - and knew exactly how big he was if you know what I mean) and she started trying to show off and he tripped her and she fell and got this giant gash on her arm and the blood was just gushing. We were kicked out of the class but I didn't care. It sounds kind of bad writing it, but this woman was such a piece of work that I still feel she got what she deserved. Guess I wasn't doing it that bad after all.
  6. asdmom

    asdmom New Member

    i have used prong collars with 2 of my dogs. the chow mix was great on the prong and now i do not need it to walk him. i just use his regular buckle collar. on my anatolian i started out with the prong collar in classes and now i use another type of collar. i have no idea what it is called but it is a half nylon collar with chain on it so it kind of works like a choke collar but it is made out of nylon. hers is actually made out of cotton webbing but the majority of the ones i see are nylon. the only thing i would suggest with this type of collar is to spend the money for the good ones. there are lots of types of these but most are not very well made. scout does well on this collar now.
  7. Kathy74

    Kathy74 New Member

    I'm in the same boat as Meggan...5 foot 3, 115 lbs, my dogs combined weight is 135 lbs. I couldn't walk them by myself without the prong collars. A while ago a squirrel ran right in front of them, like right under their noses. With the prong collars, I had complete control, without them, I would have been dragged down the street like a freakin' cartoon!!!

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