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Razor Edge Bloodline

Discussion in 'Dogs - Pit bull breeds specific' started by DoTheTwo, Jul 14, 2004.

  1. True_Pits

    True_Pits New Member

    lol.....my point exactly....although I was being serious and not giving anyone a hard time or joking.
  2. goob

    goob New Member

  3. Freedom

    Freedom New Member

    I didn't read the whole 3 pages of this thread, I already have my own opinion based on the RE "breeders" I know and have come in contact with, and basically they are all the same. This comment really amused me.

    "Why is BMW more expensive then a Ford Focus. Why BMW makers put more money and time in they cars, and thats what we do ,and also Razor's Edge dogs have batter temperment and beantiful body structure and good confirmation as bully dogs. You can buy a pit bull out of the New Paper for $100 to $500,but they will not be like this line of dogs,for these breeders do not put the time and money in they dogs has we do. We put time and money to have these dogs we love.You got what you pay for ,so if you want the best ,you buy the best !!!"

    RE dogs are nothing but a fad. They are expensive because ignorant people actually pay these ridiculous prices for puppies from parents who have no titles, no health testing, and because they are BIG AND BLUE. Go to any of the top 100 blue apbt websites and in every kennel description I guarantee you will see something about "massive head and chest". I'm sorry but you have to be a moron to pay 3k for a pup with a "massive head and chest". You say these dogs have better temperAments, but how many RE dogs have been temperament tested? How many RE are actually IN the show ring. Only about a handful of the RE are actually doing something. The other 50k RE dogs out there are just being bred over and over again for their size and color, and that is it. Dave has got it made, he hopped on the blue bandwagon with his dog knuckles, he CH. him out and now all of a sudden a RE dog is worth 3k bucks cause only a couple dogs out of the WHOLE bloodline has a conformation title. In case you didn't know, just because one or two dogs are conformationally correct, does NOT mean all following puppies are going to be conformationally correct. People really get me with the way they think. RE blue dogs are just a fad, and hopefully it will be over soon, they are ruining the breed.
  4. chickee

    chickee New Member

    You can buy a pit bull out of the New Paper for $100 to $500,but they will not be like this line of dogs,for these breeders do not put the time and money in they dogs has we do. We put time and money to have these dogs we love.You got what you pay for ,so if you want the best ,you buy the best !!!"

    I thought this was funny too. It is one of the oldest lines in the book.
  5. diesel

    diesel New Member

    Nice looking PuP :y_the_best:
  6. DoTheTwo

    DoTheTwo New Member

    No one has yet to answer my question? Is there really no purpose in this bloodline except for big and stocky?
  7. True_Pits

    True_Pits New Member

    No I don't believe it has a purpose, at one time it was conformation. Now its more of big/stocky and a status symbol. A "BMW"..lol I'd rather have a lamborghini anyway, anyday.
  8. daddyfs

    daddyfs New Member

    Keynote, people jus statin they opinions.. some folks dont like the RE dogs.. and its not about somebody's broke a** cant afford it.. im sure a lot of people on here could if they wanted.. but why.. is it a status thing?? "hey, look how expensive my dog is"... keep it real, thats all it is.. thats whats wrong with KIDS today.. you think the more somethin cost.. the better it is.. if you keep livin like that, the only one gonna be broke is you
  9. True_Pits

    True_Pits New Member

    Sounds like Keytone has some issues. "hating" well I was just telling the TRUTH! When some one ask a question, there looking for an answer. RE dogs don't seem to have a point anymore. Ya see people claim them to have the "best temperament' Well, compared to what? The "best conformation" The pup in the pic has visibal faults and so do many other RE bred dogs I've seen. I'm sure the only broke one here is you, thats why you have a puppy mill to make money. Gee I don't know I was looking at some pups/prospecys $1000-2000, broke....lol I'm far from it, I just spend my money wisely and would rather pay $1000 on a real solid bulldog thats wellbred then some "broke ass dog" from some peddler. But you can spend yours however you see fit, well if you had any.

    If you know why don't you tell everyone in on what the purpose of these dogs are?????
  10. spencerpits

    spencerpits New Member

    Keynote - get off this forum if all you're going to do is talk trash about other people and their dogs. We don't appreciate ghetto dog peddlers.
  11. nakoma_star

    nakoma_star New Member

    i agree if you cannot use the forums for what they are ment to be used for dont use them at all its people like you who give good breeders and pet owners a bad rep in the world please knock it off what your doing isnt right and it is not what this site is about
  12. True_Pits

    True_Pits New Member

    Another thing is with the price, like it makes them feel big to say they payed $1500 for a dog, or "you" can't, your "hating" because your "broke". Very strange how they come to these conclusions. Without knowing others financial states. Its that we realize the scam and that their is no great quality in paying more for a dog when its not worth it. One of the post says a pup was $1800 but they talked the breeder down to $1300. Since when do good breeders lower the price for you? What their dogs are worth is what their worth, its not like buying a house, a pups price and life isn't something negociable. Time and time again its proven that pet shops and peddlers charge more then good, reputable breeders. They have to feel big and talk about paying a high price or that they have a "bad ass" dog, all these other things to help their macho image. More and more people get the dogs for the wrong reason, their insecurities and images.

    I don't come on message boards to "hate", but I also don't come to brag about the amount of money I've paid for dogs, because theirs no need to, but I'm willing to pay for a good high quality dog from a reputable breeder and I've also got a couple very good dogs that were not so high priced. So not being able to afford is a lame way to make you feel better. I wouldn't be inclined to take a RE bred dog that was offered free to me, thats my personal choice.
  13. DoTheTwo

    DoTheTwo New Member

    Sorry to have caused so much drama in here. I only wanted to find out why they did cost so much. I guess the answer is - they are just priced that way?

    My next question is however to True_Pits: You stated that you see visible flaws in the picture I posted up of my dog? I was just wondering what these flaws were? How do you tell if a dog is show quality? Thanks.
  14. Freedom

    Freedom New Member

    "My next question is however to True_Pits: You stated that you see visible flaws in the picture I posted up of my dog? I was just wondering what these flaws were? How do you tell if a dog is show quality? Thanks."

    I'm not truepits but I can answer your question. From that first pic I saw on page 1, I noticed your puppy has splayed feet. Which is a fault, a dog's feet should have tight round paws. Their knuckles on their toes should be noticeable, the paw should not look flat at all. If you post pics of your puppy from different angles I can get a better idea of what your pup looks like all over.
  15. True_Pits

    True_Pits New Member

    I'm going with Freedom here, the feet was one of the first things I've noticed. Which is something I've noticed with a lot of these so called perfect RE dogs. Another problem is the pup appears to have low pasterns which was noticed by another poster before I'd even seen the pic. The pic isn't good for judging the dog, one from the side, front and backend will better elaborate on the dogs faults. Most RE dogs aren't show quality. I did mention the Gaff line, I didn't see your reply Goob until just now about the health problems. I don't know of the health problems or even the temperament in this line, but I do know that they are at least show quality, but I wouldn't trust any AKC dogs, strickly show bred dogs, ect. A lot of these breeds have so many health problems. ASTs have enough health problems then mixing them with the UKC pits more problems. And blue dogs have their share of health problems, mange, immune problems and heart defects. We have color linked defects, mange is hereditary and comes from the pups lack of immunity breeding the immune deficient blue dogs to eachother only compounds the problem. Pit Bulls are also in danger of parvo, which comes at a greater risked to these blue dogs. heart defects and fatalities are also becoming common. elbow and hip dysplasia too. So I wouldn't risk it with them. I simply used Gaff of an example of conformation dogs that do have great conformation, but its still up to the person to research. Which I'd suggest you do before you've made the commitment of buying a pup. Some of the worse dogs I've seen is woodspits, they have such great visible problems and I feel sorry for dogs themselves. Careless breeding and people purposely breeding deformed and defective dogs.
  16. DoTheTwo

    DoTheTwo New Member

  17. GinaH

    GinaH New Member

    I personally think he's beautiful. The only faults I see are....He's not mine!! :lol:
  18. spencerpits

    spencerpits New Member

    Before I start on your pup's conformation, I just want to say the following: I am very new to really looking at a dog's conformation. I'm still trying to 'train my eye', and by no means claim to be an expert. There may be things that I am wrong on, and I may be missing things. Having said that, here goes:

    In my opinion, it's very hard to judge a dog's conformation/faults from photos. Reason being that just a slight adjustment in posture, placement of feet, etc can hide faults that are there (some, anyway), and can sometimes make it appear that there are faults where there aren't. For example, your dog's pasterns appear much more erect than they did in the original photo you posted, but this may be because he is looking (and possibly stretching slightly) upward. Also, his feet themselves (front paws) look much, much more compact - as they should be. In the area of his front paws in general, it looks like a completely different dog (to me, anyway). Again, keep in mind that I am still trying to train my eye for conformation. He seems to have good rear angulation, but True_Pits would be a much better judge of that. Personally, I can't really tell about his front angulation because I cannot clearly see the forward-most point of his shoulder, but if I had to say, I'd say he has decent front angulation. Come to think of it, I may be totally wrong about the rear angulation because of the fact that he is not 'stacked', and his rear leg is forward. His tail looks a tad bit too long, but that may be the angle of the pic, and I may be being too picky too - I don't know. He doesn't appear to have any depth at all to his median furrow (area between eyes running from his stop to the top of his skull) - which he should - but again, it's hard to tell from photos. I think his snout is a little bit too long, and is (again, in my opinion) a little "snipey" in comparison to his whole head. His ears seem a little flat, but that may change as he gets a little older. (I don't know when their ears are fully developed.)

    Okay - I'm done for now. True_Pits (or anyone else more experienced) - if I'm wrong on anything, please feel free to correct me, because like I've said, I'm still trying to learn. And, DoTheTwo, please don't feel like I'm picking on your pup. I think he is absolutely gorgeous, for what it is worth. I recommend you take a look at www.abptconformation.com It's a great site, and has taught me a lot (well, at least I think it has :lol: ).
  19. spencerpits

    spencerpits New Member

    Okay - I guess I'm not done (sorry).
    Actually, he may be a little over angulated in the rear, but it's really hard to tell from the photo (for me anyway). And his hocks look a little long. Okay, now I'm done because I have got to get off this computer and get to bed. LOL. I do want to thank DoTheTwo for asking for opinions on the conformation (at least I hope that's what you meant - otherwise I feel like a real sh!t). Anyway - this has really helped me out a lot as far as learning about conformation. I'm still a very long way away from being like a judge or anything, but this has opened my eyes to the seemingly minute details of conformation.
  20. DoTheTwo

    DoTheTwo New Member

    Thank you - that was very informational. That was what I was looking for exactly. This is my first dog and I want to make sure what he really looks like to the people who actually knows what a beautiful dog looks like.

    The reason why the picture looks different from the one on the first page is because that picture was taken when he was at 8 weeks old (I'm guessing) but when he was alittle younger.

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