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red belly pacus

Discussion in 'Fish and Aquarium - all types' started by oger06, May 12, 2004.

  1. fish_boy

    fish_boy New Member

  2. christianwalker

    christianwalker New Member

    the cops came out along with the animal control and they did nothing to the neighbour for what there doing. The owner of the property will do nothing either they look over our fence and take pictures of our yard the neighbour does and thats violation of privacy right there but the cops wont do **** to them for it so I am having my attorney send them a letter to stop harrasing me and my family and to stop invadeing privacy by looking over my fence and taking pictures and to stop throwing dog shit into our back yard and swimming pool that has my fish in it or else. maybe they will stop then also have the attorney send the landlord a letter to stating that they are violateing privacy and harraseing us and if he dont kick apartment 2 out there will be trouble on his side then I got one of the best attorneys here in california right now Parker & stanburry law firm and another thing the neighbour does not know who there messing with because the govenor of california arnold swartzinigger and his wife marie are my cousins so the neighbours better watch out my cousin said if the cops dont want to do anything just contact a attorney against the neighbour and the landlord and then the land lord will do something or else. But what can I do to keep them from throwing DOG (poop) in my pool with the fish was woundering if I could put a tarp from the roof too th fence and staple it to the fence between there yard and are yard let me know.
  3. Fish Addict

    Fish Addict New Member

    watch your words there are prolly younger kids in here
  4. Tank

    Tank New Member

    :mrgreen: you'd better watch your back they might be related to John RAMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. christianwalker

    christianwalker New Member

    sorry the neighbours killed my 2 red belly pacus now and they admited to it at laughed and said ha ha ha your fish died we killed them but the cops wont do anything. I am mad.
  6. t_chelle16

    t_chelle16 New Member

    That's horrible! I'd definitely be talking to a lawyer.


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