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? regarding being bitten

Discussion in 'Dogs - all breeds / types' started by Mary_NH, Apr 13, 2004.

  1. Mary_NH

    Mary_NH New Member

    my boss is gone on a family emergency....so I'm just full of questions

    have you ever been bitten by a dog?

    If so....was it a small dog or large dog?

    I've always thought small dogs are quicker to bite than large dogs so I'm once again curious...

    I've been bitten 2x - once by a chi (hated that dog belonged to my aunt and it would hide behind the chair and then come out and grab my ankle) and the other dog was a small mixed breed (I had a newspaper route and the little SOB would hide under the car and whenI put the paper in the door BANG he'd grab my leg).

    So what have you been bitten by?
  2. Aqueous

    Aqueous New Member

    Rocky's bitten me twice since I've had him. Once when he was a puppy he hid under the bed and bit my food when I went looking for him and when he was a year old he was going to get into a fight with a dog that came into our backyard and when I grabbed him so he wouldn't get to the other dog he twisted in my arms and bit my hand.

    I've never been bitten by a large dog. I guess the size of little dogs make them better at sneak attacks!
  3. Rene

    Rene New Member

    I have been bitten by my rottie i was playing with my kids and I was running thru the house(shame on me) and she chased me and bit my ankle luckey for me she mostley got my sweats. But one time she got my daughter in the back of the leg she still has a scare. My daughter has a bad habit of leaving her cloths behind the bathroom door even tho there is a hamper there i told her if she did it again i was going to throw them away she came out of the shower and said ok i'm throwing them away and ran to the bathroom she ran after me blocking the door so i couldnt get out i bumped her with my hip and she feel to the floor screaming i couldnt beleive it i knew i didnt hurt her she was holding her leg and there was nala standing there so i knew what happened. We all knew not to play in the house if nala is there but we forgot once in awhile. Now that Nala has passed away when the kids start ruff housing i almost yell where is Nala it's still kinda hard.

    I have also been bit by my Yorkie but he didnt mean to he was grabbing the rope i had in my hand and got my hand instead
  4. 4Dogsihave

    4Dogsihave New Member

    I have never been bitten but I took my brother to a friends house once and he was petting their dog, some kind of hound mix and the dog was really friendly at first but then bit my brother. Not sure what was wrong though, everything was fine one minute then the next he bit him. We had to take him to the ER and get it stitched up. It has taken him years but he is no longer afraid of dogs. After that incident he wouldent even look at a dog.
  5. goob

    goob New Member

    I've been bitten by both large dogs and small. The first was by a pom x, a friend's sister's dog was walking it on leash and stopped to talk to us (we were standing around talknig to a few other people). The dog stood there for a minute, then as one of the other people standing there turned and walked past me, the dog pulled the leash out of the girl's hand, jumped up and bit the person walking on the arm, then when they yelled in surprise, the dog ran a few feet, then bit me on the elbow. Because the dog jumped up, both of us who had been bitten had only scratches, and didn't really make a big deal out of it after making sure the dog had had his shots (though I later found out the dog had bitten people before, had I know that, I may have raised more of a fus, but even then I was much younger and didn't really think about that kind of thing much).

    The second was by a friend's family's lab x, they let him run the household and he's horribly dominant because of it, plus a resource guarder on top of that, so it's easy enough to get him carrying on. One day I brought him in from taking him out to pee, and went to give him a biscuit (which they always do after he goes outside, so this was normal), and when he took the biscuit, he got my fingers along with it. Most dogs would either realize they had something other than the biscuit and let go, or would do so upon someone saying "hey!" as I did, but nooo.... he apparently thought I was challenging him for it, and started growling as he pulled on the biscuit (and my fingers :roll: ). I ended up with a few small (as compared to the dog) punctures and scratches on my fingers, and he doesn't get treats and scraps from me anymore because if he can't take them nicely, he isn't getting them :lol:

    In both cases, it was owner error, the first knew her dog would bite, but failed to keep him under control, the second allowed their dog to become a tyrant and boss everyone in their house around. That seems to be the case in a lot of dog bites, irregardless of size.
  6. bullylove1

    bullylove1 New Member

    I have almost been bitten once by my step-uncles dog. This thing is the most vicious dog ever (at least in my mind). I am not even sure of his breed but he is large and black and looks like a small bear. On holidays, he has to be locked up if I am there because he has come after me on 4 different occassions. I used to get so pissed off when I was younger because they always used to just laugh and say "Oh, he's the sweetest dog ever he wouldn't hurt you." One night they made me try to pet him and he lunged right for me. Had my step father not been there, I may not be here. He was a vicious dog to anyone that did not show very dominant behaviour around him. He got out of his pen once and terrrorized the neighbourhood and bit a little girl who had to get stitches. I am not afraid of dogs, well, maybe little ones, but this dog still creeps me out every tiem they talk about him.
    Still gives me the heeby geebies :?
  7. lanena322

    lanena322 New Member

    When I was about 8 my mom was pregnant with my little sister. We had a black and white cockapoo, he loved me to death but was a total terror to everyone else. He had been abused my his other owners (which added on to him bein a dominant type dog made him worse). Well once my mom was cooking and i believe she made a gesture he took as threatning and bit her on the arm. That was a big deal, we were in the hospital for hours because she was pregnant. I dont think the bite was too bad though.

    I was biten when I was 3 years old (I still remember quite well) by a tiny fat pekinese. He was a very agressive dog and got out of the room he was kept in. I remember running away into the next room and jumping on the bed, which he also jumped on the bed so I jump on the dresser, and he jumped from the bed to the dresser and bit my hand before my aunt pulled him off. Luckily all I got were some scratches and a slight scare. I hated that dog from that point on, which I believe is why he got to be 15, he died just last year.
  8. footsie

    footsie New Member

    I've never been bit, but my very first memory is of my grandmother's cocker spaniel biting my little sister. My grandma had thrown some stale chee-toes in the dog's bowl and my sister (who was a toddler at the time) found them and started eating them out of the dish. The dog had vision problems and got territorial over his food dish. He bit her on the face. I think she ended up with stitches, but I don't really know. There were a lot of little kids around all the time, so they ended up putting the dog down after that.
  9. Jules

    Jules New Member

    My partner was chased as a kid by a dog while he was riding his bike. The dog was aggressive and latched on to his pants. After much kicking the dog let go, and he rode off. After that incident my partner has always been fearful of dogs, which is quite strange considering now we have two large breed dogs that he loves, but he is still cautious of unfamiliar dogs. I, on the other hand, don't have a fear at all. I went to visit my friend the other day, and had to walk through their front yard to see if anyone was home and there was a new dog who I hadn't met. He was growling and barking at me and I jut told him to stop being silly and proceeded to the front door. I think about it now and realise this may have been a bit silly!
    When we are walking our own dogs off lead my partner gets really paranoid about letting our dogs near other people, not because he thinks our dogs will harm them, but because he knows what it's like to be scared of dogs. It sometimes gets annoying because he's always worrying about it, and he says things like: Oh my God, there's a kid coming, quick put him on a lead! But I know my dog better than him and know that he is not even interested in going up to the kid, he'd rather go and sniff a tree.
    My dogs always play and mouth each other and sometimes they'll play around my legs and they'll accidently bite my legs and then I yell (coz they bite each other harder than they mouth me) and they both stop and get a guilty sooky look on their faces!
  10. winnie

    winnie New Member

    i have been bitten by a Chi...nasty little thing it was...i'm sure not all are bad but boy this one was a mean little thing...the owner wasnt to nice either
  11. Shady_Babygurl

    Shady_Babygurl New Member

    Only time a dog has ever brought blood to me was from a Collie I had rescued 5 yrs ago. She was a well bred dog but she had been neglected and abused and when I went to feedher the FIRST time she bit me and I (STUPID ME) pulled away causing a LONG tear all the way down my arm. My husband was bitten in the dairy air(BUTT) when he was about 9 yrs old by a white German Shepherd that lived in his neighborhood. His ball went over by the neighbors dogs house but he didnt see the dog so he thought he could SNEAK and get his ball back WRONG! It required stitches and was a pretty bad bite. He has a huge scar even now at 31. Needless to say he doesnt LIKE dogs as much as me but he loves me and tolerates my love for them. lolol Friend of mine as a child required HUNDREDS of stitches all down his side and legs from being attacked by a Chow Chow that was in the building in the backyard breeding with a pit Bull. The Pit Bull did not attack but the male full blooded Chow Chow did and the boy had to go to the Er in an Ambulance. The Chows owner found out shortly after and the Chow hid under my porch where the owner came with a gun and shot the Chow in the head. He had owned the Chow for 8 yrs but would not let the dog live after this happened. He cried as he shot the dog and pulled it out from under my porch.

    I have been PLAY bitten by MANY dogs I have owned and rescued. Foolish NIPS my rear end when I bend over to get a tug toy to play with him. He has never brought blood. He is only playing, if he had wanted to bring it believe me it would have lolol with a mouth like this


    Jack play bites too but even the one time he meant to bite my dad he didnt bring blood with his tiny teeth. I have to buy TINY dog food and then crush it up some because his mouth is SO small and teeth so small lolol


  12. nern

    nern New Member

    I was bitten by our GSD on the hand when I was about 4 yrs old. It was nothing too serious but my parents were quick to get rid of him after that because I had a younger brother and they feared he would be next....I still feel bad about it.
    Last December Sebastian (toy poodle) got me pretty good on my hand. He is a resource guarder and I snatched his bone....he jumped up and was actually attatched to my hand, hanging by his mouth. I had a small, circular bruise there afterwards that looked like a tiny man bit me.
  13. lil96

    lil96 New Member

    When I was bitten

    it was by my own dog(She was 1/2 Black Lab and 1/4 pit bull &1/4 chow). She was about 5 or so &I was 21ish and we were sitting under a shade tree in the park she was tied to the tree and I was reading the newspaper. Another dog ran into the park and started running towards us to attack. My dog was on edge bc she couldn'T fully defend me from the dog because my dog was tied up. So my dog attacked the other dog then I saw that dogs owner yelling for that dog so I tried to kick my dog off, I was sitting on the ground and it was happeinig so quicky!! And my dog bit me by accident and immediately cowerred away. But I was in shock and thought oh I don'T need to go to the hospital. But doctors who have seen since then were totally amazed by how big and deep the scars are. It bled for like a week, I think because it is in an awkward spot just above the back of my knee. But anyway the other dog, I now know from other people, not the owner always runs up on people especially with dogs like that because she thinks this is her park! and we are invading it. But my dog Sentry (the best dog EVER!) is no longer alive and I don'T live in that town any more so I never thik of that park!
  14. Jamiya

    Jamiya New Member

    I suppose it depends on whether you consider nipping to be biting. To me, getting bitten by a dog means it was aggressive toward you and trying to do you harm. I picture blood and stitches and deep puncture wounds.

    Nala is a nipper. She nips at us all the time. (We are working on it.) She has drawn blood before, but mostly when I am stupid and pull my hand (or whatever part she has) from her mouth and her tooth scratches me on the way out. So I don't really consider that a bite. That mostly only happened when she was a puppy and we were working on training her to not do it.

    She got me good the other day when she got overly exuberant taking her ball from me, but she didn't mean to.

  15. AC from TO

    AC from TO New Member


    I've been in animal care/control for 13 years and have luckily (knock wood) never been bitten. I've almost been bitten like a hundred times but have always seen a sign and protected myself before the dog gets a chance. I started this line of work very young and in the beginning learned everything I could about dog behavior and assesment to protect myself. I'm still waiting for the day when I miss something and get nailed!
  16. catrastrophe

    catrastrophe New Member

    I have been "nipped" plenty of times, by dogs large and small....but the worse time was when we had a "fear biter" come in for his shots and checkup....when we tryed to draw blood he got his muzzle off and got the vet on the face, then buried his teeth in my arm!!! This was a medium sized 40 lbish black lab terrier mix. The vet had to have stitchs, I had to have a tetanus shot, and antibiotics, and the dog was patted by the owner and told "thats a good boy calm down boy thats a good boy you shouldnt have done that thats a good boy"....which of course the dog took to mean the owner was happy with him. Ugh!!! The dog was put to sleep a couple months ago after killing several small dogs and hospitalizing a rottie when he got out of his fence. :cry: Am I wrong to blame the owner? :cry:
  17. puttin510

    puttin510 New Member

    Hmm, once while in elementary school, holding the color of a frineds dog. He did not want to be restrained so he bit me. I was pretty shy at the time and if an adult had not seen it I would have done the tomboy thing and shrug it off. But ended up with a tetnus shot. Maybe a few years later my dad brought home a beautiful adult female german shepard. First day, I had to try to get her to like me too fast. She bit the bridge of my nose, scraping it. I was embarrassed and really knew it was all my fault. and last but not least my little angel to the left. She was abused, neglected and needed someone to retrain the poor girl. Well that was me. She bit me quite a few times. I learned to be fast. And not let her boss me around. The worst one was one my lip though. I know what you mean by not pulling away(one of you meantioned this). Thats how her tooth slipped thru my lip. OOWWWW. 5 stitches later. Still this last lip biye was my fault too. I spooked her an should have known better. I am cautious with unknow dogs, but not afraid. I think I can judge pretty well wether they are friendly or not. I still love them.
  18. halaroo

    halaroo New Member

    I was attacked by a german shepard when I was walking by myself home from elementary school. He bit the backs of my legs mainly and then bit one of my neighbours in the hand when he came out to rescue me. Turned me off of dogs for a few months. But thankfully my fear of dogs passed!

    I was also visciously attacked by my cat a couple of years ago. Much worse than the dog bites. I actually had to go to the doctor and get on antibiotics for it. She bit through my leg muscles. I will always have the scars to remember it by. She's calmed down quite a bit since then and has never had one of those episodes since.
  19. klf

    klf New Member

    I am fearless so i have been bitten lots of times, though most by my adopted parents lasa...she was so nasty, she would bite for any number of reasons usually because i wanted to pet her and she didn't want me!

    )I was about 7)the worse bite was from a white GSD he was a police dog and was chasing a cat and went in a bush after the cat, i thought he was hurt by the branches and tried to release him, he turned around and grabbed my by the chest and arm. I was terrified the owners cleaned the puncture wounds and i went home. I never told my foster parents because i wasn't to go to these peoples house. Needless to say the dog owners called my school to see how i was doing and the nurse called my foster parents! I still have a few scars under my tatas.

    lots of scars and more to come...I am always willing to save a dog on the side of the street, or help one in need just now i know how to muzzle them with towels, and ropes!

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