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require assistance with depressed dwarf gouramis

Discussion in 'Fish and Aquarium - all types' started by rosier, Jul 21, 2007.

  1. rosier

    rosier New Member

    I have an 8x2x2 tank (gallons???) I know - lush!!!

    I have
    4 x dwarf gouramis
    20 x neons
    1 x red-tailed shark
    1 x albino shark
    2 x knifefish
    2 x sailfin mollies
    4 x mollys
    4x swordtails
    1 x eel
    2 x common plecos
    2 x small suckas
    6 x gold barbs
    4 x cherry barbs
    4 x red/black betas
    about 15 guppies

    I have just tested my water using my API tropical test kit and the readings were great

    0 nitrate
    0 nitrite
    0 amonia
    8.0 PH (0.2 higher than last wk)

    my Albino Shark is swimming upsidedown - I have been advised to fast it for several days then feed it mashed-shelled peas. Hopefully this will do the trick... Also...

    My gouramis look depressed - they have no apparent physical deformaties but all 4 have been hiding in crevaces at the top of the tank.
    They have not been playing - not really eating - they look depressed hiding in the back wall and have been for several days now.

    any suggestions? we added 2 swordtails last week?? but everything else is the same and has been for about 3 months.

    my bubble machines broke last week and have not yet been replaced - could that be it???

    Any ideas... any help would be greatly appreciated...

    Thankyou Rosie!!!
  2. t_chelle16

    t_chelle16 New Member

    8' x 2' x 2' = 240 gallons

    You need to retest your water because unless you just filled the tank up with water or just added fish, it's pretty much impossible to get 0's across the board.


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