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rescued a neglected horse, need feeding tips

Discussion in 'Horses - all breeds / types' started by Caryn, Jul 26, 2005.

  1. Caryn

    Caryn New Member

    Hi, I just recently rescued a starved stallion, and have been searching feeding options. We want to use him for breeding, so he won't be gelded. Soon he'll have his feet done, teeth done, and an update on shots from the vet. He has been dewormed, and is getting grass full time, half a flake (big bales) of hay twice a day and half a cup of corn oil in his grain twice a day. He seems to be gaining weight nicely, but does anyone know of anything else that will help him gain weight healthy? He stands about fifteen hands, is roughly ten to twelve years old (estimated because we knew nothing about him when we bought him), palomino, perhaps a saddlebred or a cross with one, and is named Caballo Derado Dias. Meaning golden horse god in Spanish, so you have to say it with the accent. I'm also looking for a breeding mare, between the ages four and eight, between the heights fourteen - fifteen 1/2, perferably black and white, or a light brown and white, no more then eight hundred dollars, and in the southern Ontario region. And hey, does anyone know if a foal will turn out gold and white if the mare is a light brown and white, and the sire a palomino? Just wondering!!! :m25:
  2. ya_gotta_luv_em

    ya_gotta_luv_em New Member

    Wow, i havent been on here in ages.

    I have also recently rescued a starved horse. 15hh, 18yo. I just have her on grass and hay at the moment and i am going to add some barley to that too. I dont like to give my horses all those confusing mixes, especially when they dont get ridden much. So while Gypsy (my new one) is putting on weight, im trying to keep it simple
  3. chrissybabii

    chrissybabii New Member

    I just recently rescued two starved mares.One is 11 and one is 9. I have them on grass and grain.I heard about this grain called Alphalfa.(i'm exacly sure if that is what it is called.Maybe something similar to that name.)It is supposed to make a horse nice and fat , but healthy.Try looking for that.Good luck and i'm always happy to help.

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