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Rothchild the fifth got burned

Discussion in 'Birds - all breeds / types' started by frogbite23, Dec 12, 2004.

  1. frogbite23

    frogbite23 New Member

    oh my goodness! well see i heard about vanessa and that her parakeet, Rothchild the fifth, came in close contact with a kwanza candle and suffered from 3rd degree burns of the beak, chest, and wings. It is quite a tradgedy if you ask me. I believe Rothchild has been sent to the intensive care unit of the hospital and might wind up being paralized from the shoulders down. I hear vanessa may have to hire a physical trainer for Rothchild to bring him back to good spirits but in my opinion, this might put too much stress on the poor thing's body
  2. well first i suggest to follow the doctors instructions carefully. if he suggests not to apply extreme heat or extreme cold, do not follow MY directions. but second i would instruct you to fill a ziplock baggy with ice cubes and wrap the baggy with about 5 layers of paper towels. the layered towels should prevent the coldness of the ice from being to extreme. rest the bird on the baggy on HIS RIGHT side to prevent his small heart from freezing. let him rest there for approximately 20 minutes. then turn him over and let him lay on his left side for only about 5-10 minutes. this procedure with ice should help his body temperature to lower back down to a normal and healthy level. if you hold him for a few minutes, you should be able to tell if he is shivering, if so, get a heating pad and turn it on to the lowest heat level and let him lie there until shivering reduces or comes to a complete stop. if this ice/heat method does not work for you, i would suggest cheching out various creams and soothing ointments and applying them to any raw or featherless parts of the birds body. i hope this helps!
  3. mchat

    mchat New Member

    I'm not sure if this will help to much but when my baby cockatiel landed in a recently used frying pan the vets recomended using Savlon cream, I'm not sure if you can get it. Her burns werent as bad though the skin on her feet peeled and 6 months later her nails have started growing again. The vet told me that its okay if the bird accidently eats some fo the Savlon cream while grooming.

    Good luck.

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