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Save a life - time is running out!

Discussion in 'Cats - all breeds / types' started by KittyTales, Jan 17, 2005.

  1. KittyTales

    KittyTales New Member

    I was looking around on petfinder.com for a puppy to adopt and came upon a very cute and precios Ragdoll/Siamese kitten. It said that he was going to be put to sleep :cry: any day now and needs a loving home. If anyone is interested in him please go to:

    http://www.petfinder.com/pet.cgi?action ... mpl=&stat=

    It would be really nice if anyone could save the poor little guy.
  2. Ginny

    Ginny New Member

    I imagine this cat is in US??
  3. Mary_NH

    Mary_NH New Member

    this is the same rescue group I posted about "I found the low down" blah blah blah. Apparently this is their method for getting their cats/kittens adopted quickly - they play on people's sympathy and always say their cats/kittens are to be PTS soon.
  4. KittyTales

    KittyTales New Member

    Oh no no no!Time is almost up for each kitten on this page. Every kitten on this page is scheduled to die on or before Wednesday - January 22, 2005 if not rescued before that date.
  5. Mary_NH

    Mary_NH New Member

    don't panic!!!! I passed these on to a siamese rescue group in NYC and this was what they told me about the rescue organization that has all of these kittens

  6. Bente

    Bente New Member

    I thought it was a bit sneaky with the big red letters and the "loud crying".. But offcourse it would be great if the cats got the loving homes they deserve. I just hope they aren't so desperate that they'll give then away to anyone that comes along :|
  7. luna

    luna New Member

    i would love to adopt more animals but mom and dan say that 4 is enough. ( 2 cats, 1 dog, 1evil bird)
  8. KittyTales

    KittyTales New Member

    Oh I just really hope the kittens will find a good home. :|
  9. KittyTales

    KittyTales New Member

    :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: Maui and most of the other kittens got put to sleep today...
  10. Mary_NH

    Mary_NH New Member

    kittytales-----you need to read my post regarding this rescue group.

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