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Soon to be new Shih-poo mommy!!

Discussion in 'Dogs - small breeds (toy) specific' started by Shihpoo_Mommy, Oct 31, 2009.

  1. Shihpoo_Mommy

    Shihpoo_Mommy New Member

    Hey everyone! In December, I will be getting a chocolate brown liver Shih-poo. We think we are going to name her Daisy. She is so cute!!! I have been reading everyones comments on here and they are so helpful so I decided to register. I can't wait to get my precious girl. She is 5 weeks old today. I would post pictures but I don't know how.. :?
  2. tobyshome

    tobyshome New Member

    Hello Shi-poo Mommy:) & help with biting???

    How goes it by now??! :) I am new here and also a new Shi-poo mommy as well :D We TOO have a chocolate brown Shi Poo named TOBY....We got him at 10 weeks towards the end of Jan He is a little over 13 weeks now. We love him to pieces....our biggest challenge right now is his biting!! I know he is playing but it really HURTS and he wants to bite quite alot!! Does anyone have any help?? We have small children in our home and I don't want them to get scared of him, there has been tears already because he bit them too hard. I am so glad for this group and all the helps I have read from you all!!
    thanks a bunch!!
  3. Shihpoo_Mommy

    Shihpoo_Mommy New Member

    Well unfortuantely, my puppy, who we named Daisy, passed away on December 29... which was only a week and a half after we got her. She was the sweetest most gorgeous puppy I have ever seen. She got Parvo, which we still don't know where she got it from. We took her to the vet starting on Christmas morning because she was so sick and she couldn't keep nothing down.. the vet had to give her fluids and shots for 2 days, then she was not doing any better so my vet took her home with him to take care of her round the clock. She died 2 days after that. We were devastated!! :'( But on a positive note, we're getting another Shih-Poo puppy in a couple of weeks but she's going to be black. We had to disinfect EVERYTHING in our house so that the virus wouldn't spread to our new puppy.

    As for the biting, I didn't have trouble with that from Daisy, but all puppy's are different. Try saying "OUCH" really loud when he bites you. You might can try to tap him on the nose too, but not hard of course.. just enough to grab his attention and know that biting is NOT okay.
  4. tobyshome

    tobyshome New Member

    So Sorry but thanks for replying

    I am so sorry about your Daisy....what a disappointment, its a good reminder for us the reality that is there:(....We trust all will go well for you and your new puppy!!
    Thank you for your suggestions!! :) Hopefully he will get it soon!!
    ENjoy your new puppy!!
  5. Shihpoo_Mommy

    Shihpoo_Mommy New Member

    Thanks soo much and enjoy yours too!!!!! :)
  6. mamasboy2

    mamasboy2 New Member

    I am sorry for the lost of your baby girl. That is the same thing that happened to me. I purchased two beagle/shih tzu mixes. I lost both of them to parvo. They were sick when I got them. I know this because the mother and the rest of the litter all died from parvo. I lost one of mine and had to put the other to sleep. Now, I have two shih poos. A boy named Regal and a girl named Empress. They are white with black markings and are too cute. They will soon be 6 months old. I wish you the best with your new baby.
  7. Kenjifujima

    Kenjifujima New Member

    I am really sorry for Daisy .... how disappointing

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