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Stock a 20 gallon tank

Discussion in 'Fish and Aquarium - all types' started by Nameless, May 19, 2005.

  1. Nameless

    Nameless New Member

    I need stocking ideas. I wanted fish with a lot of color and a lot of personality. I want a bright, active and colorful tank. Any ideas. I was thinking to start with neon/cardinal tetras.
  2. Trickster

    Trickster New Member

    Mollies, swordtails, guppies and tetras are a great combination that can be organized in so many colors! Mollies are white to black to yellow..etc.... guppies got lots of diffrent colored tails, swordtails can come in almost any color, i got a shiny scaled emrald color 1, and the tetras of course alll so come in great colors and the cardinal tetras are great

    Also u can put in alot of these fish, might wana throw in a grouami.
  3. sakura.seppun

    sakura.seppun New Member

    I have a post just before yours asking the same question, 100 dollar budget, so make sure to check there too. So far I've heard the typical molly, swordtails, tetras, and guppies.

    Male guppies have large tails and come in so many colors.
    Mollys come in a lot of colors as well, my personal favorite are the ones with dalmation spots.
    Swordtails are pretty but they get up to 4 inches.
    Tetras actually come in more colors than I origianlly thought. My favorites are the runny nose tetras, silver with red head, and the bleeding heart tetras, glo lights are fun too.
    Dwarf Gouramis only get to 2 inches, as compared to the regular 4, and come in some really awsome colors, the males can actually change color depending on mood.
    Blue Crayfish, if you can find them, are very pretty and are funny to watch. I've watched them climb up on the filters then leap off in an attempt to grab a fish, never succeed though, they're to slow for a fish.
    Rapheal catfish are pretty nice too...

    hmm. theres a lot of fish out there, good luck though. I have the same plight.
  4. Fish Addict

    Fish Addict New Member

    dwarf cichlids
  5. Aqueous

    Aqueous New Member

    LOL, I think you meant Rummy Nose Tetras.

    Dwarf gouramis have tons of personality and are very colorful. You could put in a male with 2 females and maybe some tetras or danios.

    Or you could do a tank of Sparkling gouramis. They're small (only get up to about 1.5" -2") but are pretty colorful. They're also known as Croaking or Pygmy gouramis.

    They look like this:


  6. sakura.seppun

    sakura.seppun New Member

    LMAO, oops. Could have sworn that the sign at Petco said Runny nose, which made a lot of sense with the red mouth. Thanks for correcting me. ^.^
  7. Nameless

    Nameless New Member

    I am not too fond of swordtails so I'll cancell them off my list. Don't mollies need special water conditions? So they are on hold for now. I think I might add one or two male guppies and a male dwarf gourami. I love neon tetras, sparkling gourami and blue crayfish.

    How big do the blue crayfish get?

    So how would my bioload be if I added one dwarf gourami, a male guppy and two or three neon tetras?

    Thanks for all your help!
  8. sakura.seppun

    sakura.seppun New Member

    Blue Crayfish only get to about 5 inches, they run for around 17 dollars where I'm from.

    So far, it sounds like you want exactly what I'm planning on getting.
  9. Fish Addict

    Fish Addict New Member

  10. Aqueous

    Aqueous New Member

    Personally, I think you could get away with a dwarf gourami, a male guppy with 2 females and around 5 neon tetras.

    If you want go the cichlid route German Rams are pretty neat fish.
  11. Nameless

    Nameless New Member

    Wouldn't the crayfish hurt my fish or no?
  12. Trickster

    Trickster New Member

    Every fish (included crays) has a mind of its own, it may or may not hurt ur other fish, i like the Dwarf gourami, guppies and tetra tank idea, sounds great
  13. :o)rosie:o)

    :o)rosie:o) New Member

    I'm pretty sure your crayfish would eat, or atempt to eat your other fish, is you were to buy one.
  14. dude412

    dude412 New Member

    The Crayfish may have a mind of its own but it does have instincts also and thats to be carniverous and eat fish who knows you could get lucky but the porbability is so low its not worth it
  15. Fish Addict

    Fish Addict New Member

    i wouldn't put crayfish
  16. Nameless

    Nameless New Member

    How about if I put it with my senegal bichir?
  17. Nameless

    Nameless New Member

    How about if I put the crayfish with my senegal bichir and then I add two platies to the other tank, will that work? I need a blue or white fish to complement my white substrate and blue and peach decor and back ground.
  18. M_wm

    M_wm New Member

    Crayfish are mean little things dont bother adding one
  19. Nameless

    Nameless New Member

    AWWWW! The thing is that they look soo cool in a tank. Especially with my shell decorations and tank setup, they would look great!
  20. sakura.seppun

    sakura.seppun New Member

    as the others here have stated, it might just be the individual personality, but mine are getting along with everything, I even have 2 newts.

    I guess you'll just have to use discretion.

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