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Strange wound on calico

Discussion in 'Cats - all breeds / types' started by Veryscared, May 5, 2010.

  1. Veryscared

    Veryscared New Member

    It started with this sickly looking scab on her tummy, all the fur was nasty and matted around it. The lesion (I think that'd be the best term for it) was about the size of a quarter and UNDER the fur. We took her to the vent just over a month ago and the vet excised the wound. Now it's got a massive cut about a quarter of an inch deep in her belly and it just WONT heal. She's 13 or 14 now and so the vet wouldn't put her under for stitches because they say she might not live through the anesthetics.

    We were really diligent about treating it with the wash and ointment the vet gave us, but it DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. All it did was stop the wound from getting infected, it just didn't heal! We had the kitty cone and everything and the wound wouldn't get smaller.

    About $500 in expensive medicine later the family has called it quits and now it's getting really bad v.v. The wound on her belly is turning all white and it's got what looks to me like a little polyp forming and it smells absolutely horrid (If I hold her to look at it I can smell it from 2-3 feet away).

    And she has a big mass of fur clumped on her neck with what feels like a little bumpy scab, just how the first one started!!!

    I don't know what to do, I'm so scared. She's my snuggle buddy and I can't stand the thought of putting her down, but I also don't want the wound to go septic and have her die from illness because that's just a horrible way to go. Right now she's still chipper and happy but I'm so worried.
  2. sunset05

    sunset05 New Member

    I'm sorry you are all going through this. I don't have any advice but hope your kitty will improve. I guess the best thing is to follow your vet's advice and follow your heart.
  3. Veryscared

    Veryscared New Member

    Thanks. :)

    >.> Hoping for some sagely advice D:
  4. Kenimet

    Kenimet New Member

    Try a second opinion

    So sorry that your fur baby is sick. Please seek a second opinion and if it is any where near good demand that they test for the causation of this sore and get an antibotic that will target it.
  5. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    From what you are saying it sounds to me like it has become infected.
    People seem to think that all these washes and ointments will work but animals are like humans what works for one might not work for another.

    Your vet didn't have to stitch it they could have used Steristrips like they use on cuts in humans, They are just sticking strips which keep the wound pulled closed till it heals.

    If the wound is not closing and healing then it could be down to her age as things slow down as animals age.
    I would take her back to the vets and get it cleaned and ask for the strips because i do not want to say this but chances are the infection could spread to the blood and cause scepsis which i am affraid will make her really poorly and worse death.

    Please keep us updated

  6. Kenimet

    Kenimet New Member

    Excellant advice from Charmedagain

    Charmedagain has some excellant advice. I know from experience that the wound needs to be closed and the strips are one of the best ways and you can apply them at home if need be.

    Something I will add here is to seek out a Vet who specializes in small animals. I spent a few years going to a Vet that knew all the big ones, but didn't know or care about small animals. Our Vet we use now has a small animal specialist that he has come in 2 days a week. Believe me it makes all the difference.

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