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Striped eel - information required

Discussion in 'Fish and Aquarium - all types' started by jason, Mar 2, 2005.

  1. jason

    jason New Member

    they all I was wondering if anybody had some information on a striped eel I got it from Big Als and they said that could live in a cichlid tank but I need more info like what they eat how big they get and where they come from.

    Thanks in Advance
  2. t_chelle16

    t_chelle16 New Member

    The only info I could find was for a striped eel catfish (Plotosus lineatus).
    http://www.planetcatfish.com/images/ful ... atus/1.jpg

    If that's what you have, return it because it is a marine fish, not freshwater. I also highly recommend you research fish before buying them.

  3. Fish Addict

    Fish Addict New Member

    if its not dead yet i would return it and research your fish before buying
  4. jason

    jason New Member

    sorry I said it wrong it was a spiny eel
  5. jason

    jason New Member

    does any one have some info on vampire shrimp

    Thanks in Advance
  6. jason

    jason New Member

    is any one going to fricken answer me
  7. grnlemonade

    grnlemonade New Member

    not if we dont know the answers
  8. jason

    jason New Member

    ya I now sorry so nobody has every heard of a vampire shrimp
  9. grnlemonade

    grnlemonade New Member

    i did a quick search on google and didnt come up with anything except for stuff about buffy the vampire layer....lol......hmmm, u have any pics of it maybe or other common names?
  10. asiankatie

    asiankatie New Member

    Re: can I have some help

    so from what you said its a spiny eel? well if you have it with cichlids of course make sure that you have some nice hiding spots for your eel. ^_^

    theres a few different types of spiny eels so if you could be more specific? i could tell you how big its gonna get... im guessing youre not a totally idiot and didnt get the giant deep sea type and you got the freshwater..

    but heres a little something with what im guessing your eel type is.. i'm guessing it might be a Macrognathus aculeatus/Spotted Spiny Eel??? orrrr it could more likely be the spiny eel also known as the zigzag eel or the tiretrack eel.. for that it would look something like, the body is golden brown and has two rows of darker brown oval blotches down either side of it... so yeah let me know more info but i mean if it is that.. yeah feed it like i talk about in the next paragraph. also, if you can reduce tank light it might come out during the day.. maybe.. and whatever you give it to kickit in (its alcove thinger) uhm.. make sure that the stuff in there is soft.. not hard rock gravel as it can get scraped up pretty easy. so in there put some either sand or soft small gravel. ^_^ uhh lets see temp between 72-82F it CAN get as big as 28" but probably wont. thats like the BIGGESTTTTT!!! :shock: they say ur tank should be about 40g or so.

    more imediately the eel is a carnivore feed him either live or frozen brine shrimp or blood worms mmmm. if you get the gum drop bloodworms that are frozen, be sure to thaw it out and make sure that he gets it and not ur other fish.. you may need to drop it specifically down to him. depending on the size of your tank i hear that things like turkey basters or pipettes if its smaller will work. personally i have to feed my little froggy like that cuz my betta always steals his worms.. but i just use tweezers and push it down to him with a chopstick (yeah i know.. its really really asian of me) its like he wont eat it unless its in his face.

    uhm but yeah hook it up with some more info for me and i can give you more too.. i hope this helps you and that your eel is doin okay. ^_^
  11. jason

    jason New Member

    asiankatie thanks for your help I think it is a zig zag eel can I get more info on them please and do you anything about a shrimp called a vampire shrimp, they grow about 2 and a half inches they got thing that almost look like fangs
    Thanks in advance
    PEACE :eek:
  12. asiankatie

    asiankatie New Member

    :) yeah no problem. ok so a zig zag eel. okay not sure what of this i already said but pardon if i reiterate a little... temp should be between 73-81 pH between 6-7.5. also u can add a little bit of salt to the tank if you want

    they do best with a diet of live food but you can probably use frozen as live can be kinda messy etc. feed him stuff like bloodworms, brine shrimp, tubifex worms or fish fry. feel free to change it up as you go too. but try not to change it too much at the beginning cuz he could really like one of them and then only wait out for that one like starving himself. oh yeah and he probably wont grow much more than 6" in captivity. if you can at all have floating plants too it will help with some of the light in the tank in turn you might see more of him. uhh fine gravel is preferred in the tank but if not try and get really fine or sand even is better inside of the thing that youre giving him, like a castle or a cove. they kinda like to burrow so the hard gravel can hurt him. uhh lets see what else, uhh theyre good community fish try and keep the tankmates not too small.

    vampire shrimp you say? do they look like..

    well lets see they can get up to like 6in i heard. u must have a pretty big tank.. uh a couple other common names for this shrimp is Blue Mole Shrimp and Cameroon Fan Shrimp. its a freshwater originating from Africa. anyways water temp is between 70-80.. uhh its a filter shrimp so it basically eats all the sh*t off the ground. however, if you feel that ur shrimp isnt getting enough or there isnt enough in your tank to feed the lil guy, you can go to a local pet store and pick up some microfood for it, if you go to the pet store they should know what ur talking about. cuz most shrimp that are filter shrimp eat the same thing, well fish poo. if they dont know what ur talking about you can name a couple more filter shrimp like wood shrimp or flower shrimp. uhh yeah they dont really take much work.


    if you have any more questions or i left anything out let me know

    good luck with ur new pets ^_^

    EDIT: I fixed your image. Our forum software doesn't accept HTML tags. --Chelle

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