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submit your fish and tanks

Discussion in 'Fish and Aquarium - all types' started by otmmy205, Jan 16, 2005.

  1. otmmy205

    otmmy205 New Member

    33 galon
    1-pepper cory
    2-jewle cichlid
    1-panda cory
    soon to killifish
    5-guppie fry
    nothing yet
  2. t_chelle16

    t_chelle16 New Member

    1/4 gallon:
    basically just has a few plants and some small snails

    Two 3 gallons:
    1 betta & 2 black mystery snails each

    5 gallon (antique tank I just picked up today)
    currently empty but will eventually house the bettas & snails from the 3 gallons.

    10 gallon (it's overstocked, but it's a planted tank)
    1 dwarf gourami
    2 emerald catfish
    4 pygmy cories
    1 oto
    2 african dwarf frogs

    20 gallon (grow out tank so the inventory is always changing)
    Currently has:
    10 kenyi
    11 yellow labs
    7 red zebras
    2 auratus
    5 black mystery snails

    55 gallon
    1 oscar
    2 plecos (one or both are leaving in the spring)
    5 little african cichlid fry that the oscar was supposed to eat but didn't so now I need to catch & remove them :mad:

    75 gallon (more fish to come)
    2 auratus
    3 kenyi
    2 red zebras
    2 yellow labs
    2 ob peacocks
    2 socolofi
    2 albino socolofi
    about 20 black mystery snails

    750 gallon pond (more fish to come in the spring)
    3 fantail goldfish
    2 shubunkin goldfish
    8 rosey minnows

  3. otmmy205

    otmmy205 New Member

    what are yellow labs and what do pygmy cories look like
  4. grnlemonade

    grnlemonade New Member

    yellow lab is a type of cichlid...i cnt remember teh full name, but it starts off with lab. go to google.com , click images, then type in the fish you want to look for then enter the search. should bring up many pictures of the fish.
  5. Aqueous

    Aqueous New Member

    Yellow Lab (Labidochromis caeruleus)


    Pygmy cories:


    20 Gallon
    3 Neon Tetras
    2 Platy Fry
    2 Panda Cories
    1 Albino Cory
    1 Bronze Cory
    1 Betta
    3 Oto cats

    20 Gallon
    2 Dwarf Gouramis
    5 Zebra Danios (1 is possibly a Leopard Danio but sold as a Zebra Danio)
    1 RTS (moving to a 30G as soon as it cycles)

    30 Gallon
    Nothing yet.. Will house the RTS (not sure what else yet)

    Various 2-3 Gallon Tanks
    7 Bettas (1 to each tank)
  6. t_chelle16

    t_chelle16 New Member

    Yup, that's a yellow lab. And there's 3 species called pygmy cories. I have C. habrosus which look like this:


  7. Blau_the_cow

    Blau_the_cow New Member

    20 gallon:
    8 young mollies (product of my unfortunate pregnant birthday present)
    1 strawberry tetra
    1 pleco

    35 gallon:
    1 pleco at the mo'

    next week I'm going "fishing" for orandas and ryukins for that tank.

    I noticed that Aqueous has a betta along with some neon tetras as well as other things.. I always heard that tetras would nip at the bettas fins... do they do this in your tank Aqueous?

    I was planning to get some neons after my mollies are all gone and I really wanted a betta too, but I heard that they cant be put together. Is that true?
  8. dude412

    dude412 New Member

    20 gallon
    1 jellybean fish
    2 redtailed sharks

    35-(getting these fish)
    1 albino cory cat
    3 fruit loop tetras
    3-4 fancy guppis
    1 dwarf puffer

    and im looking at whalefish anyone got any info????????
  9. Aqueous

    Aqueous New Member

    I've never had a problem with it. When I put my betta in I had 6 neons in my tank (now down to 3) and none of them have ever gone after my betta's fins. For the most part my neons are just happy hanging out with one another and the odd time they get too close for comfort with my betta he has no problem chasing them off a bit or seperating himself from them. I've also heard that other people have had problem keeping neons and bettas together though. Guess it just depends on the fish.

    I'm usually the one to get the odd fish though :roll: .
  10. M_wm

    M_wm New Member

    5-gallon 1 goldfish (hes in there temperarly) and its got a ac300 filter

    20g ok now this is overstalked but only temp also
    2- angel
    1-blue guaramis (was in my 55g till my fish decided they wanted to eat him)
    1- Red tail Black Shark
    2-Neons my neons have slowly died off
    2- Blood finn tetras
    1- pleco which also was in my 55g but i had to move him
    2-cherry barbs
    Its planted to...with fake plants though :( ill hopefully plant it soon

    2 Breeding Jack Dempseys with some fry
  11. tski22

    tski22 New Member

    75 gallon saltwater
    -Percula Clownfish
    -Regal (blue) Tang
    -Yellow Tang
    -Decorative crab, some hermit and emerald crabs.
    - Long tentacle anemone
    - basically becoming a reef tank slowly has a few opther coral and like 60 lbs of live rock.

    35 gallon.
    -Firemouths that Im trying to breed.

    15 gallon (mixed community)
    -Jsut a few small things ... Open To Suggestions.. thewy would be great thanks.

  12. t_chelle16

    t_chelle16 New Member

    LOL. I bet that tank's got quite a bit of current in it. :)

    Oh and here's my spiffy "new" 5 gallon. It's probably about 40 years old has a slate bottom & stainless steel frame. And amazingly enough, it doesn't leak. I'm still going to run some new silicone along the corners just to be safe so ignore the tape on the glass.


  13. grnlemonade

    grnlemonade New Member

    wow, nice....how did you get ahold of that piece, t_chelle?
  14. M_wm

    M_wm New Member

    Haha you know it, Nice old tank to :y_the_best: The lid of my AC300 is like 1/2 the size of the tank
  15. t_chelle16

    t_chelle16 New Member

    At an antique shop outside of Kansas City. I actually saw it about a month ago, but at the time I didn't think I had a use for it. I kept thinking about it (if it where a newer, all glass tank, I wouldn't have given it a second thought, but I like old, somewhat unusual things) and I finally decided to go back to get it on Saturday. It was only $4 and came with a free dead june bug.

  16. M_wm

    M_wm New Member

    :y_the_best: Lucky you a free dead june bug! Im jelous :x
    Nice tank for $4 tho!
  17. halinar

    halinar New Member

    Nice tank.... I'm impressed that it's still sealed.
    I had a 50 gallon in that style forever (it was my dad's back in his days) but it got to leaking all the time and I had to give it up. Plus moving that beast was a back breaker.
  18. t_chelle16

    t_chelle16 New Member

    I went ahead and added some fresh silicone over the old stuff (looks more like tar/pitch than silicone) just to be on the safe side. I've had it set up for a few weeks now as a quarantine tank and still haven't had any leaks. Because of it's odd dimensions (14 x 8 ), I had to have glass specially cut for the top and I'm making the light fixture myself. When I'm done using it for quarantine, I'm going to put a divider in it, add a bunch of plants (including a moss wall) and move my 2 bettas and 4 pygmy cories into it.

  19. tyler_medeiros

    tyler_medeiros New Member

    75 Gallon
    18 gold fish

    20 Gallon

    5 Gallon
    2 Micky Mouse platies
  20. t_chelle16

    t_chelle16 New Member

    What type of goldfish are in your 75? Is that just a temporary set up, or is it supposed to be their permanant home? Even if they're the smaller, fancy goldfish, 18 is an awful lot for a 75 gallon.


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