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The American Pit bull Constituion

Discussion in 'Dogs - Pit bull breeds specific' started by tybrax, Feb 7, 2005.

  1. tybrax

    tybrax New Member

    I found this an interesting old letter: if anyone's interested..

    > From the Staffordshire Standard-Bearer, Vol.1, No.10, Dated October 1,
    > 1958. Reprinted in STCA's mag, 3rd qtr 95, submitted by Mrs.
    > I.N.Stinson and Jennifer Cullison
    > ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    > The Constitution of the Staffordshire Terrier Club of America
    > says: "The object of this Club shall be to encourage the breeding of
    > purebred Staffordshire Terriers, more commonly know in this country
    > as "Yankee Terriers" or "American Pit Bullterriers"; to develop and
    > bring to perfection their naturally high qualities;...."
    > Please note that our Constitution recognizes that the
    > Staffordshire Terrier and the American Pit Bullterrier as one and the
    > same. Also, that one of the objects of the club is to develop and bring
    > to perfection their NATURALLY high qualities.
    > The American Pit Bullterrier is one of the oldest American
    > Breeds. It was popular in this country before either the United Kennel
    > Club or American Kennel Club was founded. A hundred years ago my
    > grandfather referred to it as Brindle Bull dog; as such it was the
    > foundation stock of the Boston Terrier. Fifty years ago when I first
    > became acquainted with the breed it was known as the American Bull
    > Terrier. This name was popularly adopted to distinguish it from the
    > then recently imported (white, English) Bullterrier which had been
    > developed by crossing the English prototype of our breed with an all-
    > white English Terrier about 1860. Later the UKC inserted the word "Pit"
    > into the name and my first registered dog was a Pit Bull Terrier. Still
    > later the AKC classified them as Staffordshire Terriers.
    > Throughout its history, regardless of its name, the naturally
    > high qualities which it is the object of the Parent Club to develop and
    > bring to perfection, hae been typical of the breed. during the past 22
    > years we have tried to breed the best traditional type. The physical
    > characteristics of this type as expressed in our official Standard were
    > set by over a century and a half of selective breeding for the perfect
    > Pit dog. The temperamental characteristics were set by untold centuries
    > of selective breeding for a trustworthy guard dog and companion. The
    > Staffordshire Terrier is not a new breed. If it is purebred all its
    > ancestors a few generations back were American Pit Bullterriers, and
    > all of its characteristics should be typical of the "natural high
    > qualities" of the American Pit Bullterrier.
    > The name Staffordshire Terrier is of recent origin. When the
    > American Kennel Club decided to recognize our breed they already had a
    > breed registered simply as "Bullterrier" with a parent club known as
    > the "Bullterrier Club of America". Any combination of American and
    > Bullterrier was thought to be confusing. THE NEW NAME WAS NEVER
    > INTENDED TO INDICATE A NEW BREED. (emphasis present in letter as
    > written)
    > During the negotiations for recognition our people encountered
    > considerable opposition, chiefly from the well entrenched Bullterrier
    > group. It was claimed that our breed, the American Pit Bullterrier, was
    > vicious and mean, suitable only for pit fighting, unreliable and not a
    > fit companion of man or beast. After considerable work involving
    > countless hours of conference and research our people were able to
    > persuade the AKC that the American Pit Bullterrier was a loyal and
    > affectionate companion, fit to be accepted into the best human and
    > canine society.
    > >
    > In the past several months this smear campaign against our
    > breed has been resumed. This time it is being carried on
    > by "Staffordshire Terrier people". ALthough they cannot deny that only
    > a few generations back all our stock was UKC registered American Pit
    > Bullterriers, they seem to think they can increase the popularity of
    > our breed by claiming American Pit Bullterriers are vicious, have to be
    > fed through a heavy wire fence with longhandled shovels, etc.
    > >
    > One kennel advertising in a dog magazine says that their
    > kennel "added a quality that is indispensable if a dog is to be a
    > companion and make his home with his master rather than to be chained
    > to awaiting his death in the pits". This they have done in about 15
    > years, having bred a few generations? Teddy Roosevelt, who owned and
    > loved one of our dogs for its loyal companionship before these people
    > were born would say "Bosh!"
    > >
    > Another "friend" who is more vitriolic started out to buy a
    > bullterrier two years ago and ended up with a Staf. Since then he has
    > become an expert on the breed and its bloodlines. None of the enemies
    > of our breed were ever so vicious in their attacks on it. His diatribes
    > are filled with references to neurotic, escapee(s) from the couch and
    > denunciations of UKC registered dogs. I wonder how he would classify
    > himself if in his truthseeking he learned that both the sire and dam of
    > his dogs are registered with UKC as American Pit Bullterriers.
    > >
    > I have a Staffordshire Terrier - American Pit Bullterrier who
    > talks. The other night, before he started his supper, he bowed his head
    > and I heard him say: "Protect me from my friends, I can protect myself
    > from my enemies."
    > W.M.Whitaker
    > Sept.11, 1958

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