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The hog and dog catch competitions...

Discussion in 'Dogs - Pit bull breeds specific' started by mdslinger69, May 6, 2004.

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  1. mdslinger69

    mdslinger69 New Member

    I am one of the people that help run a hog dog catch and someone that runs my dog in them. i just wanted to get some feed back on the event and the new bill they are trying to pass in Louisiana to outlaw having hogs in a fenced in area and catching hogs in a fenced in area. 8)
  2. Sara

    Sara New Member

    Well I think it depends...

    Are they trying to BAN the practice or just regulate it better. I think in moderation it's not that bad...but if done improperly etc... It could be just as bad as illegal thug dog fights...It's just a barbaric...
  3. mdslinger69

    mdslinger69 New Member

    they are trying to ban catching hogs period or keeping them in a pen, but they are allowing bay pens to stay open and keep hogs. the event is not as barbaric as you would think. they catch last only a few seconds, it will only get bad when you mis match the sizes of hogs to dogs, yeah a 100lbs dog and a 20 lb hog would bet bad but not when the size is close.people also get mad when we cut the tusk out the hog, but if we didnt they would be getting upset cause the dog could get cut. to me, i hate dog fighting, but the hog catch competitions gives dog fighters a way out of trouble, plus no dogs die at these practices or competitions. :eek:
  4. Sara

    Sara New Member

    Both practices are barbaric no matter how you look at it. Matching dogs like they did in the old days isn't much different than hog catching. I'm not saying I'm against it because I'm not...as long as it's done within reason. The problem I see with it is that it's kind of hipocritical to let people use penned hogs to catch in a competition and not allow bull baiting (done within the same reason and guidlines, and dog fighting/matching). If they're going to allow people to set their dog on a hog who has no hope of getting away...there's little to NO difference.

    I'm all for hog hunting with dogs (THAT's different than a hog in a pen).

    If one's illegal then everything similar should be illegal for the same reasons... If you can hog catch then why can't you do ratting comps, or matches between dogs with regulations?

    Do you see my point?

    I think it's a great outlet but it's an extreme form of hipociticisizm from the government and I feel that it's wrong.
  5. Angie

    Angie New Member


    The news report:

    Also, all the way at the end of the post about the hog catching ban, you can click on COMMENTS and there are 5 comments that people made about the issue/news report.

    mdslinger69, where are you located in Louisiana? Im in La too.
  6. True_Pits

    True_Pits New Member

    How exactly is it a way out of trouble?

    Its a possibility but not a real reliable one. The dogs getting into "accidents" isn't holding up as good as it used to. With that they will still keep their eyes on you and do further investigation. They even have self "detectives" that go around photographing people's homes and pets if those pets are Pit Bulls. Which is ludacris!!! They suspect everyone and anyone with adults & pups. You have to have an EXCUSE and reason to breed. I don't like BYBs and there should be a reason to breed a dog, but look how many BYBs there are of every breed. If your one with Pits and don't have a reason for breeding the dogs like Show or Weight pull! Accidents may not be the best take because they will say the dogs are vicious and dangerous, or even trained to fight. Its like if you have a dog aggressive Pit Bull that dog must have been trained to fight and bated/killed small animals, yet there are many other breeds out there that have dog aggression, Pits aren't allowed to be. Having accidents must mean you made the dogs "mean". With hog hunting its a legal, legit sport and a way to be a part of something and reasons that you may have a marked up dog. On the other hand hog competitions with penned hogs don't really help this when there are wild hogs to really hunt. People in some areas are looking to do away with the penned hunts but still allow the wild hunts to be legal. If you cut the tusk off the boar then its not likely a dog is going to be injured, which wouldn't keep some one out of trouble. In a wild hunt, with a fully intact wild boar the dog can get messed over pretty good and even die so you can have "hog hunting" dogs, hunting wild hogs not in a penned hunt.
  7. mdslinger69

    mdslinger69 New Member

    Angie, i am from clinton, where the pen is that all the papers are centered around. there is a meeting to be held tuesday mourning at 9 at the state capital to vote on a bill to pass the law to abolish hog catching in Louisiana. i will be there to show my support for the hog rodeo. i hope this sport will continue to grow because what would i do with all my dogs that are trained for this, i know i still can woods hunt with them, but they tend to get injuried and i dont like to harm my dogs.. these events give me something to do that is fun for me and my dog with a little profit for both of us. :)
  8. daddyfs

    daddyfs New Member

    Cuttin the Hogs tusks off.. that sooo stupid.. thats like havin your hands tied behind you back and forced to defend yourself.. I think if your gonna have your dog participate in an event like this, the hog should be intact.. I really dont see how this is MORALLY better than dog fights.. Your dog can be hurt and even killed.. also im pretty sure the hog with his TUSKS CUTT OFF isnt too thrilled with the event either
  9. k9resq

    k9resq New Member

    The bottom line is why make sport of any activity that involves any form of animal cruelty?? Why would anyone want to be involved in a sport that risks harm or even death to an innocent animal just for human pleasure and profit?? It sickens me...... :cry:
  10. mdslinger69

    mdslinger69 New Member

    you really have no idea what your talking about. Hog catching and dog fighting are to completly different sports. for one hog catching is legal and dog fighting isnt. In dog fighting one of the animals will most probaly die. In hog catching in events they never die, that for one makes it a 100 times better. the hogs really dont know any different from having tusk or not having them, they still do the same thing no matter what. By removing the tusk you cut the chances of hurting the dogs and you want to leave them so the dog can be harmed? now that just re god damn dicoulus. To you anything that includes the use of a pitbull should be illegal or is cruel in some way . :eek:
  11. True_Pits

    True_Pits New Member

    mdslinger69 you don't know what you're talking about, no more than daddyfs does so maybe neither of you should talk if you don't know what you're talking about. Make sense?

    Leg vs Illegal, wll they are trying to make these illegal and what is legal isn't always moral or right in many peoples opinion dog fighting used to be legal so did segregation, but laws change as time goes on.

    In dog fighting one of the animals rarely dies. Since what you said isn't true about one of the dogs dying then it must also be assumed that it isn't 100 times better. It is to you because you like it, but not everyone has the same views as you.

    Cutting the tusk off is in no way stupid. It protects the dog and I doubt the hog knows the difference its like cutting your finger nails or hairs. Its kind of silly and I'm not into hog catch competitions and to me they are useless because they don't similate a real hunt. Real hog hunting is cool though. I've heard that most field trials don't similate real hunts either. Some have but most do not and its just some form of competition without a real meaning and a dog that wins may be useless in a real hunt. Just like most conformation standards are totally off from what the original breed would look like or way off from the working version making the dog being bred to the breed standard useless once again.
  12. mdslinger69

    mdslinger69 New Member

    if your name reflected any of its meaning you would know that hog catching is 100 times better than dog fighting, to think other wise would be about the most retarted thing i ever heard. dog fighting is stupid and hurts every dog that takes place in it, dont try to say they dont cause you know its true. Another thing, i know more about hog catching with pit bulls than anyone on this site, including you true pit.catch competitions prepare dogs for hunts in the woods, we have practice sessions just for this purpose, so again your wrong. About the tusk removal, what good would it do to leave them on? i mean really? its the most freaking stupidest thing i ever heard of. you really think its worth it for your dog to get cut up and you cant even keep the hog that he caught?? you need to realize that hog catching and competitions are a great way to make good use of any dog type, and it is a way out from dog fighting, i personnaly have never fought dogs, but from the people that i have talked to they said that if they knew about hog catching sooner they would never of fought dogs. maybe it was legal back in the day , but like you said many things were legal, but we dont need a history lesson do we, tom, tuesday @ 9 a.m they will be voting on wiether to pass or veto a bill banning hog catching in pens, this is the present thats what counts, and thats all i care about. i love hog hunting and competitons,, if you dont like it , just dont go and dont give dumb ass comments against it, because most likely if your really dont like either your have never been or have a dog, or your a animal rights tree hugging activist, and thats fine, just keep to yourself and let us be . sorry if i caused any sore feelings, but hogs have caused more harm to me and my family then any dog will ever to to them . :eek:
  13. True_Pits

    True_Pits New Member

    I don't know WTF your problem is? Maybe you just need to grow thicker skin and it would probably be great to go back to kindergarten and get a reading lesson along with showing respect to other people? What exactly does my name mean? I choose it and have used it as my handle. Do you know what it means? Or what it means to me? Which has nothing to do with hog catching. I asked a question and one that you can't validate. Why is it 100 times, why not 10 times or 200 times? Whats your measurement? Its better because you like it. I like showing my dogs in conformation, although I know some one with a CH ACE that continues to pull the dog and will ACE it out as many times possibly. Why because weight pull is *better* than coformation and showing is just boring. Thats one persons opinion, you are narrow minded if you believe everyone is going to agree on the same thing and enjoy the same sport you do. To me weight pull is okay but boring because you may have to weight all day for your class to come up, dogs get bored, you keep having to empty them out, but I'm just one person with an opinion.
    You say dog fighting is stupid while a couple people said it was stupid and daddyfs said it was stupid to cut their tusk off. So thats their "weak" opinion. When people start saying this or that is stupid I stop listening because they have no way to back up what they are saying and simple say thats "stupid" or "dumb". I never said fighting dogs they don't get hurt, and dogs on hunts get hurt and killed too. But not very often.

    Here you show your immaturity and lack of reading.
    LOL everybody who can read this is what I said.

    and its right up there in my previous post and you can't lie and say I never said or that I said leaving the tusk on is good or taking them off is stupid.

    thats nice that you talked to those people, I know people who hog hunt (real hunts) and they never quit matching dogs just because they started hunting hogs.
  14. mdslinger69

    mdslinger69 New Member

    i never said that you didnt say that removing the tusk was a good idea, i was just clarifying this to everyone. All this stuff about the hog rodeo and being better than other things, it's just my opinion as of yours about weight pulling being boring. Its my opinion and i am intitled to it. Sorry that you got your panies in a wade. Didnt mean to offend you in anyway or piss you off. yeah , i love hog catching in the woods and in the arena, but thats just me , not everyone , i know that , didnt every say that anyone didnt "sucked" or was "stupid" if they didnt. I said they "suck" or are "stupid" if they think its like fighting dogs or worse. I also never said that you did fight dogs. But you seem to know a lot about it, so true pits what do you do with your pits if you hate weight pulling, dislike hog catching and not to fond of fighting? just show? And to the people,just my opinion now dont get made true, this catch challenge is not only for pits, i have a black lab and a english bulldog that competes also. Most people down the sport just because they think if a pit bull thing and if pits are involved its bad and need to be stopped. It wont be stopped, it will do the same as dog fighting has done and go underground. i havent pertisapated in theses events in a few weeks because my 2 pits were stolen out the front seat of my truck at the catch comp. it really sucks, because i know some ass whole has taken them to fight them and theres nothing i can do about it. they would never take them to a catch even though they have won countless trophys because at the comp. people know each other and thier dogs , its a more secure, safe, friendly, and social place. And the 100 times thing your making such a big deal about, its just for emphasis. Also your name true pits, true pits is just that , what pits were breed for, protection, obedience, hog catching, and fighting. Thats a true pit. Anything you want to ask me that you dont think i can back up just go ahead and ask, i will give you a answer to the best of my ability. I am not trying to start and message battle with you, i just wanted some feedback, but you always get more that you expect sometimes huh. well i cant wait for your feedback, and i apologize again if i made you a enemy.
  15. loves-da-pits

    loves-da-pits New Member

    mdslinger69: I am in no way an expert on Pitbull breeding, fighting, or competiton. But what I do know is that the people who do love this breed of dog wants to break the stigma that is associated with it.
    Anyone who knows Pits know these are the worse dogs for protection. If you want to protect something, Pits will be the first dog to assist in anyone wanting to violate your property. Obedience: Pits were bred to love their Masters. They want nothing more that to please. Hog Catching: They are working dogs by nature. Catching and holding strong wild game is one of the oldest uses of bulldogs, and Pitbulls are still used for this sport in some parts of the world. The southern part of the U.S. is home to a huge wild boar that are among the most formidable of opponents. Fighting: In a heated battle beween dogs the Pitbull was trained to discriminate between biting another dog and biting a human. A True Pit is deserving of a True Master and to recieve the respect that is due to him/her. The longer people like you think what Pits were bred for, protection, obedience, hog catchng, and fighting, it makes it harder for the people who love this breed, to defend the APBT to their city governments, and for the right to have have them.
  16. True_Pits

    True_Pits New Member

    It seemed to me you were the one who got uptight and for no reason. Like you said we are all intilted to our opinions but when its different and some one doesn't like hog catching comps then you seemed to get upset. You do have a right to be upset if some one is ignorant and calling the sport "stupid", but you have done the same thing in reference to dog fighting. They should have reasonings behind not liking something instead of labelling it as stupid. The hog hunting has already been discussed many times with the same opinions. Some totally hate it, others dont mind, others support it. Some who partially agree with it Do you expect no trouble when you bring this up? To compare or pit it against dog fighting as the hog hunting being better? That only has a reverse effect. If it is an ok thing and graet then why even mention dog fighting, which most people are clueless about and equally clueless of hog hunting. This will only fuse the two in the mind as the same category when presented in that manner. Its better than dog fighting? Some people agree but will say things like Maybe its a notch better, maybe its less barbaric, then when you introduce it as better or not as bad as, ect that just adds to it. People may think poorly of it and not even understand it. Its also very funny the way you and others down play dogs fighting or pit it against dog fighting to make your sport sound better or more exceptable. I don't think these animal rights wackos care. If its good and ok then why compare it to something else in order to sell it thats what I don't understand. Especially if you mention the other thing. So if the law passes then you will still continue? Thats what I took it as in your other post because I was going to ask about that.
    Maybe if we acted more like grown ups for a minute. I know more about game dogs then anyone else here including you. But I'm not here to get into a knowledge battle over tome topics , whats better, who's better or who knows more immature arguement. Of course you know more about it, I would hope so if you're competing. Which all really means jack to most people here who could care less about either thing.
    You said I was wrong before, you are wrong and make false statements.
    I find it none of your concern what I do with my dogs and no I'm not a show fancier. There is no need for disccusion on my dogs, for those who know them or would be interested they know how to find me. I'm not here to advertise or have a discussion on mine.
    And I would get mad because????? No kidding they use Catahoulas and Dogo Argentinos and real hog hunts which are not Pit Bulls.
    Thats sad but what were they doing in the front of your truck? It sucks to have dogs stolen but it happens. I don't leave mine unattened in vehicals because I'm way to paranoid about taking the risk. Atleast I'm always told I'm paranoid of dog theives but people don't understand its a real risk. So how do you know they are taken for fighting? And not for pets, breeding, ect. What do your dogs have to offer to in the Pit that would really make them valuable in this event. I supposed it could be likely and possible but I've seen too many Pits stolen and done nothing but be bred or chained in some ones fenced yard not too far from where it was stolen. Stupid people that even live on the same block want a Pit so they take it and get caught months later. Or damn people looking for you to put out a reward and get some extra cash.
    If its so secure, friendly and safe how did your dogs get stolen. Wasn't anyone looking out for you? Woulnd't people notice some one with your dogs wasn't you? Doesn't it scare you that people can just walk off with your dogs and you are none the wiser until you find them missing. People steal dogs at shows too when the owners leave them out of site.
    So thats your opinion. I wasn't ever trying to say you couldn't "back up" my questions with answers. So basically to your a True Pit is a dog that is bred for something whether it be protection (something they were never created to do, but have become good at) OB (well they can be determined and do listen well or their feelings get hurt), hog catching (subdueing something it is a Pit job but many others breed can and are bred to do it) and fighting (something they were created for and excell at, the only other is the Tosa Inu). So your opinion is broad and can cover these things and maybe even others? And what does this have to do with my name since I don't really like hog catching comps now that shouldn't be my name? I shouldn't have my dogs? Or what. Your post doens't make sense it said if my name reflected its meaning then I would know that hog catching is 100 times better than dog fighting. Yet you mentioned dog fighting as part of your discription of a true pit and hog catching comps to me have nothing to do with a true Pit or one thing being better than another. No matter what that is. comparing one or saying that one is better has nothing to do with my name. I did define what I believed to be a true Pit and a good rep of the breed just ealier today. I'll basically put the same thing here.

    Here is a good example and representation of the American Pit Bull Terrier.[​IMG]
    He is to the standard and a big part of it. With almost perfect conformation. Proved himself, made GR CH and won 2 more, beat GR CH Sandman in over 3 hours, and proved he could produce just as great. Bolio/Tombstone bred (Little TaterX Red Lady ROM) Basically GR CH Buck is what the breed should be and what breeders should be striving to produce. *Perfect* as possible conformation, deep gameness, proven producer, good temperament, and rep for the breed and lines he came from and the line that was based upon him which continues to thrive. Honest bulldogs, bred true and show true. One like GR CH BUCK ROM who has proven to be a true APBT in everyway. Thats a true pit to me. Not hog hunting being 100 times better than dog fighting or dogs that are bred for protection, OB, Hog Hunting and fighting. Yes I did ask because some people have differences of opinions on this (obviously) some will tell you if the dog doesn't have a 26" head it isn't a true pit.
  17. True_Pits

    True_Pits New Member

    Here is already a few of our discussions on this topic. http://www.auspet.com/ubb/Forum7/HTML/000660.html

    every once in awhile it resurfaces and opinions and feedback are just the same on it.

    That is totally not true about Pit Bulls at all, dogs are not trained to not bite and you should never have to worry about them biting you. If you do then you don't have a true pit at all because it isn't exhibiting the correct temperament of the breed. Pit Bulls naturally love people and know the difference between a dog and a person. With thinking like this it can be harmful, people believing you have to train them to be good natured and they still may turn I've heard that a lot. Or that they need special training to be trusted around people.

    I love the breed and I hope they do to, but what exactly do you believe Pits were bred for, are bred for and should be bred for? I've never had a problem defending my dog to the city or its residents only a very few narrow minded people in the minority or those scared of big dogs in the first place. My friend who moved here from africa had no idea what a Pit Bull even was. When I was mentioning my dogs she asked if they were fluffy, my jaw just dropped. the first time I brought a dog over it was a 8 month old male and she was terrified!!!! But the neighborhood kids just loved the dog, and come on this dog is friendly, pretty nice, ect. Finally she warmed up to him. Now she likes all my dogs. But is always afraid of bigger or medium sized dogs. They are mean (except yours) she always adds. So really what were these dogs bred for, why are they still bred and for what purpose? What do you believe they should be bred for?
  18. loves-da-pits

    loves-da-pits New Member

    Don't get mad, now. I personally wish that there weren't so many PitBulls bred PERIOD! I think I've read that there's over 2 million PitBulls in this country right now. I'm sure there's a lot of them that aren't being care for like the ones that are owned by us here on this board. I don't know anything about breeding and competitions, so usually I keep my mouth shut on this subjuect.
    I quoted that out of a book because I thought mdslinger69 was trying to justify dog fighting as being a sport along with hog comps. I also think the quote meant after the dogs were already doing battle that a person would be able to break them apart and not have one bite them. I know first hand when I've broken up fights between dogs,(not my pits) that I usually ended up getting bit by a dog thinking he was biting the other dog. I'm just goofy in my idea that PitBulls should be nothing but good ol family dogs. THAT'S JUST ME, THOUGH! :D Maybe I should just mozy on back to the All Dog Form where I won't get into trouble :!: By the way, that's a really neat picture of the True Pit. I would like to have a photo like that without the background stuff and the leash, in black and white, blown up, matted and framed.
  19. True_Pits

    True_Pits New Member

    Why would I get mad? Anyone who has been on this board for some amount of time knows that I don't support BYB and have stated the over population of Pit Bulls and all dogs. But they still must be bred with the betterment of the breed in mind. So the question was what do you think they should be bred for? If everyone stopped breeding the breed would become exstinct and there wouldn't be any worry for cities for governments. Responsible breeders have to continue breeding and upholding the breed and fight to keep the ingrity of the breed. That is with any breed but a true struggle when it comes to Pit Bulls. real breeders have a purpose in mind, such as protection, OB, hunting, conformation, gameness, weight pull. I wanted to know what you believe they should be bred for and whats exceptable to you since the things mentioned before you did not agree with.

    What is the title of this book? Thats somewhat the meaning, but they are not trained to discriminate and I'm not even sure that it would be possible to train a dog to recognize not to bite a human while in the heat of battle. Most dogs just blindly bite or would turn in bite you because they are either in pain or their is a lot of drive going through them and they can't think straight. Pit Bulls are intellegent and know exactly what they are doing. They keep their holds and fight very calmly. They won't turn on their owner in the corner even though they may be very excited and screaming to scratch. When the dogs are broke their is no danger of getting bit either. Thats all true but you never train them to do that. Think of how dangerous that would be in the first place and how it could be accomplished.
    I too have been bitten by fighting curs, crazy aggressive or panicy things!!!
  20. loves-da-pits

    loves-da-pits New Member

    True_Pits Asks:
    First of this is just a personal opinion. I think the majority of people here have the same agenda, that we love our Pits. I think PitBulls being highly intelligent, easily trained, loyal, and just overall a beautiful dog should be bred for Search and Rescue Dogs, Therapy Dogs, such as:( nursing homes, mental health facilities, and prisons.) Detection Dogs for law enforcement,agricultural inspection stations, customs agencies, such as:( drugs, explosives, contraband,)Competition Dogs, such as:( conformation shows, weight pulling competition, herding.) And my favorite, an overall family pet. If I woke up tomorrow morning and was appointed the keeper of all PitBulls, I would make it that no other PitBull would be bred to have to kill another living thing ever again. That every PitBull bred would be placed where it would be appreciated and treated with dignity and respect that is truly due to them. That every PitBull bred will be looked upon as just as desearving as any Cocker Spaniel or Poodle to be raised in a family environment. But I'm not the keeper of all PitBulls and this isn't a perfect world. Also I took a quote from the book, "Dogs Of Velvet and Steel" by Bob Stevens. Anyway, hope I answered your question. My Pits don't compete in shows, weight pulling, or hog comps. They're just my buddies and they seem real pleased just to be that. Also they've shown a lot of people that who thought of the PitBull as nothing but "killers" as just as normal, loving, stable, as any other breed of dog. And for that, I think they deserve a trophy, too. :[/b]
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