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The hog and dog catch competitions...

Discussion in 'Dogs - Pit bull breeds specific' started by mdslinger69, May 6, 2004.

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  1. mdslinger69

    mdslinger69 New Member

    "love-da-pits" i never said that i used pits for these reasons, but thats what the were intentionally breed for. This cant be denied. The pitbull is the most obedient and protective dog if trained right by his/her owner. If a pit is not properly trained or socailized he/she will know only to attack what its affraid of. Protection is Pitbull.
  2. mdslinger69

    mdslinger69 New Member

    True pits, about the qoute about beong no danger after a pit has been broke off either a hog, dog, whatever, its not totally true. of the 5 or 6 times i have been bitten at least 4 where after the dog has been broke. they go through a rush like you said and all they think about is getting back to what they were doing no matter the cost. And the thing about "true pit" your name, you read too much into it, it wasnt all about your name, it was about a true pit and the uses, no your name. About comparing dog fighting to hog catching, its just how i was raised i guess, i have always been taught that dog fighting was inhumane and morally wrong. SO to me in my opinion from what i have learned hog catching is better. About the law that they are passing: it went though the senate to day, it was pretty bias, but i expected that. we will continue our events until its made a law which will take about a year, but our pratice event is excluded from the bill so it will still be legal. If people really dont know much about these subjects they shouldnt take part in the messages, not you true pits, just some other people , dont wanna name names. About your dogs, i was just curious , no need to be over protective. Also about my dogs that were stolen out my truck, why were they there? they were there because thats where my dogs stay, i love my dogs and they get spoiled. they were in the truck with the ac on b/c it was hot and i had the door locked, they broke the window and took my 9 month and 14 month old. it was dark, but People were looking out for me, they saw the truck that took them and the man that takes the names of the people that come in showed me the names of the people in that truck. I knew almost everyone at the catch, except them, but someone there bounds to know them and i will find my dog, its just a matter of time. Another thing was the comment i made about using other dogs besides pits for catching, you said "why would i get mad" then went off on something i was not targeting, i was saying dont get mad, becaue it was a opinion that i had. and your taking the 100 times thing too far, like i said before it was just to show my opinion, i am not going to argue back in forths like little children, i just wanted some solid info. thanks for your messeages true pits, i learned more than i expected, got a lil upset some times, but its aight, would be fun if we didnt.
  3. loves-da-pits

    loves-da-pits New Member

    mdslinger69 Says:
    No, PitBulls are not bred for protection. They are the worse protection dog you could ever hope to have. They will defend themselves if need be like most breed of dogs. For more than a century, these fighting breeds have been bred for companionship, and now they are noted for their rock-solid temperments. Many are active in animal-assisted therapy, drug detection, police dog work and search-and-rescue, to name a few activities that involve constant interaction with the public. However, within the last 10 to 20 years, a segment of the PitBull-type breeds has fallen into the hands of criminal types who breed for aggressiveness toward humans. This is not the norm. Inexperienced, small breeders may also accidentally breed poor temperaments, as is true with any breed.
  4. True_Pits

    True_Pits New Member

    You are right love-da-pits they were never created or breed for protection. Like it says here.

    The dogs were never inetially bred for protection. If you look at the history they were used for bull baiting, ratting and fighting dogs. Even before that hunters of large game. Its not denial its just not true. Pit Bulls should be naturally people friendly. You should never have to train a Pit Bull to be protective, they are a very friendly and socialble breed but will defend you in a serious situation which requires no training. And no they are not scared. I haven't had one of the dogs as you speak yet my dogs are not fearful and attacking. There are way too many unsocialized and abused Pit Bulls out there, but fortunately most are friendly, some are a little scared, but like any good bulldog they love people even if some may be a little shy. Pit Bulls are intellegent with great discretion, they may not make good guard dogs or be a protective breed but they are smart enough to figure out when their is trouble.

    It is true and I'm not lying. I can't help it you have dogs with poor temperaments. I'm being totally honest and I have never been bitten by a broke off dog. The only one time I was bitten was by a 3 month old puppy in a yard accident. Young pups will often lack bite inhibition, be a little scared, bite for anything they can (dog or human) and react to pain poorly, ect. The little guy got me on the wrist and had to break him off that with the other dog shaking a hold out on his leg. and damn did that hurt. Pups have tiny sharp teeth and he believed he had the other dog in his mouth. I don't tolerate a dog that doens't have a true Pit Bull temperament and dogs you speak of would be culled on this yard. No accidents, no danger, no risk, no back biting, none of that is tolerated. And nothing can always be completly true, there are always exceptions (in all breeds) and those are the dogs who don't completly represent the breed and shouldn't be taken as a good rep. There was a bitch last summer culled she took a nice bite into her owners leg when being given med treatment, well she was culled and didn't represent the breeds trustworthy super stable temp. She wasn't trustworthy. I did also witness a show dog like this about 3 years ago full of so much drive and a nutty little bastard, took 3rd place too trying to eat his owners hands up and back biting. I'm pretty sure with him winning and how much this guy liked his dog he will be breeding that unstable thing continuing on more of these sub quality and dogs without a real bulldog temperament.

    You're not being serious are you? Maybe looking to start something. Didn't you say this in your last post? I never talked about numbers after that yet you repeat yourself again so maybe I'll reply. I don't care about numbers or emphasis people put on things. But read what you wrote.
    Maybe you shouldn't have put it in my post or mentioned my name. Which you said it is more than my name right? You were saying the meaning of just "true pit" regardless of it being my name or not. I could really care less because I know exactly what a true honest bulldog is and what a true pit is to me. I don't believe that catching is 100 times better or any of your immature comments such as "other wise would be about the most retarded thing I ever heard" The way you type the things you say sound "retarded" if you want to get technical. You're the one talking about Pit Bulls being created for protection and hog catching being better than dog fighting, then going on to say true pits are used in protection, OB, hog catching and fighting. Its a difference of opinion and I can understand some one's personal view and emphasis, just can't understand some of the analogies, contradictories and childish elementry school like comments made by several people on this board. Plenty on just this one thread.
  5. mdslinger69

    mdslinger69 New Member

    I hoped to get some valuble information from people that didnt wish to attack or try to make fun or people. All you are trying to true is make yourself look good, for what reasons i dont know why, maybe your childish and immature, i dont know you, but they was your acting you must be a kid or something, nevertheless i guess i will start a new message and hopefully get a straight forward answer on my question, not answers that try to make people sound "retarted" when the people saying them really could care less about the topic , but care most about being asses. If i wasnt serious about this topic i wouldnt have started it. True, if your dont care about my topic and want to disagree and repeatedly contradict yourself and try to put down on people, just quit replying. Maybe next time i wont get a bunch or smart ass comments and just some liget answers and reactions. :( :y_the_best:
  6. loves-da-pits

    loves-da-pits New Member

    mdslinger69: You were initially asking about a proposed bill in the state of LA banning Hog/Dog catching comp. in confind pen areas. I assume you oppose this bill. This is considered a "Blood Sport" between animals for entertainment and prophit as you have mentioned. In no was this can be comparred to the sport of hunting. Most of these activities have pretty much been banned throughout the country,(dog fighting, cock fighting). I read the article that Angie post and some of the comments people are making about it and it seems the majority favors a bill to ban this sport. If you feel compelled to compete with your Pits, there are weight pulling comps. throughout the country. I've never participated in one but heard it's quite fun and rewarding. Blood Sport activities is not only being banned in the U.S. but in Europe as well.
  7. Sara

    Sara New Member

    Hog HUNTING is also an alternative to the barbaric activity of trapping a hog that can't defend himself...
  8. True_Pits

    True_Pits New Member

    I guess you can't admit you are wrong. You didn't post to have a discussion or talk about comps. You posted for info about the bill and when you get opinions you can't expect them to be good. So I'm not sure what type of valuable info you would hoped to get, this hog hunting stuff has been posted on this board before with some pretty irrate and unvalidated responses against it and it will happen everytime its posted.
    Maybe you have a complex you go back and forth, hostile, nice, put downs and go as far as to make stuff up.

    Exactly where have I tried to "make myself" look good. I'd hope I wouldnt be making myself look bad, but its never my goal to look good. Having a discussion posting the truth thats the point. You were the one who started this not me. Some people had a difference of opinion or questions and you got hostile. I don't care if people don't like what I do unless they LIE about it and can do nothing but slander it. Otherwise they are most definatly intitled to their opinion good or bad.

    You have nothing to say or discuss you are the one acting childish, immature and putting people down along with using words like stupid and retarted, and contradicting yourself. You have nothing to say but what I've told you that doesn't make sense. You try to start childish arguements like with me making a big deal out of the 100 times things. I never touched it again so you once again made it a point. Now I'm still just talking the truth, and some not even related to hog hunting and having discussion with love-da-pits but you have to come back and try to keep something going. Never did I put anyone down. I'm not sure if you have or not, but by saying retarded when it comes to terms of people liking hog hunting over dog fighting is almost like a put down.

    If you start the topic once again you will get the same sort of responses. I'm sorry but it is the truth. Some people that have been on this board are even against ear cropping and tail docking even though it protects dogs. Well its their choice if they like it or would do it, but not to put down others who do it when it is needed or just because they like the look. But they still call people inhumane who do it or stupid for doing it. You're going to run into people like this everywhere and with topics like these.

    So if you don't recall you have made those comments and so have others about hog hunting. Not I, thats never something I do. People do that when they have nothing better to say, feel threatened or lack real knowledge about it. Such as daddfs saying cutting the tusk off it stupid. They don't know so thats all they can say on the matter. I don't care about the topic and I can't help it that I don't do hog catching comps, no one else on this board does. Thats why I said (and I was being serious not an azz) that people here care jack about what you have to say on hog hunting or me on other matters. Because they don't do these things and don't care about the topic. They are not being an azz and neither was I.

    So lets see I didn't contradict myself, haven't put anyone down. I never disagreed with everything but did with somethings. You need to grow up and realize that not everyone is going to agree but do have the right to reply. If you don't want to have some one disagreeing with your beliefs and topics don't post it on an open forum where anyone will reply or keep it to a hog hunting forum will most of the people are probably going to agree with you. Next time you're probably going to get the same answers or none at all because people have said what they've believe or feel about hog hunting. But go ahead be my guest and post. The anwsers are liget because the people feel that way. All I ever did was correct you (which you had already done to a few posters about hog hunting) and say that taking the tusk off hogs wasn't stupid. Then you got irrate, mad and upset. Like you have a problem. Its ok for you to let some one know the truth, but not for others. If fine for you to have an opinion but not other people. If its wrong educate them as best you can and maybe they will listen and change their opinion. Or at least not think you are a sick barbaric person even if they don't like it.
  9. Sara

    Sara New Member


    Hog Hunting and Hog Catching comps aren't the same thing...

    There are very much validated reasons for hunting hogs with dogs etc... I hope you aren't getting them confused.
  10. Angie

    Angie New Member

    mdslinger69, you are new here, so I just wanted to let you know that a lot of people on Auspet have strong opinions and beliefs when it comes to the breed they have grown to love. You can accept the opinions/facts (that you have asked for) or not, either way is fine... I wouldn't try to argue.
    A lot of people on here stick with their own opinions and calling their opinions 'retarted' isn't going to make them like your opinion any better.
    It seems like you asked for the opinions and got them, and did not accept them, (and thats fine) but why ask for OPINION if you dont want it? You definitely dont have to agree, of course that is your choice.

    True_Pits, what can I say, I am shocked! lol
    I have been reading your posts, as well as everyone else's, and I know you like to prove your point and state your facts. But reading all of this, I am just shocked that you are still going back and forth with this guy. I thought you would just ignore him after that post where you said he was childish!

    I thought Jas would be here after the "retarted" and "ass" and things like that.
  11. True_Pits

    True_Pits New Member

    Yeah angie I could just ignore him, I've done it the best I could. However they keep bringing it up and seem to be itching for a reason to argue. But I'm not arguing, just clearing up the matter like you. If you ask for opinions then your going to get good/bad, one side or mixed. That is what an opinion is, the stand point on what one believes. I would think with this being posted before they would have learned the opinion the first time.

    Sara I'm not the one confused, I never said they were the same thing. Read my post. I said hog hunting is really cool not hog competitions. Then this guy is saying the comps are good because dogs don't get hurt byt then said they are practice for real hunts, which only tells me that the dogs that go on real hunts get hurt. I said i didn't do the competitions. Didn't say those who do are retarded or stupid, I just like real hog hunting a lot better than some competition.
  12. Angie

    Angie New Member

    Comps are good because dogs dont get hurt
    Comps are practice for real hunts

    Comps are good because dogs dont get hurt and its practice for real hunts?

    And you get "the dogs that go on real hunts get hurt"

    Sorry, I am just a little confused.
    I am not saying that anybody is right or wrong because I know nothing at all about hog catching and hog hunting.

    I am just confused, can you explain?
  13. loves-da-pits

    loves-da-pits New Member

    But when I went back and read his first post, I realize that he was not talking about sport hunting as in hunting wild game with a dog. I didn't know he was talking about pitting an animal against another in a fenced in area. That's why I didn't understand this:
    I think he also made a reference to making some money at it. Like I said, I know nothing about breeding, weight pulling comps, or show comps, so I don't usually say anything. There was just too much mentioning of (dog fighting, protection, ob, etc.) To be perfectly honest, I thought most Blood Sport had been discovered and banned. Like he said, dog fighters are looking for other avenues that haven't been made against the law. I guess I'm just naive when it comes to stuff like this. Sorry True_Pits if I said anything to tick you off. I guess I should read before I speak. :oops: I guess I'm just sensitive when it comes to drawing any more negative attention to PitBulls. That's why I was implying that PitBulls should be bred for a more possitive image. I don't think what mdslinger69 has in mind for them is one of them.
  14. True_Pits

    True_Pits New Member

    I wasn't ever mad love-da-pits, I just didn't get the quote. I've never read that book but heard its supposed to be pretty good and some said it wasn't the greatest but made money for Bob. After that quote I'll not be wasting my money on it.

    Angie here is all the stuff, to make it a little less confusin. Comps are not necessarily practice for real hunts. Some people compete without ever taking their dogs on a real hunt. What was said is that at the hog comps dogs don't get hurt. Its safe for them. Then when I talked about liking the real hunts better than competing, that I didn't like the comps very much and the real thing is cool and better. Then it was said that hog comps prepare a dog for a real hunt and they have practice sessions. If that is so then the practice sessions a dog doesn't get hurt, that may be true, but after that where does the dog go from practice? A real hunt will it can get hurt possibly killed. They do the comps but acted like they thought real hunts are ok, where dogs get injured. I myself have no problems with real hunts at all. But they acted as if these comps were the greatest thing in the world, way better than dog fighting because the dogs don't get hurt, but yet they support real hunts where dogs do get hurt and have practice sessions for it. I hope cleared it up for you.
  15. loves-da-pits

    loves-da-pits New Member

    And on this subject, I say ADIEU!
  16. Angie

    Angie New Member

    Yes, I understand what you mean now.
    Why do you like real hunts if the dog can get hurt? Would that be the same as liking dog fights? ...if your dog can get hurt from both and in both some kind of animal is being hurt?
  17. Sara

    Sara New Member

    True... My post about the difference was in regards to this comment made by you in the previous post

    Which made it sound like the dispute was between any and all hog hunting type activities... I figured it wasn't but wanted to make sure...

    Most people who do hog hunting don't do it as a sport per se but more as a population control and pest control. Hogs are ferral animals, not native and they are very dangerous to people. They do millions of dollars of damage to crops in minutes. THey ruin native habitat for other WILD animals and many times the terrain involved in actually hunting the animals requires the use of dogs. Usually they use three different groups of dogs... Some to track, some to chase and tier the hogs and then they bring out the catch dogs who usually take on the exhausted, mean, dangerous hog, catching it by the ears (generally) and HOLD the animal till the hunter can get there. Some Hunters kill the hog while others just re-locate the animal away from civilization... Dogs hunting particularly large, tusked hogs usually wear a protective vest and collar to protect them from being cut in the process of catching the hog. But there are plenty of injuries from hog hunting and a few deaths as well...

    They use dogs to hunt bear and Cougar too...the dogs usually tree the animal but every now and then you get a silly dog that corners the animal instead and does also wind up getting injured in the process... Many hunting dogs are injured in the hunt...it's just part of the deal... It CAN'T be compared to bull baiting or dog fighting because the soul purpose of the man/dog team is to get the animal NOT to simply cause harm and see which one of the two is tougher. Did that make sense? I hope you understand a bit better what Hog HUNTING is as opposed to catching comps... Sometimes you get hunting comps where the dogs are sent out and they count how many catches they get... The pigs aren't all killed in those comps...similar to coon hunting trials...or pointer trials.
  18. Angie

    Angie New Member

    Yeah, I get it. Thanks Sara.

    So, it is probably better to have these hogs trapped in a pin so that dogs can catch them, rather then have them out in the wild where hunters will kill them because the hogs damage crops?
    And also how much do the hogs suffer from comp?
    And I thought hog catch comp were already illegal in Louisiana
  19. Sara

    Sara New Member

    Angie... The hogs that are used Penned up in copetitions aren't usually wild... They're raised for meat...it's more like a Rodeo in the competitions...

    With all due respect I beleive you'd have to be there and whitness the numbers and sizes of these hogs (who make no distinction of adult or child if a human gets in their way)...from what I understand...the hogs are so out of hand that there is no way for them to be under control until they are fewer in number... There is no way to stop them from ruining crops than to hunt them and the best way and safest way for humans to hunt them is to use dogs... The best way to re-locate hogs is to use dogs...so all around...the dogs are needed and the hunting is necessary. The people with these catch dogs might put a dog on a smaller CAUGHT ferrel hog before taking him out to hunt...but there doesn't NEED to be the catch competitions in order to prepare dogs for hunting hogs...

    Hunting hogs is necessary in quite a few places...but Catch Comps. are not necessary...

    It's similar to the Rabbit infestation in Australia back in the day...only these "rabbits" can and do easily kill people in the process of ruining entire crops of a farm's livelyhood.
  20. Angie

    Angie New Member

    OH! Ok, I did not know that the hogs used in the comp where not wild and that they were raised for meat.

    I have been to one hog catch before. I didn't know those hogs were so much bigger than the dogs. Also, there wasn't any blood at all. Just a lot of squeeling...but the owners of the dogs worked very quickly to break the dog off of the hog. The guy had to jump on the fence because the hog was going after him, it was pretty crazy.
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