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The Night Before Thanksgiving

Discussion in 'General Topics & Support Issues' started by Blueribbon, Nov 23, 2005.

  1. Blueribbon

    Blueribbon New Member

    The Night
    Before Thanksgiving...

    Twas the night before Thanksgiving
    And anticipations were high,
    For there's a feast to prepare
    Complete with spiced pumpkin pie!

    The casseroles were all set to arrive
    with aunts and with cousins and all who would drive
    From states far away or fly in from school,
    All ready to buy into the big football pool.

    The leaves for the table were all put in their place
    With napkins and runners, ironed linen and lace;
    The centerpiece glistened with ripe polished fruit
    And eggnog awaited - with brandy to boot!!

    Stuffing and gravy, red cranberry sauce
    And other dishes from recipes lost,
    All handed down from generations past,
    Have been reinvented from Thanksgiving last.

    Though it's only a day, maybe it can last for two...
    For tomorrow we'll all have warm turkey stew.
    So, we're sending our blessings from this house to you
    For a Happy Thanksgiving and great leftovers too!
  2. Maraya

    Maraya New Member

    verrry nice! you write that?
  3. Blueribbon

    Blueribbon New Member

    no a friend sent it to me and it was on the card.

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