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The Sadies' Meeting

Discussion in 'Dogs - all breeds / types' started by Mary_NH, Apr 26, 2004.

  1. Mary_NH

    Mary_NH New Member

    this could be long so grab your coffee :roll:

    It went well actually. My Sadie is 10 and not in the best of health although she does very well. She has never been exposed to dogs...she has but not often nor lately. So I was concerned how this old lady of mine would do with a rambucitious pup....it went well :eek:

    Two shelters workers took the 2 Sadies into a large pen (I'm going to refer to the younger Sadie as Nikki so this doesn't get too confusing). Nikki was going bonkers at the site of Sadie coming into the pen (both were leashed). Sadie and Nikki sniffed noses and basically Sadie ignored Nikki. Sadie was walking around the pen with Nikki calmly following her :mrgreen: My old girl has a lot she can teach this puppy. Sadie is a well behaved older gentle dog and I think she'd set a wonderful example for Nikki. Do you think pups learn from older dogs?

    Anyone I got to read Nikki's file and her story is pretty much one of neglect. She was left outside on a run for 5+ hours a day (she's only 5 months old) and for approx. 10 hours a day in a crate. She was fed cheap crap dog food and she is very thin. No walks, no playtime, no hiking, nothing...just a young dog someone got (she's purebred I don't know if she came from a breeder or what - but I was giving her the old eyeball and her hips look fine and I know bad hips when I see them at this point).

    So anyway the meeting went very well. No growling, snarling - no noise at all from either dog. Was almost like young pup met her Grandma and was being very well behaved.

    So I did it :D I filled out the application. I am 2nd in line though so I'm not getting my hopes up. ALTHOUGH I did mention on the application that I'm a volunteer foster home for the shelter and I participate in the fundraising events. The people I deal with are the volunteer director, cat director and I have dealt with the director director and they are only there during the week. I added another tip into my hat and emailed the volunteer director :wink:

    My son and I have decided if she does comes to live with us her name will be changed to Nikki. She looks like a Nikki to me. If we get her it'll be Tuesday and my son (who is 15 yrs.old and having life with me is very animal savvy - he also helps me when I do fundraisers and foster) we'll get our butts to PetCo and get a crate (this pup will be crated while we are gone cause of Sadie and my cats - she's never been exposed to cats so that'll be some concern). I've never crated a dog but I think it'll be a good idea. She also needs some good quality food. My dog is on prescription food for liver disease so I need some help with foods for this dog - she probably weighs about 45 lbs. and is at 5 mos. nearly as tall as my 85 lbs. GSD. I don't have too many shopping choices around here and really don't want to travel 45 minutes one way to PetCo every week.

    She does have some quirky behavior from being ignored. She chases her tail, holds it down with a paw and bites it hard enough to make herself yelp. She's very jumpy too...I think she's going to need obdience training.

    We have a hike planned for next Friday - if we get Nikki she'll get her first White Mtn. experience. Sadie can't hike anymore and I'm feeling mighty crappy about leaving her behind and taking Nikki if we get her - so we'll take Sadie for a little walk first to tire her out and then go for a hike.

    Please keep your fingers crossed. So far all the hubby has said is if I do get Nikki I have to give up fostering kittens - which I will. I have to give in on something (hate compromising but after nearly 20 years of marriage I guess I have to respect some wish of his :? ). And my son who does dishes at a restaurant during the summer has to "donate" $2.50/week toward dog food. But he keeps saying he hasn't fully agreed yet. I have 2 more days to get an answer - if he doesn't give me one - oh well I'm no shrinking flower. Someday I'll tell you the story about my first foster family - but this post is long enough.

    Here is Nikki yesterday after the meeting. I was so excited I forgot to get pictures of her and Sadie. We were drawing a crowd at the shelter though. It was cute.

  2. Mary,

    Nikki is very pretty, and I'm sure you will give her the kind of home she needs to have a full and happy life. Fingers are crossed! but better still I'll pray for you :D Yes I do believe the older dogs teach the pups many things. When I got Freebie, I was concerned about housetraining but he wasn't hard at all. He would follow Casey out and do his business. And she had to put him in his place a few times when it came to playing because he was too rough at first, but now they are the best of pals :D

    Best of Luck!

  3. EmmesMom

    EmmesMom New Member


    :eek: I wish you LUCK!!

    YES I do!! Every time we have brought a puppy home and had an older dog in the house already the puppies learn SO much from the older dog.

    As far as the dog food, you might want to try two things. Either get it from your vet. Our vet carries dog food. OR if you have feed stores(I mean cow and pigs) some of them carry GREAT non brand dog food that is healthier than puppy chow and that sort.

    Again GOOD LUCK!! :y_the_best:
  4. nern

    nern New Member

    Im so glad to hear that things went well...I will keep my fingers crossed for you. :wink:

    I definately think pups learn from adult dogs....no doubt about that.

    For dog food - do you have any small feed stores or health foods strores in your area? If so these type of stores often carry good brands of dog food.
  5. honeybears

    honeybears New Member

    good luck, were keeping our fingers and paws crossed :D
  6. 4Dogsihave

    4Dogsihave New Member

    Good luck! How is hubby coming along in this process? Hope he is a little more agreeable!
  7. honeybears

    honeybears New Member

    The suspense is killing me :? The news doesnt look good since you havent posted today Did you Niki???


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