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the size of my pom pup

Discussion in 'Dogs - small breeds (toy) specific' started by Pomlover12, Jul 22, 2007.

  1. Pomlover12

    Pomlover12 New Member

    My pomeranian is 4 months old and hes 6 pounds.. is that alot. and when do they stop growing
  2. candy_kisses

    candy_kisses New Member

    ~Well I have a Pom who is 4 1/2 lbs at 4 years old. Normally small breed dogs are done growing at around 6-8 months old but they can grow alittle larger even after that. Also you have to take into consideration his diet. I have seen dogs who are susposed to be 3 lbs be 6-8 lbs but they are on the heavy side and eat alot of treats. I have a Shorkie who should be closer to 5 but she is around 7-8 because she is on the heavy side. My Pom should be probably 3 but hes a bit chubby too.~

    ~Is your Pom tall and lanky or short and stout? My male is short but SOLID. I would think he is as big as he will be but he could gain another lb or two if he eats well~ I wouldnt think he will get any taller though.
  3. viv

    viv New Member

    Oh dear, I found this thread but unfortunately it is too old to post on. I would be curious to see how this author's puppy turned out as he was huge at 3 months old.

    My Pom is nearing six months here in a couple weeks and he is just now tipping at 4lbs. He is quite fluffy with full real pom features and comes from a high ranking Kennel which only produces many champions :oops: . I hear about these poms getting so large and with skinny legs. Let me say this, they are not mixed but poor breeding with unethical breeders. Poms were originally 30 lbs, but since downbread to a toy size of 3 to 7 lbs at the very most, all others who are bigger are coming from breeders who are breeding with other dogs who do not have the now standard for what a toy pomeranian should be. My sweety is a total furball even inthe puppy uglies, he has nice thick legs of fur and heavily plumed tail. He is nearing 4lbs and I suspect he will reach 4.5 maybe.

    While all Poms may be Poms, many breeders who are back yard breeders cross dogs with other dogs with genetic thro backs and this is not right. If Poms are getting bigger and bigger it means those poms are now referred to as middle sized Spitz of which the Pom belongs to. here is the link from an old thread back in 2004. I would be thrilled to see if this poster is still here and if the dog turned out larger or not.

    well I tried to post a link to an old topic on this same forum but it refused me.

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