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The Virgo and their cat(s)

Discussion in 'Cats - all breeds / types' started by Mary_NH, Aug 12, 2005.

  1. Mary_NH

    Mary_NH New Member

    Virgos make excelent owners so far as the visual and material factors in life are concerned. The Virgo female notices everything the cat does and will often talk to friends about her cat. She is meticulous about her cat's appearance and grooming and instills in the cat very early in life a sense of method and order, so the cat will set into a daily routine. The male Virgo owner has much the same attitudes as the Virgo female, and the most serious fault of both sexes is too much concern and being overprotective
  2. darkrabbit213

    darkrabbit213 New Member

    That sounds like me! Especially the noticing everything they do and talking to and about their cat. :D

    ....But I'm not too overprotective! He's my little boy... you can never be too overprotective!
  3. bellack1

    bellack1 New Member

    sounds like me too...my bday is 9/9
  4. stu44

    stu44 New Member

    LOL...I'm a Virgo actually :) And seem to fall into the categories you described.
  5. TabbyLover

    TabbyLover New Member

    That whole thing about Virgos supposedly being really neat....

    I don't get that... :oops: :roll:

    But I'll give the thumbs up to the first two sentences! :lol:
  6. Petz8888

    Petz8888 New Member

    I am not a virtigo I am a gemini! I fall into that catigory purrrrrrrfectly!

    Sorry for spelling erors!
  7. luna

    luna New Member

    sounds like me but im a tarus

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